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THDP Ch 58 Part 3 – Token (III)

THDP sponsored chapters (4/4) by MajorQuincy, José Gomes, Svahn, Mickychi, and anonymous sponsor at ko-fi. Thank you for your support!

The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch 57 Part 3.

After the twelfth lot was sold, the valley became quiet once again. Finally, it’s time for today’s highlight. Even Meng Qi looked out in curiosity.

“Ladies and gentleman, thank you for waiting patiently.” Linghu Xie smiled at the audience. “Now, we are going to auction a total of sixteen tokens to enter Beyond The Heaven’s seventh mountain.”

“Sixteen! So the new grotto-heaven at the seventh peak isn’t small.” Someone sighed.

“Brother Xuanyuan seems to be determined to win.” Apparently, someone recognized the man’s voice and chimed in with a laugh.

“Hahaha, I don’t dare to say much. But among everyone present, who doesn’t want to? After all, going into Beyond The Heaven’s grotto-heaven always resulted in great profit.” The person surnamed Xuanyuan replied.

Indeed, everyone present at today’s auction was aiming for the tokens, except for Meng Qi. She was just wondering what kind of item the last lot would be. After hearing the word grotto-heaven, she knew that this matter was entirely unrelated to herself. Meng Qi stood up and quickly left the auction house.

Outside the auction house, it was completely empty. Most people were still inside the auction floor, fiercely bidding for the tokens. Before Meng Qi walked far, another footstep suddenly came from behind. She turned her head subconsciously. It was the black-robed young man she saw just before entering the auction house.

The man’s facial features are as sharp as a knife, and his expression was quite cold. He himself was like a sword, sharp and ruthless. Once he made a move, his entire being was a cold sword that could deter the entire four realms.

This person was precisely Pei Mufeng, the current and youngest master of Xingluo Pavilion, the biggest sword sect in the Eastern Realm.

Meng Qi recalled his promise to the medical society to enter the Starfallen Sea for ten years. She bowed at the young man politely. This youth who had just become the master of Xingluo Pavilion was strong, talented, and proud. Just his cultivation talent alone was of an extremely high level, far beyond the majority of his generation in Three Thousand Worlds.

Meng Qi was grateful for this young man’s promise and made the bow subconsciously.

However, Pei Mufeng stopped and returned the bow meticulously. His eyes were like a cold star, bright and profound. When he raised his head, his gaze promptly swept across Meng Qi’s face before turned it away quickly.

Meng Qi stepped aside and gestured for him to go first. She didn’t have a particular admiration or longing towards the strong sword cultivators, but admired Pei Mufeng, who was willing to go to Starfallen Sea to hunt for spiritual plants and monster beasts that could be used as medicinal ingredients for the benefit of medical advancement.

Pei Mufeng’s expression was indifferent: “Is fellow Daoist not interested in the grotto-heaven’s token?”

Meng Qi smiled and calmly replied: “My spirit stones are too few to make a bid.”

Pei Mufeng seemed to be stunned by this answer. His eyes subconsciously fell on Meng Qi’s face again before quickly turned away. Staring at another direction, he said: “I’m waiting for my sect’s elders to finish. If fellow Daoist is free, how about we go to Beyond The Heaven Restaurant for a drink?”

A drink? Impossible. Meng Qi still remembered the last painful lesson. She shook her head politely: “I’m sorry, but I’m not good at drinking.”

Pei Mufeng did not press further. He regarded Meng Qi as a fellow youngster who was bored waiting for their elders to finish the bidding inside. He cupped his hands for the last time before he walked forward quickly.

Meng Qi waited until he walked away before she proceeded slowly towards the teleportation array. Pei Mufeng truly hadn’t changed. He had no interest in anything except the sword. That must be why he made such a promise.

Meng Qi raised her head and looked forward. Pei Mufeng’s figure had long gone. In her previous life, she didn’t hear any rumors about Xingluo Pavilion Master and Lu Qingran. But this time, it was said that he made this promise for a young female healer.

Meng Qi’s eyebrow raised. It was rare for her to be interested in gossip, but she was indeed curious whether a person like Pei Mufeng could actually be tempted by a woman.

When Meng Qi opened her eyes again in her room, it was almost noon already. She felt something fluffy on her hand and glanced down to see Xiao Qi was lying beside her.

“Eh?” Meng Qi reached out and carefully took the little tiger’s small paw into her hand: “What happened?”

Meng Qi cleaned Xiao Qi’s wound, applied medicine, and changed the bandage every day. Although she was unable to stop the bleeding completely, it has gradually become better. Recently, only a small amount of blood oozed out every day. But now, the clean white cloth that bandaged Xiao Qi’s injured paw was full of blood. Not only that, his originally bright eyes were also much dimmer than before.

She hurriedly took Xiao Qi’s front paw carefully and gently opened the bandage. “Why did it suddenly worsened so much?” Meng Qi whispered in distress. She leaned her body towards Xiao Qi. Being so close so suddenly, the little guy was caught off guard. His nostrils immediately were filled with the light medicinal fragrance from the girl’s body. Her warm breath fell on his small paw and seemingly was carrying a faint sweet fragrance.

Xiao Qi: “…”

“But you will be fine soon.” Meng Qi raised her head and smiled. She happily told the little tiger: “I have bought the Blazing Feather.”

As she spoke, Meng Qi reached out to rub Xiao Qi’s fluffy head and also squeezed his little ear a bit. However, thinking about Xiao Qi’s more complicated internal injuries, Meng Qi couldn’t help sighing again.

As if guessing the reason for her sigh, Xiao Qi’s uninjured paw gently patted the back of Meng Qi’s hand.

The fluffy touch pulled back her mind: “It’s okay.” She smiled: “Anyway, let’s take it slowly. Step by step, I will become stronger, and one day definitely will cure you completely.” As she spoke, she couldn’t help squeezed Xiao Qi’s ears again.


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  1. Oh my. Hold on. Female healer.. and she met him in her past life… And saved him?? Hmmmmmm
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  2. Since everyone else has a funny backstory/current role, for PMF my prediction is that he vaguely remembers his past life enough to know he was saved by a healer at the Starfallen Sea but he doesn’t know who or recognize MQ. Would be funny if he’s a sword-brain who made that promise to lure out the unknown healer so he can make them come with him and be his personal healer so he can train at the Starfallen Sea for even longer lol

  3. WAIT. i’m pretty sure i didn’t reach the point where we learn if pmf remembered or not. if mq saved him before… and we don’t know if the sword pavillion did this in the last timeline. pmf is being polite and courteous to what is supposed to be a veritable stranger. omg. i’m sure i was as excited reading this the first time as i am now learning about him. he seems like he could be a friend. mq could use more friends.

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