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THDP Ch.39 Part 1 – Taking Responsibility (I)

The disciple rushed to Meng Qi side and reached out to grab her arm. Meng Qi avoided his hand and asked calmly: “What happened?”

Seeing Meng Qi avoided his hand and her calm, indifferent face, the disciple subconsciously frowned. After a while, he spoke again, this time more calmly. “The fellow disciples who got injured by the immortal devouring vine suddenly collapsed. Junior sister Meng, you also saw that they were alright before. But after returning to the sect, they suddenly collapsed in pain. The first one who showed the symptoms is junior sister Lan Zhuxuan.” When mentioning Lan Zhuxuan’s name, the disciple deliberately increased his tone. He observed Meng Qi attentively, as if wanting to see her reaction.

“After that?” Meng Qi asked calmly. She resumed her walk towards the sect gate. “Besides extreme pain, are there any other symptoms?”

“Other symptoms?” The disciple was stunned, “Afterward, the sect leader and elders came to look at them. Elder Lu immediately sent us to find you, so we don’t know.”

Meng Qi: “…” She hastened her steps.

Qin Xiumo was obviously also tagging along. He walked calmly on Meng Qi’s right side, separating her from the Qingfeng Valley’s disciple. Qin Xiumo curled his lips mockingly. His eyes flashed in ridicule: “How about Fentian Palace’s disciples who were also injured by the vine?”

The disciple once again stupefied. He took a glance at Meng Qi before hesitantly answered: “They…they seem to be fine.”

Qin Xiumo chuckled pleasantly.

Although the disciple was angry, he also knew that he wasn’t Qin Xiumo’s opponent. Even their sect master couldn’t do anything to this man. The disciple could only swallow his dissatisfaction and kept walking sullenly.

“Are you really going to save them?” Qin Xiumo lazily glanced at the sullen disciple and said to Meng Qi: “Did you forget how they treated you before?”

“They didn’t trust you, doubted you, slandered you, and arrogantly provocate you.” He added: “Just let them rolling on the floor as they like.”

“You…” The disciple had just opened his mouth angrily when Qin Xiumo’s icy glare fell upon him. He was so scared and instantly shut his mouth, no longer dare to say even a single word. But there was a small voice in his heart, saying that this person wasn’t wrong. The disciple clearly remembered how they all treated Meng Qi not too long ago.

They indeed didn’t trust her and openly doubted her—especially Lan Zhuxuan, who was the most provocative and hostile.

“Junior sister Meng…” The disciple didn’t know what to say.

“Just keep walking. Talk later.” Meng Qi said indifferently.

They originally weren’t that far from Qingfeng Valley’s main gate. Walking quickly, the three soon arrived at the sect and immediately went to the great hall.

Even before entering the hall, Meng Qi could hear a loud wailing from inside. The voice was full of agony, and obviously was more than one person.

The voice was so terrifying. After all, Qingfeng Valley was still a medical cultivation sect. Besides learning medical cultivation, the disciples were also practicing standard cultivation. But such wails weren’t something that cultivators would make.

Meng Qi glanced at the disciple who brought them back. He quickly explained: “After returning, we were gathering in the hall to talk about the gains and losses of this mission. And…and whether to accept the invitation to join Fentian Palace or not.” The disciple paused. His voice became smaller and smaller: “Then, the fellow disciples who had been injured by the vine suddenly screamed and collapsed on the floor….afterward… it is as you see now.”

Meng Qi nodded. With Qin Xiumo following on her side, she entered the great hall.

There were at least fifty or sixty people inside the hall, including Qingfeng Valley’s sect leader, Lu Qingran, and other elders like Elder Lu and Elder Yan. Even Xun Yan was also present, having rushed over after hearing the news. He and other Fentian Palace people were standing in the corner, wanted to help but was helpless.

Chu Tianfeng was standing beside Xun Yan. Seeing Meng Qi coming in, his eyes lit up, and he quickly walked towards her.

“Junior sister Meng Qi is back!” Someone yelled, and the hall suddenly became quiet. Except for the disciples who were still rolling on the floor in agony, almost everyone turned to look at Meng Qi.

“Meng Qi.” Qingfeng Valley’s sect leader sighed in relief. She straightened her back and called anxiously: “Quickly come and take a look. It must be a relapse from the immortal devouring vine.”

Meng Qi frowned. Qingfeng Valley’s great hall was usually permeated with faint medicinal scent, but all she could smell now was a strong sweet fragrance. Meng Qi walked towards the wailing disciples. The closer she was, the stronger it became. In no time, the sweet aroma became so strong that it was sickening.

“Junior sister Meng Qi…” Lu Qingran’s eyes were red. She must have been cried just now. Her long eyelashes were wet with tears, and the tip of her pretty, small nose was also red, making her looked pitiful yet lovable. “They…they…” She tried to speak. Tears rolled down quickly like broken pearls.

“It’s all my fault.” Lu Qingran kept crying. “I harmed them! It’s me who is incompetent…. my skill isn’t good, but I still….woohoo…Master, it’s all my fault, I harmed them!”

“Qingran.” The sect leader sighed softly. “Of course it’s not your fault. Don’t cry.”

“Yes, junior sister Lu. You aren’t at fault. Don’t blame yourself.” One of the sect leader’s personal disciple also comforted Lu Qingran. “You only tried to save them. No one wants things to end up like this.”

“Yes, junior sister Lu, don’t cry. They…” Another disciple looked at the injured disciples. The pain was so unbearable, but now they no longer had any strength to wail and were lying helplessly on the ground. “…also won’t blame you.”

“But…” Lu Qingran’s eyes were full of crystal tears. “But…if it wasn’t for my mistake, they wouldn’t be like this now.”

“It’s not your fault, junior sister Lu.”

“Right, junior sister, don’t be sad. Junior sister Meng will save them.”

“Yes, Junior sister Meng must have a way.”

“Yes, yes, junior sister Meng will cure them.”


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