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MWFV Ch.59 Part 2 – Accident (II)

On the signal, the relay race began.

Su Bei held her breath in focus and waited for Zhou Xinyue, the first runner, to run towards her. Although Zhou Shiyue’s speed wasn’t slow, she didn’t have experience being the first runner and was a few steps behind the others.

Soon, Zhou Xinyue arrived at Su Bei’s position. Su Bei firmly grasped the other end of the baton and immediately ran forward.

After confirming that the baton has been passed over safely, Zhou Xinyue let go of it and shouted, “Fight!”

Holding the baton tightly, Su Bei put her utmost focus on running forward at full speed. The cheers seemed to get even louder, but she didn’t care. Her mind was full with: run until the third bar, then hand over the baton.

In the end, Su Bei and her class took first place in the relay race.

When Su Bei returned to her classmates, she was greeted by admiring gazes.

“Su Bei, you are too good, ah!”

“If I know you can run this fast, I would have signed you up for the 100-meter race.”

Su Bei: “???”

Seeing Su Bei’s confusion, Dong Wenqi exclaimed: “Su Bei, do you know how amazing you were just now?!”

Dong Wenqi’s explanation was lengthy. But in essence: In the relay race, their class was initially ranked third. But after Su Bei took up the baton, she rushed so fast and immediately surpassed the two runners in front.

After seeing Su Bei’s incredible performance in the preliminary round, the class’ sports committee rearranged the runners’ position and let Su Bei run as the fourth runner in the final.

Afterward, the sports committee didn’t forget to give Su Bei advice nervously: “Just do as you did before. Make sure you get the baton properly and immediately run for the finish line. Don’t be nervous and just focus.” He was going to give Su Bei an encouraging pat on the shoulder when suddenly Su Xiaobao and Xie Minxuan came over and quickly restrained both of his arms before dragging him away.

Seeing Su Xiaobao and Xie Minxuan dragged the sports committee’s burly figure, it was a bit funny.

The sports committee broke free and glared at the two: “Don’t you have to do the long jump now? What are you doing here?”

Xie Minxuan: “Waiting for our turn.”

Su Xiaobao: “Come to take a look.”

And they arrived right in time to see the sports committee extending his pig paw towards Su Bei.

Sports committee: “How can you are still waiting. It’s almost time. Hurry up and go. I have to look after the girls here and won’t watch you two.”

“Keep your distance.” Su Xiaobao made sure that the sports committee took enough distance from Su Bei before going back to the long jump field with Xie Minxuan.

The sports committee had no choice but to give his cheer to Su Bei from far away: “Do your best.”

“Okay, I will.” Su Bei nodded.

Four classes entered the final for the women relay race: 8-7, 8-2, 8-6, and 9-1. The tension was befitting for the final. After the race started, the distance between the four classes was very tight: the first runners arrived almost simultaneously. The second and third runners also didn’t have any significant differences. However, class 8-7 managed to maintain a slight advantage and was currently in the first position.

Soon Su Bei took the baton from the third runner.

As the fourth and last runner, Su Bei didn’t have to hand over the baton in the end. Therefore, after she received the baton, Su Bei immediately rushed towards the finish line. For a moment, Su Bei felt that the runway was like a big spring, and she seemed to be flying.

Seeing the finish line getting closer, Su Bei gritted her teeth and sped up. Anyway, she didn’t have any other competitions to attend afterward. Even if her legs were going to be sore when she got up tomorrow morning, it wouldn’t be a problem.

The last steps!

Su Bei vaguely sensed other runners behind her. Seeing the finish line right in front, she became excited. But suddenly, Su Bei felt that she stepped on something. Her feet immediately slipped, and she lost her balance.

Su Bei’s mind went white. Her vision was shaken, and the next second, she fell hard on the runway.

The loud shouts from her surrounding awoken Su Bei from her stupor. The dull pain on her arms and ankle, as well as the dangling pain on her knees and elbows, made her realize that her fall wasn’t light.

During this time, the runners behind her already passed by her and across the finish line.

A crowd of students immediately surrounded Su Bei.

“Su Bei, are you okay?”

“Let me help you get up.”

“No, don’t move her carelessly. Su Bei, can you try to get up by yourself?”


The commotion at the relay race runway quickly gathered other students’ attention. Su Xiaobao was in the long jump field when he heard someone said: “It seems that Su Bei fell.” In an instant, Su Xiaobao’s face turned pale before he ran towards the runway.

Xie Minxuan, who had just finished a jump, also quickly followed behind.

However, someone else moved faster than Su Xiaobao: Mr. Qin.

Originally, Mr. Qin was talking to the principal on the guest seat at the podium. But from the moment Su Bei prepared for her run, Mr. Qin’s attention has always been on his daughter.

When he saw Su Bei falling down, Qin Shao’s mind momentarily blanked, and he felt that his heart almost stopped beating. Mr. Qin quickly got up from his seat, stepped down from the podium, and rushed to Su Bei’s place.

Su Bei listened to the advice and tried to stand up. But a piercing pain from her foot made her unable to move.

Su Bei shook his head: “I cannot.”

“What should we do?” someone asked.

“Shall we lift her first to the seat over there?”

“Don’t move her.” A low voice suddenly said. Mr. Qin quickly crammed into the crowd and arrived at Su Bei’s side.

Hearing Mr. Qin’s voice, Su Bei almost wanted to cry.

“Stand a little further.” Qin Shao instructed the crowd. At this moment, heavy coercion was emitting from Mr. Qin. It was as if he returned into the ‘Mr. Qin’ that made countless people in the business world feared of him.

Upon his words, the surrounding students immediately scattered and gave a space for Su Bei.

“It’s okay, don’t be afraid.” Mr. Qin knelt down next to Su Bei. Although his tone was full of assurances that calmed people down, the person himself was very nervous when checking his daughter’s condition.


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13 thoughts on “MWFV Ch.59 Part 2 – Accident (II)”

  1. I don’t know whether it is fate or note but I already read 2 cases when Mcs sprained their ankle.
    While for me it was not a week when I got rid of a cast, which i got for the same reason as they are , sprained my ankle.

  2. hoho I laughed, it wasn’t what I thought. but what made me laugh was Dad Qin’s concern and Su Bai’s panic. hehe

  3. eternal perspective

    Thanks for chap
    she just had to go overboard and push herself too much huh.

    Btw what did she step/slip on ?

  4. When I was grade three I sprained my left arm it swole so much i couldn’t close my fist… But my parents were like meh didn’t even bring me to the doctor get me meds or help with bandages. That’s probably why I like reading novels like this

  5. I’m sure she’ll be fine.

    I enjoy the series, but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth to see Mr. Qin doting on Su Bei while virtually ignoring Xiaobao.

    1. Same. :/ I get that she’s the protag, but it’s kinda infuriating to see a parent treat their kid like that.

      Based on this part from an earlier chap though -> “Recently, he read a lot about children’s education on the internet, such as: sons should be raised a bit strictly, while daughters are raised rich and more delicately…” it’s not entirely Qin Shao’s fault. He’s reading the wrong parenting books 🤦🏻‍♀️

      Ignore gender roles, dude. Just dote on both your kids — they’re children.

      Thanks to translator for sharing!

  6. Papa Qin! Get!
    SuBeiDex getting more and more complete dare I say.

    So, which family would get whoosshh by mr.qin later?

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