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THDP Ch 151 Part 2 – Dissident (II)

“My fellow Daoists,” Senior Brother Shi wasn’t finished, “In the past two years, Yan Xuan simply stopped returning to the sect, spending his days drifting in the markets, drunk and intoxicated. As for cultivation… heh, I think he’s long forgotten he’s a cultivator. Yet, such a person was still given a chance to enter Ten Absolutes Mountain by our Sect Leader. Everyone knows that Ten Absolutes Mountain opens once every decade, and each sect can only send three disciples. In addition, here in the Jingyuetian, there are also some spots for wandering cultivators. But how is such a person as Yan Xuan worthy?!”

As soon as Senior Brother Shi said this, whispers immediately erupted among the crowd. The looks others gave Yan Xuan gradually became unfriendly. Giving such an opportunity to someone who only knows how to drink and play all day, not thinking about cultivation, indeed seemed like a waste. Especially since this person was relying on his status as the son of the sect leader to brazenly snatch someone else’s opportunity, making a truly diligent and hardworking cultivator lose such a chance.

This feeling was really terrible.

Senior Brother Shi looked around with a smug expression, knowing that his words had had their effect, stirring up public anger. Nothing infuriated people more than someone using their status to do as they please, snatching opportunities from others, and yet not being worthy of their position.

“So I, as a member of the Jingyuetian, hereby request everyone present. Yan Xuan is now just a Qi Condensation cultivator; he can’t possibly ascend Ten Absolutes Mountain on his own. Please don’t help him; just let him fend for himself here.” After finishing his speech, Senior Brother Shi bowed deeply. As he lowered his head, the corners of his lips rose higher, and a vicious glint flashed in his eyes.

He would not give Yan Xuan a chance to turn the situation around.

Absolutely not!

All this time, Yan Xuan remained silent. His hands, hanging by his side, were already clenched tightly, with veins popping out, looking very tense and terrifying.

Sikong Xing suddenly jumped up, shouting, “Listen! This guy, he…”

Meng Qi reached out to grab Sikong Xing’s arm, pulled the girl back, and gently shook her head.

“Meng Qiqi?” Sikong Xing turned her head, looking puzzled.

Meng Qi shook her head again, then quickly made an eye signal.

“What’s about me?” Senior Brother Shi said, “Am I not allowed to speak out against such disgusting and despicable acts they commit?”

“Should I just watch such things happen because he’s my fellow disciple and not stand up against the injustice?” He sneered, “Aren’t we cultivators supposed to rectify injustices, cultivate for the sake of the world, for the people, and for the great Dao?”

Senior Brother Shi’s last sentence was said with a righteous air, immediately garnering the agreement of many. Those who knew him immediately said, “Fellow Daoist Shi is absolutely right. Allowing such a self-degrading waste to enter here, causing a truly outstanding cultivator who should have been here to lose the opportunity, is totally unacceptable! If we all tolerate and stay silent about such things, it will only become more and more frequent and severe. I am from an ordinary sect, and it was through my own efforts that I was favored by one of the ten great sects and invited to join. It was also through my own efforts that I obtained the opportunity to enter Ten Absolutes Mountain today. If everyone were like this Fellow Daoist Yan and his father, I’m afraid I would be one of those who should be refused entry. So… I definitely won’t accept this! Therefore, I support Fellow Daoist Shi!”

“Me too! A person who can only rely on his father doesn’t deserve to be here!”

“Brother Yan, if it were you from two years ago, I would have respected and agreed with you wholeheartedly. But now, what are you doing this for? Sigh…”

As more and more people began to accuse Yan Xuan, Senior Brother Shi became even more smug. He stood with his hands behind his back, adopting a righteous demeanor, “Junior Brother Yan, you… just withdraw now.”

“Fellow Daoist Yan, we are ashamed to associate with you, you should withdraw on your own.”

“That’s right, don’t make us force you out.”

“Get out!”

“Leave this place! You don’t deserve it!”

“Get out!”

Sikong Xing was getting more anxious the more she watched. She stomped her foot, looking like she was about to rush up and defend Yan Xuan regardless. Meng Qi pulled at her arm again. “Meng Qiqi!” Sikong Xing shouted, “We…”

“Don’t rush.” Meng Qi said. She scanned the crowd, but then she heard Senior Brother Shi suddenly say, “These two, you were sent in here to help junior brother Yan under the order of my martial uncle, right? I’ve seen you in the sect.” He stared at Meng Qi coldly, his gaze full with ill-intent, “Please leave together.”

“Wow, entering Ten Absolutes Mountain with two assistants. Three Thousand World’s number one spell sect really does things on a grand scale.”

“That’s not the right thing to say. It’s not the sect that’s grand, but this son of the sect leader.”

“That’s right, this matter should not involve the innocent.”

“Be cautious in your words!”

“The three of you, please leave now.” Senior Brother Shi stepped forward and said slowly, “Don’t stay here and make everyone unhappy.” His gaze flickered, less aggressive towards Meng Qi and Sikong Xing. But whenever he looked at Yan Xuan, the venom in his eyes was evident.

Meng Qiqi! Sikong Xing tugged at Meng Qi’s sleeve again and blinked rapidly, signaling her to speak up quickly.

Just as Meng Qi was about to speak, her eyes suddenly lit up. Not far behind Qin Xiumo and the rest of their group, a young man in a black robe stood motionless on the grassland, exuding a sharp aura even when standing in silence.

Pei Mufeng was finally here.

Meng Qi gave him a slight nod, and the young swordsman returned the gesture. She was waiting for Pei Mufeng. The few of them alone weren’t enough; Meng Qi herself was a nobody, and although Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo were outstanding disciples from their respective sects, they weren’t enough. The cultivators here wouldn’t listen to them.

But Pei Mufeng was different. He was the leader of one of the top ten sects. Young though he may be, his status alone put him above many here, and what he said carried a different weight. Moreover, Pei Mufeng was known throughout the Three Thousand Worlds for his integrity, which gained him great respect.

“Do you know why Fellow Daoist Yan Xuan was injured?” Meng Qi finally stepped forward and said to Senior Brother Shi.

“Hehe,” the other party chuckled lightly, “I know you want to defend him, but it’s true that he returned to the sect one day tainted with devil aura, and from the moment his cultivation declined, completely wasting himself, indulging in wine and women. Or what? Are you perhaps going to say that he was injured in a fight with devil cultivators? How strange. If that’s really the case, why would Martial Uncle stay silent? Why wouldn’t Yan Xuan himself say something? And…” He looked at Meng Qi coldly, “As cultivators, even if we really are injured, even if it’s a severe, incurable injury, can we abandon our Dao heart? What about his Dao? Has he forgotten all the teachings of his sect? If merely being injured led to such self-degradation, then even if he still had his cultivation today, I would still say, such a person does not deserve to enter Ten Absolutes Mountain, and I’m ashamed to associate with him!”

“Well said!” someone immediately shouted out loud.

Meng Qi: “…”

“You don’t need to say much to them,” Yan Xuan said indifferently.

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