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Aerial Rain
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THDP Ch 44 Part 2 – Master, Do You No Longer Want Me? (II)

A small laughter came from behind a nearby bookshelf. A girl who looked like to be seventeen or eighteen quickly came out. “Eldest sister.” The girl who also called Xue Zichen ‘eldest sister’ was Xue Jinwen’s younger sister, Xue Lingfeng. She was also the genius girl who has just been praised by Xue Zichen.

In front of Xue Zichen, Xue Lingfeng was much more lively and unrestrained than Xue Jinwen. She held Xue Zichen’s arms and shook it: “So third sister also wants to go? But why father didn’t let her?”

“You…” Xue Zichen shook her head and chuckled: “When Xue family goes out, we cannot lose our face.”

“Oh, oh.” Xue Lingfeng nodded, “No wonder every time there is a guest, father never let third sister out. At this year’s conference, father will take me along, but not third sister. I see, ah.”

“Stop talking about her.” Xue Zichen casually dismissed Xue Jinwen, and smiled at Xue Lingfeng: “Eldest brother has just sent news. He met that man in Fentian City.”

“Eh?” Xue Lingfeng was confused, “Who?”

“That man, ah. The one that a certain girl asked me about three times a day.”

“Su Junmo!” Xue Lingfeng jumped up happily, “Eldest brother is hateful! I said I want to go with him, but he refused. Hateful, hateful!” She let go of Xue Zichen’s arm and said: “Eldest sister, I’m going to find eldest brother.”

“You, ah…” Xue Zichen’s face flashed with amusement. “You are a girl, be more reserved.”

“Why should I have to be reserved?” Xue Lingfeng pronounced confidently: “Like is like. I want to become a Daoist couple with Su Junmo, and double…”

“Watch your mouth!” Xue Zichen shook her head and stopped the most favored girl in their family from talking too much. She reached out her hand and gently rubbed her younger sister’s head: “Go back. I’ll tell father later.”

“Okay!” Xue Lingfeng jumped around and was about to leave.

“That’s right.” Xue Zichen called her again, “Don’t tell your third sister about this. You know, towards fellow Daoist Su, she is also…”

“I know.” Xue Lingfeng chuckled lightly. She pondered for a while and then said, “But Su Junmo doesn’t care about her. Before going to the Eastern Realm, he came to say goodbye to us but never asked about third sister. They aren’t destined to be together, so why bother. Third sister progress in cultivation is so slow, maybe because her heart has a knot.”

“Lingfeng.” Xue Zichen frowned.

“I know, I won’t say it in front of the third sister.” Xue Lingfeng smiled and ran outside. “Eldest sister, I’ll go back now. Don’t forget your promise.”

At the same time, Beyond The Heaven’s highest floating island.

Meng Qi felt that his head was getting dizzier and dizzier, and her feet seemed to be stepping on the clouds. She knew that the more she walked, the more unstable her steps were, even though the ground under her feet was clearly very flat. Every step taken was both deep and shallow, very unstable.

“Ugh…” Meng Qi took a few steps forward. Suddenly, her feet felt soft. She was staggered, and her body was falling. But before she touched the ground, a strong hand firmly held her waist, preventing her from falling.

“…Thank you.” Meng Qi opened her eyes strenuously. Feeling so dizzy, she tried to shake her head. Meng Qi wanted to stand up by herself, but couldn’t exert any strength. It was as if her hands and feet were no longer her own, and she couldn’t control her limbs at all.

Is this the feeling of heavily drunk? Meng Qi even felt that she was hallucinating.

From behind, she heard a barely audible sigh. It was short and small, as if coming from far, far away. But somehow, the voice seemed to be so familiar.

“You…” Meng Qi opened her mouth. But before she could say more, the man behind her suddenly moved. The hand that originally was on her waist tightened and her strengthless body was lifted. A soft robe gently brushed Meng Qi’s cheek. Her mind was dazed, and she was completely unable to think.

This holding posture…

Meng Qi raised her eyes in a daze. Her gaze fell straight into a pair of bright eyes. They were as deep as ink, like the night sky. The eyes made people unable to see the slightest thought hidden in them. Covered with long eyelashes, thick and beautiful. But with the long eyebrows and straight nose bridge, it didn’t make the face looked feminine.

Meng Qi was in a trance. She stared blankly, almost incredulously, at the white-robed man who lifted herself up so easily. Her lips trembled slightly, but no sound came out.

The man didn’t speak. He kept walking forward in silence, holding Meng Qi in his arms. This place was the highest floating island of Beyond The Heaven. Being located so high, white clouds were floating around. With blue sky behind, it was as if they were stepping on the whole area of Beyond The Heaven. Seven floating islands one after another, until finally the highest. Even Beyond The Heaven Restaurant located right below looked to be part of the sea of cloud.

The scenery on this island was extremely gorgeous. The white-robed man held Meng Qi easily and walked forward. Both sides of the path were flourished with blooms and clear springs, with occasional lush forest and bamboo grove. Not far away, one could even see a waterfall pouring down like white clouds, a scenery too breathtaking to be a part of the mortal world.

Here was probably the most serene and peaceful paradise of Beyond The Heaven. Separated from the outside, few were permitted to enter.

But Meng Qi didn’t even spare a glance at the scenery around. Her round eyes widened, staring without blinking at the white-robed man. The groggy head made her unable to sort out her thoughts. But no matter how drunk she was, no matter how years had passed, she would never mistaken the man in front of her eyes.


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