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THDP Ch.30 Part 1 – Immortal Devouring Vine (I)

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Meng Qi turned to look at Qingfeng Valley sect leader, who also looked at her. First, the successful treatment of Chu Tianfeng’s poison, then the solicitation from Elder Xun Yan of Fentian Palace. Although Meng Qi was still a little disciple who had just joined the sect for half a year, she gradually gained a prestige that couldn’t be ignored.

Qingfeng Valley looked at Meng Qi, hesitated for a moment, and said, “Meng Qi, do you think they are poisoned?”

Lan Zhuxuan was startled. She didn’t expect that the sect leader would ask for Meng Qi’s opinion like this. Lan Zhuxuan was going to open her mouth and talk, but Qin Xiumo’s icy gaze swept over her and made her stop in fear.

Meng Qi nodded and said: “If this disciple isn’t wrong, the three senior sisters are currently being poisoned by a strange demonic weapon.” She didn’t rush and slowly walked towards the other two injured female disciples.

“Senior Sister.” Meng Qi asked them, “Where is your injury?”

“Calf.” One of them answered. She quickly sat on the bed, rolled up her loose trousers, and revealed a white calf. There was a palm-length wound on the side of the calf. It has been treated and was now scabbed. Even the scabs were about to fall off. It was clearly looked much better now.

“Senior Sister.” Meng Qi stretched out her hand and gently pressed near the wound. She raised her eyes: “The weapon that injured you, did it look like a vine?”

“That’s right!” The female disciple raised her voice in surprise. “It was a weapon with a shape similar to a vine, and at a glance, no different than the ordinary vines you could find in the forest. At that time, none of us took notice. The vine suddenly jumped from the ground and swept down seven or eight of us at once.”

“That must be it.” Meng Qi nodded. “Are there flowers blooming on the vine?”

“Yes!” The female disciple nodded again and again, “That’s why it looks like an ordinary vine, and no one takes attention.”

“Did Senior Sister notice the color of those flowers?” Meng Qi asked again.

“This…” The female disciple hesitated. She turned to look at another female disciple who was also injured by the vine and asked: “Did you notice?”

“I saw a yellow flower.” The disciple tried hard to remember. “Yes! Yellow!”

“I also remembered! It was indeed yellow.” The first female disciple said, “And there is more than one flower, I saw at least three or four.”

When she heard that the flowers on the vine were yellow, Meng Qi breathed a sigh of relief. “There are more people who were injured by that vine?” she asked again.

“Yes.” The female disciple nodded and looked at Lan Zhuxuan hesitantly, “Senior Sister Lan was also injured by the vines.”

“At that time, there were two Fentian Palace disciples and two senior brothers with us. They were also injured by that vine.” The other disciple added: “The vine suddenly attacked, and all the disciples who were standing close were all swept down, so most of our wounds are basically around the leg.”

Meng Qi nodded: “This senior sister, please show me your wound.”

The other female disciple didn’t have the slightest doubt. This junior sister was obviously not there, but she could accurately tell the shape of the weapon that hurt them, and she even knew that there were flowers on it.

The disciple rolled up her trousers without saying a word, revealing a wound, also on her calf. The wound was not deep and had already scabbed. At one glance, it had nothing to worry about.

“Junior Sister Meng Qi.” The female disciple raised her gaze and looked up at Meng Qi eagerly. “Is it serious?”

“This kind of vine-like weapon is called immortal devouring vine.” Meng Qi said, “A plant that grows only in the Demon Realm. Although it just a plant, but after being nurtured by the spiritual aura, it gradually gains a little spiritual sense but still can’t cultivate like a demon cultivator.” Her tone was light, as if the topic she was talking about was just ordinary daily matters.

Everyone in the tent was staring at Meng Qi.

Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo looked at each other, exchanging a glance that could only be understood by themselves.

Lu Qingran stood beside her master, staring at Meng Qi in a daze. She couldn’t utter a single word. Why did this little junior sister who started later than herself seem to know everything? Lu Qingran subconsciously reached out her hand to hold her master’s arm and leaned closer. She always felt a little scared of this kind of Meng Qi.

The sect leader patted Lu Qingran lightly to comfort her.

“Immortal devouring vine?” Elder Xun Yan pondered for a moment, “I’ve also vaguely heard about this thing. I heard that the red fox clan from the Demon Realm likes to use it to make weapons.” After a pause, he said: “But I have never seen this weapon before. Could it be…” The elder’s expression changed slightly: “This time, the demon cultivators who attack us are actually celestial demon’s red fox clan? No wonder they are so cunning and have many tricks.”

“This disciple doesn’t know.” Meng Qi said.

“Haah…” Xun Yan sighed lightly. He looked at Meng Qi and asked, “Then what’s so special about this immortal devouring vine?”

“The immortal devouring vine that has grown for more than a hundred years could be refined into weapons by demon cultivators. At this state, a red flower will bloom on the vine. For every ten years, another flower will bloom. After reaching two hundred years, the color of the flower will change from red to orange. Similarly, every additional ten years, the flower will increase by one. By three hundred years, the color will become yellow. If there are four or five yellow flowers on it, then this immortal devouring vine should be three hundred and forty or fifty years old.” Meng Qi said.

“Oh?” Xun Yan looked at Meng Qi with some interest. “Young Daoist Meng is really knowledgeable. Qingfeng Valley can have such a talent, no wonder Tianfeng values ​​it so much.”

Qingfeng Valley’s sect leader blushed. She had never heard the name of the immortal devouring vine, let alone noticed that her sect’s disciples were actually injured by this thing.

Meng Qi turned her head and pointed carefully at the wound on the female disciple’s calf: “This wound looks ordinary, but the weapon isn’t named ‘immortal devouring vine’ because of its sharpness. Every time it hurts people, the pollen in the flowers will secretly be mixed into the wound. From there, they would infect via flesh and blood and penetrating into the body.”

“That’s why senior sisters are always thirsty and want to drink water.” She said, “After that, the pollen of immortal devouring vine will devour the spiritual aura of the cultivator bit by bit. In the end…” Meng Qi narrowed her eyes: “The immortal devouring vine will use the cultivator’s body and aura as nourishment, and grow new vines on the cultivator’s body. Then they will continue to absorb aura from the surrounding environment to slowly grow.”

“In the beginning, the cultivator still maintained their consciousness, but the immortal devouring vine has infected their flesh and blood and cannot be expelled. Slowly, they will feel weaker and weaker, their consciousness will gradually dissipate, and their body will become …… ”


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