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THDP Ch.22 Part 1 – Who is That Man?! (I)

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Meng Qi never expected this development. Although she was usually indifferent and calm, her hand holding the teacup shuddered slightly. Her original plan was to sell twelve second realm Beiming pills for around six to seven hundred sixth-grade spirit stones, so that she could buy the herbs and other medicinal ingredients to try solving the poison from the jackdaw grass. However, she never thought how the people from great sects were on an absolutely different level than herself. They had so much wealth and spent money like flowing water. It was something that a little Qi Condensation cultivator like herself could never imagine.

Even Xue Jinwen was stunned for a moment. But she quickly returned to her mind, just like her surprise when seeing the Qingfeng pill brought by Meng Qi for the first time. At that time, if she was asked to spend twenty sixth-grade spirit stones to buy one first realm Qingfeng pill, she would absolutely be willing. For disciples with a good background like herself, spirit stones could be used generously as long as the gain worth the expense. If she really could gain something useful from her research, her sect might reward her heavily. For things like great treasures, medical records, spells, or even a chance to enter the sect’s secret ground, spending a few spirit stones was totally more than worth it.

These people definitely had a similar mindset. Xue Jinwen raised her lips, showing a faint smile. She couldn’t help turning her gaze at Meng Qi again. The girl finally showed a bit of a surprise. Her eyes were much brighter than before. It was so shiny, and somehow added a speck of childishness to her expression.

Meng Qi was deep in thought. In a blink of an eye, the price of her Beiming pill has been raised to thirty seventh-grade spirit stones. She could guarantee that she now has become the ‘richest’ person in Qingfeng Valley, even richer than the sect leader. Soon, she would be able to buy a lot of herbs and ingredients she needed.

How nice!

Meng Qi turned her head and met Xue Jinwen’s eyes. She couldn’t help but chuckle: “Sister Xue, thank you for your help.”

“It’s my job.” Xue Jinwen poured another cup of tea for Meng Qi. At this moment, she was truly glad about her sudden curiosity that day. Xiang Linmo that fool tried to bargain with Xiao Qi just to save some spirit stones. The pills were no longer important, this beautiful little girl was the real treasure!

“Ah, I remember…” Xue Jinwen took out a bamboo slip from her storage space. “I heard that you are looking for records related to jackdaw grass. I have a book about Northern Realm herbs here.” She passed the bamboo slip to Meng Qi: “It is useless for me. Mark your spiritual sense on this bamboo slip, and elder sister will send it as soon as possible.”

“Thank you, Sister Xue.” Meng Qi certainly wanted this book, but she was a little embarrassed, “Then I will give you some more Beiming pills.”

“No need.” Xue Jinwen waved her hand generously. “This thing is not worth much, and also not very useful to me. The previous three Beiming pills are enough.” She laughed at Meng Qi: “Look at the auction floor. I predict this Beiming Pill will be sold at a high price today.”

Although it wouldn’t reach a sky-high price, compared with other second-grade pills, the current price was definitely very high. What’s more, Xue Jinwen couldn’t guess the background of the girl in front of her. The girl’s two moves were both shocking enough. The first time with the first realm Qingfeng pill shocked herself and Xiang Linmo. The second time, she turned the Profound Auction House into turmoil with her second realm Beiming pill, leaving a deep impression on everyone here. The next time she made another shocking move, Xue Jinwen would no longer be surprised.

“Thank you, sister.” Meng Qi marked her spiritual sense. She looked at the small, smooth, and somewhat yellowed bamboo slip. After some consideration, she said to Xue Jinwen. “I cannot tell sister the refining method. But if you need any first or second grade pills, I can refine some for you.” She wasn’t as alert to the older woman as she was to Chu Tianfeng and Su Junmo. But for the sake of her own karma, it was better not to owe others too much.

“I see…” Xue Jinwen looked into Meng Qi’s clear eyes, and her heart moved slightly. This girl has always been calm and composed. She must be from a good background.

First or second grade pills… Xue Jinwen thought for a moment and asked, “Can I ask for a Ganlin pill?”

“Alright.” Meng Qi nodded. Beiming pill was used to restore spiritual aura, while the Ganlin pill has the effect of stopping bleeding. This also one of the most commonly used pills and was graded into nine realms.

Actually, Xue Jinwen still wanted to ask Meng Qi the reason why she only brought first and second realm pills. If today, the pill being auctioned was of the fourth or fifth realm instead of second, the entire Profound Auction House would already be plunged into frenzied chaos. However, Xue Jinwen also knew that this should be the girl’s secret. She had said that she could only refine the first and second realm pills. But whether she was simply humbling down or that such special pills could only be refined until the second realm, Xue Jinwen had no way to know.

Xue Jinwen smiled again: “Then elder sister thanked younger sister.”

When they were conversing, the price on the auction floor kept rising. In only half an incense stick of time, the price rapidly rose from the initial 30 seventh-grade spirit stones to 150 seventh-grade spirit stones.

At this price, the number of bidders gradually decreased. As Xue Jinwen said, it was just the second realm Beiming pill. If the pill was a fourth or fifth realm, it could be sold at a sky-high price.

Meng Qi didn’t care. Either way, the current price already exceeded her expectation. Finally, the twelve second realm Beiming pills were sold at the price of 270 seventh-grade spirit stones.

“The spirit stones obtained from the auction would also be handed over to you when you go to the relay station to send these Beiming pills.” Xue Jinwen told Meng Qi, “Do you want to continue watching the auction? Or do you want to leave now?”

“I’m leaving now.” Meng Qi nodded to Xue Jinwen. Two hundred and seventy seventh-grade spirit stones were already a massive sum of money for her. But she knew that it was nothing in a place like Beyond The Heaven. At the beginning of the auction, Meng Qi saw how people casually threw out dozens of sixth-grade spirit stones just to ‘buy it back and try’ even before they knew the specialty of her Beiming pills.

Meng Qi still knew her own limit.

“I have to continue watching the auction.” Xue Jinwen said: “After you go out and return to my residence, you will find a teleportation circle to send you back.”

“Yes.” Meng Qi nodded. She saluted Xue Jinwen, then turned around and walked outside.

Xue Jinwen stared at Meng Qi’s departing figure. Not impatient nor arrogant, also calm and composed, what a good girl. The more Xue Jinwen interacted with Meng Qi, the more she valued her. She really wondered which hidden sect actually nurtured such an extraordinary disciple and was looking forward to Meng Qi’s future visits.

There was only one thing that puzzled her: why did a disciple cultivated by such a sect lack spirit stones? For disciples of a large sect, the more talented they were, the less they had to worry about worldly resources like spirit stones. They only needed to focus on cultivating and to spend all energy on their training. As far as she knew, there were disciples of some major sects in the four realms who had never entered Beyond The Heaven before reaching the fifth realm of the Nascent Soul stage. The disciples who were busy operating their sect’s shop here were often those whose talent was just average, or alternatively, people who willingly came on their own initiative—like herself.

Xue Jinwen lifted her finger to pin her hair behind her ears, a light flashed in her eyes.

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  1. It’s amazing to think that all the money Meng Qi made isn’t for her own benefit, but for the sake of healing Xiao Qi; she indeed benefits from the practice, but in the end, it’s solely for the sake of helping others in need. I really respect someone like her.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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