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THDP Ch 80 Part 2 – The Second Test (II)

Meng Qi did not finish the arrays quickly. After she finished drawing the modified version of the Hundred Ghosts And Hundred Charms array, she took a break to restore her spiritual aura using a Beiming pill. Then she also took a break every time she finished two of the small arrays.

Ji Wujiong was both exasperated and amused. He almost forgot that Meng Qi’s cultivation base was still in the Foundation Establishment stage.

Meng Qi put away the medical knife. She looked at the arrays formation on the ground, then nodded in satisfaction. Although she disliked that she was using Ji Wujiong’s array, she had to make do with it for the time being.

Meng Qi divided the Qiwu antidote into six portions, then took out a porcelain bottle from her storage space item. The bottle contained ordinary clean water. She mixed the six portions of antidote with the water and placed them in the center of each six small arrays. She then took out a bunch of eighth-grade spirit stones and threw them into the arrays formation.

With a soft hum, the seven intertwined arrays began to shine and activate. On the central array, a mist was rising. Unlike Ji Wujiong’s, the mist was not white, but a very pale green.

The figures of little ghost puppets gradually emerged, growing limbs and heads. They were made up of pale green liquid, which made them looked like tiny glass dolls. They were much more lovely than the white ghost puppets summoned by Ji Wujiong.

“Go!” Meng Qi popped out several additional eighth-grade spirit stones and threw them onto the center array.

The little ghost puppets couldn’t speak, and simply rushed over in all directions per Meng Qi’s order. The land was vast, but with the endless stream of ghost puppets rushing around, it wouldn’t take long before they could cover all the poisonous areas.

Holding a handful of emergency spirit stones, Meng Qi nodded contentedly.

Ji Wujiong was dumbfounded. His adam’s apple was rolling up and down. Meng Qi could replicate his array perfectly by just seeing it once, which was an extraordinary talent on its own and deserved to receive a slightly better attitude from him.

But this…

His eyes swept across the formation of seven arrays on the ground. Meng Qi could even think of superimposing the most basic Dark Water arrays with the Hundred Ghosts And Hundred Charms. Using this combination, the ghost puppets summoned were all made of water. Since she combined the antidote with water in advance, the ghost puppets themselves became an antidote, which was then spread around as they ran all over the poisoned land.

This cleverness…

Ji Wujiong was silent. He stared deeply at Meng Qi, almost unblinking. In fact, he wasn’t sure whether it was Meng Qi’s first time using this array formation. He wasn’t even sure whether Meng Qi had known this specific modified version of Hundred Ghosts And Hundred Charms array beforehand.

Ji Wujiong opened his mouth, but saw Meng Qi’s eyes swept across his face again, only to turn away without showing the slightest care.

She really treated him like thin air!

“The person who taught you about arrays must be very skilled.” After being silent for a moment, Ji Wujiong spoke slowly: “If I can meet him in the future, I would like to test my skills against his. Let’s see whether he really is powerful enough to make me admit defeat.”

This was the limit of his tolerance.

However, Meng Qi still refused to acknowledge his existence. Her eyes focused on the array formation, completely paid no heed to Ji Wujiong.

Ji Wujiong: “…”

“Meng Qi, don’t you think that I am really afraid of this barrier. Believe it or not, I can kill you now!”

As soon as Ji Wujiong spoke, his figure instantly flashed and appeared right next to Meng Qi. His narrow, strange-looking black saber was menacingly pointing at Meng Qi’s white and slender neck.

Meng Qi didn’t even blink her eyelids. The cold, icy sensation from the saber spread across her skin, resulting in tiny goosebumps appearing on her neck.

Ji Wujiong released his killing intent, and his eyes flashed in anger.

However, Meng Qi still didn’t show any reaction, as if ignoring her own life and death.


Ji Wujiong finally understood. Some people really had a reverse scale1 that they would protect regardless of everything, even their own life and death.

Ji Wujiong withdrew his saber. Although there was still some anger, he also admired Meng Qi’s unyielding attitude and persistence.

Why was he not so lucky?! He also wanted to meet such a good disciple with super high talent, resolution, and perseverance.

Ji Wujiong backed away a few steps and put back his saber. “Okay. ‘I lose to the person who taught you arrays. He is too strong, and I am inferior to him.'” He briefly paused and added coldly: “Of course, I still want to meet and challenge him one day. I hope at that time, he really can make me admit defeat!”

“Humph!” Meng Qi snorted, finally was willing to look at Ji Wujiong: “He will definitely defeat you thoroughly, so you won’t dare use arrays ever again.”

She subconsciously used the words her Mast-…that person said to her.

Meng Qi’s eyelids drooped slightly. That person had always appeared and left so suddenly. Whenever she was in a crisis, he would descend like a savior, and when the crisis passed, leave without a word.

Once she was stronger, strong enough so that people like Ji Wujiong would never say again that taking her as a disciple was a shameful thing, maybe that person wouldn’t leave again.


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  1. Reverse scale: Legends say that dragons have a scale shaped differently than others, called reverse scale. Once touched, it will bring down the dragon’s wrath.

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