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THDP Ch. 54 Part 1 – Killing Formation (I)

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Ignoring Chu Tianfeng’s contemptuous eyes, Qin Xiumo calmly continued: “Didn’t she just say that the opponents have forty or fifty people with several fourth-rank demon cultivators? One more person will surely help, and the number of spirit stones we share will also increase.”

Qin Xiumo made up his excuse very smoothly, even temporarily tolerating Sikong Xing, who said to Meng Qi that he was unneeded.

“Alright then.” Meng Qi nodded. She didn’t care about the spark between Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo, and walked straight towards the arrays.

Sikong Xing stood next to Su Junmo, watching in shock as Meng Qi took out various materials one after another from her storage space and laid out two new arrays on the open space. Each of Meng Qi’s movement was so quick and proficient, as if setting up the Four Poles Great Array that frightened the whole Demon Realm was merely part of her instinct.

Not only Sikong Xing, but Su Junmo also watched dazedly.

“Hey…” Sikong Xing murmured, “Which Lady is she? When did such a young and beautiful lady become a member of the celestial demon white tiger clan? I never…” She suddenly stopped and turned at Su Junmo in shock. Her pair of beautiful eyes were full of astonishment.

Su Junmo looked back at Sikong Xing and solemnly nodded: “What you are thinking right now is probably the correct answer.”

“I…” Sikong Xing stared at her hands, “Pinched her cheeks just now…”

She was in a daze. Followed by Su Junmo and knew how to use Four Poles Great Array. If her guess was correct, this young-looking cultivator should be that lord’s lover?

And just now, she pinched the girl’s cheek!

Sikong Xing raised her head nervously and looked at Meng Qi again. Her blue-robed figure was busily setting up arrays on the open space. After a moment, she finally returned.

“Let’s divide the jobs.” Meng Qi put back the remaining materials and turned at Sikong Xing. “How many people do they have?”

“…A-ah, right.” Sikong Xing was in a daze for a moment before returned to her senses. She pondered for a while, then replied thoughtfully: “There are three people who usually follow Sikong Changlie around, all are fourth-rank. In addition, his father also sent two additional guards for him. Those two should be around the seventh or eighth realm of the fourth rank. Plus his two head guards, there are a total of eight fourth-rank.”

Meng Qi nodded a little hesitantly: “Eight fourth-rank…” On their side, even with Sikong Xing, they only had two people whose strength was equivalent to the fourth-rank. Counting all personnel, their group’s theoretical strength was indeed much worse.

“However, Sikong Changlie and his three buddies really like beauties. Moreover, he is very proud and arrogant, claiming to be the number one in this generation’s red foxes.” Sikong Xing calmly analyzed. She has long been at odds with Sikong Changlie. Even inside the same clan, the kinship between the demon race was very weak. Sikong Changlie relied on his father’s position and his family’s relatively high status inside the red fox clan, plus the backing from a very powerful celestial demon, to run rampant.

There were several incidents where Sikong Changlie wanted to humiliate Sikong Xing. But Sikong Xing herself had a good cultivation base, coupled with her cleverness, and so she was able to escape from him every time. Because of this, she has long been holding a grudge towards Sikong Changlie. In the past few years, many young female red fox cultivators had fallen into Sikong Changlie’s hands and ended up miserably. Sikong Xing saved two of them, but there were many more victims that she couldn’t save.

“Sikong Changlie lusted after beauties and is extremely conceited. If we use beauty as bait, he will definitely relax his guard.”

“I see.” Meng Qi nodded. She glanced at the three men.

“Meng Qiqi.” Sikong Xing followed her gaze and couldn’t help but smile. “He likes girls.”

“Oh.” Meng Qi nodded again.

“I have an idea. Let me pretend to be captured by your group, and lure him into rescuing me.” Sikong Xing revealed her plan. “With his character, he will definitely take the opportunity to ridicule and force me to listen to his demands. At that time, we will use the chance to catch all of his group at once.”

She stared at the ground of the open space: “We red foxes aren’t good in arrays. Even if he sees there are arrays here, he won’t be able to guess…” Sikong Xing shrank, not even daring to say the name of Four Poles Great Array: “…that they are such powerful arrays. As long as we can trap them temporarily, Su Junmo and I together can kill at least three to four fourth-ranks. This way, even if some of their lower-ranked subordinates run away in the chaos, they will still be injured somewhat.”

“This plan is good.” Meng Qi nodded. She walked back to the open space: “Since this is the case, I still need to modify half of these arrays.” She immediately began to work.

Sikong Xing and Su Junmo couldn’t help but glance at each other again. They were an orthodox demon cultivator, a member of the celestial demon who grew up listening to the legend of how the ancestor of the white tiger clan used the Four Poles Great Array to dominate the Demon Realm.

“You better get used to it.” Su Junmo advised Sikong Xing in a low voice. After all, he has experienced a similar shock before. “She has many surprises.”

“Okay…” Sikong Xing nodded.

“Do you really plan to stay in Three Thousand Worlds and not going back?” Su Junmo asked again: “What about your father?”

“I want to find my mother first.” Sikong Xing answered. After a pause, she looked at Su Junmo with her charming eyes: “Father said that the Star Monarch’s Order will soon reappear in the Nine Heavens. Since His Majesty left the Demon Realm, many forces began to move, and the situation has become a mess. When the Order reappears, the whole Nine Heavens will be plunged into total chaos. My father cannot go to the Three Thousand Worlds. I know that father wants me to find mother at this time is because he actually doesn’t want me to get involved in this war.”

Su Junmo couldn’t say anything. He also had many worries. The Lord’s personal guards were trapped in the Seventh Heaven. Except for the last time they met in Beyond The Heaven, the Lord’s whereabouts were totally unknown. Their enemies also knew this and had become rampant. He could imagine how chaotic the situation in the Demon Realm right now.

Su Junmo did not speak, and Sikong Xing did not continue to ask. She retracted her gaze and watched Meng Qi setting up two more arrays before returning to their place.


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