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THDP Ch.39 Part 4 – Taking Responsibility (IV)

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“Junior sister Lu!” Lan Zhuxuan who was lying on the floor suddenly lifted her upper body strenuously. She opened her eyes wide and glared at Lu Qingran with an indescribable resentment: “You lied to me! You clearly said that you found a way to cure me. I trusted you so much, but you lied to me!”

“I didn’t lie!” Lu Qingran’s face turned white. “Senior sister Lan, I really didn’t lie to you. Please believe me! I…”

“You lied to me! You liar! You complained to me before, saying that you suspected Meng Qi did something that makes young palace master Chu ignored you….You are so cruel! You actually sacrificed so many lives just to get back on Meng Qi!” Lan Zhuxuan yelled hysterically. The pain was so terrible, as if her internal organs were being twisted into a ball. Even taking a breath was torturous.

Lan Zhuxuan crawled towards Meng Qi. “Junior sister Meng.” She clutched into Meng Qi’s leg and looked up at her desperately, “Please save me. Senior sister apologizes to you and will kowtow to you! Forgive senior sister, please. I beg you! Please save me!”

“Meng Qi.” Qin Xiumo asked nonchalantly. “The immortal devouring vine inside their body, is it still a bud? Or is it going to bloom into a human flowerpot?”

Lan Zhuxuan gasped in horror. Her breath became rapid as she desperately clutched at Meng Qi. She knocked her head on the ground with all her strength: “Junior sister!” Tears fell down from Lan Zhuxuan’s eyes. “Please save me. Senior sister will never dare to cross you again. I beg you… please save me!”

“Junior sister Lu.” A disciple walked out of the crowd and quickly squatted to support his injured friend. He then looked up at Lu Qingran, his eyes full of anger. “Things have come to this point. Are you still reluctant to take responsibility for your own mistake? Or are you really going to disregard your fellow disciples’ life?”

Chu Tianfeng curled his lips. Still on guard, he watched Lu Qingran, who desperately repeated “Not me,” with a teary face. Qin Xiumo also turned his head to take a look, and the two quickly exchanged glances.

“Fentian Palace came here to help Qingfeng Valley with the devil invasion crisis. Originally, we have decided to invite Qingfeng Valley under our sect.” Chu Tianfeng suddenly opened his mouth. “However, as you all know, the things that happened during this period have made me and Elder Xun Yan very disappointed.”

Qingfeng Valley sect leader suddenly turned pale. She could guess what Chu Tianfeng was going to do, but was powerless to stop him. Not to mention that Chu Tianfeng’s cultivation base was only two or three small realms lower than herself, but the whole Fentian Palace contingent with a Nascent Soul elder wasn’t something that she could afford to make enemies with.

So even if she knew what Chu Tianfeng was going to say, Qingfeng Valley sect leader could only watch helplessly. “But if the disciples of Qingfeng Valley are willing to join our Fentian Palace, we will make proper arrangements for you.”

“I am willing!”

“I want to join Fentian Palace!”

“Hah! I’ve had enough of this place! I’m leaving!”

“Young palace master Chu, please accept us!”


In an instant, the whole hall fell into chaos. Meng Qi watched dazedly. Although Qingfeng Valley was small and never had a great accomplishment, it had been existing for hundreds of years, almost one thousand years. She never imagined that it would collapse just like this.

After a while, Meng Qi lowered her gaze and took out a small jade token from her storage space. She then respectfully held it with both hands towards the sect leader: “This disciple will cure senior brothers and sisters. Afterward, I’m no longer a disciple of Qingfeng Valley.”

The sect leader pressed her lips tightly and took the jade token from Meng Qi’s palm. Seeing Meng Qi’s calm and serious face, she couldn’t say anything and finally sighed. The sect leader waved her hand and said hoarsely: “Then we will trouble Meng-…fellow Daoist Meng.”

Inside the great hall, Qingfeng Valley disciples kept taking out the jade tokens that identified themselves as a member of Qingfeng Valley and throwing them on the ground. The sect leader had no way to stop them and could only watch helplessly.

Meng Qi nodded. She turned around and walked towards the injured disciples. The hall was still noisy and chaotic, but none of this seemed to affect her.

Meng Qi squatted down and carefully examined the injured disciples one by one.

Qingfeng Valley’s sect leader watched her movement dazedly. Elder Xun Yan’s previous words seemed to ring in her ears again.

Did she really make a mistake?

Qingfeng Valley, is it truly going to be destroyed in her hands?

Meng Qi quickly finished her examination on the injured disciples and stood up. Her eyebrows frowned slightly. Their situation was more complicated than she had thought. Not only they still had the vine’s seed growing inside them, but she also sensed a strange power from their body.

What’s happen?

Meng Qi turned around. She wanted to ask Lu Qingran about the treatment method she used on the disciples. Everyone else was still present inside the hall, including the angry Qingfeng Valley’s disciples and the dazed sect leader. But Lu Qingran was nowhere to be seen.


Meng Qi looked around.

Qin Xiumo walked to her: “Is it troublesome?”

“A bit.” Meng Qi nodded.

“Don’t worry.” Qin Xiumo handed a bamboo slip to her, “I got the IOU from Lu QIngran.”

Meng Qi: “…”

“Are you really going to save them?” Qin Xiumo lowered his gaze to look at the injured disciples. “They are only Foundation Establishment cultivators with mediocre talent.” He grinned, “Why bother?”


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