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THDP Ch 65 Part 2 – Four Orders and Four Seasons Array (II)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch 65 Part 1.

Meng Qi rested her cheek on her hand, immersed in her thoughts. In fact, the best way to treat Xue Lingfeng was to understand how the array on her body worked.


Meng Qi felt very itchy. But she knew that she couldn’t go back and intervene with this matter. Xue Clan naturally had a way to cure Xue Lingfeng, and they didn’t trust or welcome her. Su Junmo and Sikong Xing also offended Xue Clan’s elder to protect her.

She couldn’t go there anymore!

Meng Qi clenched her hands repeatedly, trying hard to suppress this itchy feeling.


She stood up suddenly. Besides Xue Lingfeng, wasn’t there another injured cultivator?

Meng Qi smacked her forehead. Why did she forget about it?!

It was said that this person’s condition was similar to Xue Lingfeng. Since she couldn’t go to the Xue Clan, she could still see this other injured cultivator.

Meng Qi’s mood instantly rose up. She happily put away the paper on the table.

“Xiao Qi, I’m going to find Pei Mufeng.” She smiled and rubbed Xiao Qi’s head, “You should go back to the beast house first.” Without waiting for Xiao Qi to react, Meng Qi quickly picked up his little body, shoved him into the beast house, put it into her storage space, and walked quickly towards the door.

Xiao Qi “…”

Lying inside the beast house, a cold light flashed in his azure blue eyes.

She is so happy?

She no longer wants to study the array?

Xiao Qi rarely saw Meng Qi showed such an obvious emotion. Happiness was written all over her face. Even when she finally bought the Blazing Feather and healed his wound, Meng Qi didn’t look as happy as she was now. The only time he ever saw Meng Qi’s mood changed as abruptly was the last time she was drunk, when she cried in front of him at Beyond The Heaven.

At that time, even spirit stones couldn’t coax her.

Meng Qi quickly walked out. She first went to Sikong Xing’s room: “Sikong Xing.”

After knocking twice, Sikong Xing quickly opened the door.

“Sikong Xing, I want to find Pavilion Master Pei. Can you please come with me?” Meng Qi asked.

“Of course!” Sikong Xing stepped forward and held Meng Qi’s arm affectionately, “I will accompany you wherever you want to go.”

“Thank you.” Meng Qi smiled slightly. Two shallow dimples appeared on her cheeks. “Let’s go.”

Meng Qi knew her cultivation base was not high. Although Xingluo Pavilion was in charge of Xingluo City’s safety, she preferred to be careful than sorry.

“You don’t call Su Junmo?” Sikong Xing pointed to another door. As soon as she finished speaking, the door opened, and Su Junmo rushed out, “Where are you going? Take me!”

So the group of three went out together. At this time, the night was deep, and the city had fallen into sleep. The streets were quiet. Only lanterns that hadn’t been put off gave a faint light on the way.

“Did Pavilion Master Pei say that he will stay in the city tonight?” Meng Qi asked.

“Are you going to find Pei Mufeng?” Su Junmo was startled. They were now walking towards Xingluo Pavilion’s courtyard in the city.

Su Junmo couldn’t help but pursed his mouth.

Isn’t it a bad idea? Meng Qi, she…isn’t she the Lord’s woman?

“Yeah.” Meng Qi nodded, “Didn’t Pavilion Master Pei just say that there is another cultivator who was also injured like Miss Xue? I want to see this person.”

“Oh.” Su Junmo scolded himself for jumping off conclusion so rashly. How could Meng Qiqi found another man? She isn’t that kind of person!

The courtyard Xingluo Pavilion’s members used as their base in the city was also located in the eastern district. Because two medical cultivators were injured in a row, the people there were still busy late at night.

Pei Mufeng received the disciple’s report and quickly greeted Meng Qi’s group personally.

“Meng Qi?” He greeted Su Junmo and Sikong Xing in a hurry, then walked towards Meng Qi, “What happened?”

“You said before that there is another person who was poisoned like Miss Xue. I want to see this person.” Meng Qi answered.

“I see.” Pei Mufeng nodded, “I’ll take you there.”

He turned around and whispered a few words to the disciples guarding the courtyard’s gate, and then said to Meng Qi and the others, “Let’s go.”

Pei Mufeng didn’t even ask a single question. It seemed that for him, it was just a matter of course for Meng Qi to suddenly appear here in the middle of the night and asked to see the injured cultivator.

“That cultivator was a disciple of the Southern Realm’s Canglang Academy, a large medical sect. He is in the Golden Core’s seventh realm, and his cultivation level is similar to Xue Lingfeng. After being poisoned, he was found in a coma just outside the inn where Canglang Academy’s contingent resided. This person is the most beloved disciple of Sheng Zhengheng, the sect leader of Canglang Academy. Sect Leader Sheng was furious and suspected this to be the foul play from another sect from the Southern Realm who is in the odd with them. So, what you and Miss Sikong saw outside the city gate today was the dispute between these two sects.”

Meng Qi nodded.

Pei Mufeng said so many things in one breath, clarifying the cause and effect. He still didn’t ask Meng Qi why she was coming here and quickly walked to another inn with her group.

“We are here.” Pei Mufeng said. He briefly talked to the Canglang Academy disciples who were guarding the gate, and led Meng Qi and the others into the inn.

The leader of Canglang Academy and his injured disciple lived in an independent courtyard in the inn. Hearing the disciple report of Pei Mufeng’s coming, Shen Zhengheng greeted him personally.

“Pavilion Master Pei.” He cupped his hands to Pei Mufeng. “Have you find anything?”

“These three are Su Junmo, Sikong Xing, and Meng Qi.” Pei Mufeng briefly introduced the three to Shen Zhengheng and finally pointed to Meng Qi. “Meng Qi is also a medical cultivator. She wants to see the injured disciple of your sect.” Pei Mufeng added, “Meng Qi is my friend.”


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  1. Friend. Riiiiight.
    He’s probably another errm “returnee”. One that remembers and gives due valor to our QiQi.

    When he first appeared I thought he was doing all of that for the white lotus, but now I’d say the medical conference and him going to the star sea is both out of gratitude and to see/find Meng Qi again.

    Thanks for all the chapters!! 💕💕

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