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THDP Ch.38 Part 1 – Protecting Her Cub?! (I)

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“What are you doing?” When Meng Qi turned her head, she saw Su Junmo strode towards Xiao Qi. His hand almost touched the little tiger’s head. But before they really made contact, he retreated abruptly as if being burnt.

“No-nothing.” It was the first time that Su Fox, who has always been able to speak incessantly for hours, stuttered and hesitated with his words. He stepped back and looked at the little white tiger with some doubt and uncertainty.

Xiao Qi had laid down again lazily, his jaw resting on his uninjured paw, while the injured one was wrapped in soft silk cloth. His azure eyes lightly glanced at Su Junmo, as if nothing has happened.

“…Nothing.” Su Junmo murmured slowly.

Meng Qi had jumped between Su Junmo and Xiao Qi, staring at the man alertly.

“This…this guy…” Su Jun stammered, not knowing how to ask. Countless thoughts flashed through his mind. Did he make a mistake? The star shadow formation inside this little white tiger’s eyes was the one possessed only by the celestial demon’s white tiger clan. His Lord also had a similar Big Dipper’s formation in his eyes.

So this little guy…

Could he be…

Su Junmo glanced at Meng Qi briefly, but very quickly turned it away.

Meng Qi still looks very young, ah. Seventeen or eighteen, and her facial feature still retains some childishness. But the Lord…the Lord actually did that to her!

Su Junmo silently screamed inside his heart, but didn’t dare to really say it aloud. After a while, his complicated mood finally calmed a bit. He took a deep look at Meng Qi, who firmly covered the little white tiger behind her back. Her posture was as if…protecting her cub?!

Su Junmo took a deep breath and finally managed to utter some words: “I…I’m leaving!”

Meng Qi didn’t reply as she silently watched Su Junmo turned away in a hurry. The man quickly jumped out of the tent. His steps seemed a little flustered, and his feet were staggered when he left. The sound of footsteps did not go far, so he must be staying near the tent.

Meng Qi turned her head and looked at Xiao Qi, who was lying lazily on the bed. Did Su Fox find anything? She thoughtfully pondered.

No, it shouldn’t be so. With his character, if he really found out something, he wouldn’t be able to keep silent.

Meng Qi turned to rub Xiao Qi’s head. She lowered her head and looked into the little guy’s eyes: “Did he discover your identity?” Meng Qi asked with some uncertainty.

Su Junmo went in too fast just now. She didn’t have time to return Xiao Qi into the beast house. Moreover, it was a known fact among the disciples of Qingfeng Valley and Fentian Palace that she kept a little white tiger.

She simply couldn’t hide Xiao Qi’s existence. Instead of hiding him in panic and let Su Junmo became suspicious, she might as well boldly showed his presence. That guy’s current cultivation level was similar to Elder Xun Yan. Since the elder wasn’t able to see through Xiao Qi’s identity, Su Junmo should also be deceived.

Xiao Qi tilted his head slightly to rub against Meng Qi’s palm.

“Ah…” Meng Qi couldn’t help but smile when the soft fur rubbed her fingers. She was indeed tired, so she turned over and lay on the bed, with Xiao Qi in her arms. The tents available on the battle camp were simple, and the bed was just an ordinary single bamboo bed.

“I will sleep for a while.” Meng Qi yawned and slowly closed her eyes. Her breathing gradually became longer. Like they always did in Qingfeng Valley, Xiao Qi also leaned on her arms and quickly fell asleep.

Outside the tent, Su Junmo did not leave. He paced back and forth, very curious but didn’t know who to inquire. After all, he didn’t dare to directly ask the Lord at the cost of his life.

After seemingly hundreds of laps, a cold voice suddenly rang from behind: “What are you doing here?” Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo walked towards Su Junmo, both looked at him with a full alert.

“You two finally came.” Su Junmo jumped to Chu Tianfeng’s side. They spent several days wandering together in the mountains and forests. His real personality has long been exposed to these two young men, so he didn’t hold back at all: “Do you know that Meng Qiqi has a little white tiger?” Su Junmo asked.

“I know.” Chu Tianfeng nodded, his eyes flashed with vigilance, “When Meng Qi went to gather medicinal plant, she picked an injured little white tiger from a valley near her sect.” He suddenly felt a little proud. Was this considered a secret between him and Meng Qi? “I was with her at the time. Do you have any problem?”

“Is that little white tiger a spirit beast?”

“Yes.” Chu Tianfeng said, “The little tiger was injured by something. Meng Qi pitied it and took it back to treat its injuries. It looks a lot better recently, and she must be preparing to make it her spirit pet.”

“So he isn’t being born from Meng Qi—” Su Junmo suddenly shut up.

“Are you crazy?” Although Su Junmo didn’t finish his words, Chu Tianfeng still guessed his mind, “How is it possible?! Meng Qi only found it not too long ago, around one month ago.”

“So that’s it…” Su Junmo nodded a bit dazedly. Just now, he had made up a terrifying scenario: his Majesty Demon Monarch and his runaway wife with their cub. In short, all kinds of sadomasochistic events full of deep misunderstanding, love, lingering, and parting.

But it turned out the little guy was picked up.

Did he see it wrong just now?


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