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MWFV Ch 91 Part 1 – Qin Family’s Young Miss (I)

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Lin Shaochi rushed the twins back to Jingyuan Villa before Mr. Qin returned home. The three of them had done this routine countless times before and were very skilled. Before leaving, Lin Shaochi stopped Su Bei and reminded her: “Don’t forget the meeting tomorrow.”

Su Bei smiled back: “Don’t worry, I won’t forget.”

The meeting Lin Shaochi said was a high-level meeting at NST Company. Back then, after Lin Shaochi found [Q] through the ‘Red Hacker Challenge,’ he personally recruited her and became the primary contact person from NST. Therefore, although Su Bei’s identity was revealed after the final and people knew that [Q] who won the ‘Red Hacker Challenge’ was Qin Group’s little princess Qin Yue, few people in the NST knew that this [Q] was actually also the genius remote technical consultant who helped build the NST.

After ‘Red Hacker Challenge’ was over, Su Bei came a few times to NST and met several key members of the technical department. However, after entering high school, Su Bei became busy with her study and rarely came to NST again. So, among NST employees, this mysterious consultant had become a legendary existence. Many people talked about her, yet she never appeared.

Counting the time, it has been three years since the last time Su Bei went to NST. Now that she finally would go there tomorrow, Su Bei was very excited. After all, it was the company she helped to build and grow over the years.

Seeing the joy in her eyes, Lin Shaochi also smiled. He said to Su Bei: “I am staying at Yipin Mansion tonight. Tomorrow, I will drop by to pick you up.”

Yipin Mansion is one of Lin Shaochi’s residences, which was very close to Jingyuan Villa. Saying this was to give a reasonable explanation for him to pick up Su Bei tomorrow. However, even Lin Shaochi himself didn’t notice how he subconsciously always told Su Bei his whereabouts every time. As a result, Su Bei was very clear about the number and location of Lin Shaochi’s personal residences.

The siblings entered the villa and were greeted enthusiastically by Uncle Fu, who hadn’t seen them for two weeks. “Why did Xiaobao get so dark?” Looking at Su’ black charcoal’ Xiaobao, Uncle Fu was distressed. He then looked at Su Bei. Seeing her was still as white as before, the old housekeeper was relieved.

Fortunately, one of them was still a white bun. A girl didn’t look so good with a dark tan.

“Darker is handsome.” Su Xiaobao said without a care.

Hearing this, Su Bei glared at the stinky boy with disgust and refused to comment on his justification.

The next day, Lin Shaochi came to Jingyuan early in the morning. When Su Bei finished prepared and was ready to go, Lin Shaochi had watched Uncle Fu doing his daily morning exercise and accompanied Mr. Qin to drink morning tea.

“Dad, good morning.”

“Brother Lin, morning.”

Lin Shaochi’s eyes fell on the girl on the stairs. Unlike yesterday’s youthful outfit, today Su Bei wore a business suit with a matching skirt. At one glance, she looked like a talented young career woman.

Noticing Lin Shaochi’s gaze, Su Bei didn’t have much thought. Instead, she walked to the two men, raised her eyebrow, and asked: “How? Do I look professional enough?”

Lin Shaochi: “Yes.” Very beautiful.

Hearing his daughter’s jokeful tone, Qin Shao chuckled a bit, but then he saw Su Bei’s skirt, and frowned slightly. “Go back and change to a longer skirt.” He said.

“This is long enough.” Su Bei glanced at the knee-length skirt she wore and said helplessly: “Moreover, we will be late if we don’t depart now.”

“No hurry, it’s still early.” Lin Shaochi interrupted. Regarding the length of Su Bei’s skirt, he and Mr. Qin surprisingly were in sync.

Su Bei: …

Su Bei finally gave up. She went back to her room upstairs and changed into a pair of trousers. After Mr. Qin gave his approval, she and Lin Shaochi departed to NST Company’s office.

After more than four years since its establishment, NST had become the leader of its industry. Its office building stood in the most prosperous business district of B City, and its grandeur was no less than Qin Group or Lin Group’s office building.

For people who didn’t know, they would have a hard time believing that such a big company with huge capital, numerous employees, and a reputation that attracted countless young talent was just a subsidiary of Qin and Lin.

Lin Shaochi could have taken Su Bei directly via the chairman’s exclusive passage, but instead, he brought her to the main entrance to show her what NST had become in these years.


“Great!” Su Bei praised very sincerely.

In the world she transmigrated to, although several network security companies had also developed into giants, they were far inferior to the monopoly NST currently enjoyed.

Su Bei’s look was eye-catching enough, added with Lin Shaochi’s escort, they immediately became the center of attention. When they walked into the NST building, they attracted a lot of shocked eyes.

In just a few minutes, before Su Bei and Lin Shaochi even reached the elevator, they had become an exploding topic in the various chat groups of NST employees.

[Chairman Lin is here!]

[I already know. Yesterday, I heard from the logistics staff that they are preparing the meeting room on the top floor. It’s almost certain that Chairman Lin will come today.]

[No, no, I’m not talking about this. Guess what I just saw?]

[I just saw Chairman Lin coming in from the main entrance, bringing a girl with him!]

[My gosh! A girl? Is she Chairman Lin’s new assistant? He actually hired a girl!]

The young and handsome Chairman Lin was usually cold and detached from females. Even his numerous assistants were all male. Countless female employee at NST Company had their heart secretly broken. But that Chairman Lin actually brought over a girl? This news was too shocking!


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10 thoughts on “MWFV Ch 91 Part 1 – Qin Family’s Young Miss (I)”

  1. Doytch Magient

    “…Fortunately, one of them was still a white bun. A girl didn’t look so good with a dark tan..”
    Damn a very racist remark there 😭 whatvrr i love seeing a girl with healty skin, i think the whiter the less erotic a girl is. A slight or more tan is lovely.

    1. Well i would’t call it racist tbh i think the preference for lighter skin is basically a culture in itself since it has been around for quite a long time. It’s also a matter of personal opinion i think both are fine tho. 🙂

      1. ew that emoji sucks i used : ) but it turned into that well anyway i started bingeing this 2 days ago and i’m already almost done sad TwT i love this sooo much looking forward to your future novels (≧∇≦*)

      2. Yeah, I agree. In the past, lighter skin was a sign of wealth/status bc that meant you didn’t have to work like a commoner out in the fields (under the sun) and get tanned. Now it’s mostly an asian beauty standard and is also just a really common thing in most Chinese (and other East Asian) households these days.

        1. Colorism, which is what we’re discussing, is broader than just Asia. This is enjoyable fluff for the most part, just that this leaves a bad taste in some of our mouths. Still a fun story.

    2. I think these stories generally obsess over beauty (standards) as if not fitting their ideal dooms you to be third rate or something. But how is it racist? It’s an odd beauty standard but they’re talking about tan not naturally dark skin. I don’t know why you think it’s healthy to get tanned but if you have naturally light skin you have less natural protection against uv rays so tanning without sun protection isn’t healthy. Sunblock doesn’t magically prevent you from tanning either even though these c-novels like to pretend otherwise. And lastly if you have natural dark skin you should still look into sunblock and the like because having a lesser risk of skin cancer doesn’t mean there’s none (and awareness is important for early diagnosis).

  2. Dojsha Milim Argay

    whew, this is one of the risk of reading from an author who’s culture and ideals are way different.

    tho I am an asian and yes, in my country. being white or light skinned are = to being handsome/beauty concept is still prevalent.

    then again, that statement though doesn’t seem racist if you see in the author’s perspective. it’s still racist none the less.

  3. I love this novel but I don’t like Lin Shaochi as the ml. He’s like a tiger waiting for his prey to be barely riped (xiaobei is only 18 and then compared to LS age and him waiting :/) Like let Xiaobei have a bit experienced :((

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