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THDP Ch 80 Part 4 – The Second Test (IV)

After the two took away their reward of choice, the remaining five flowers on the vine door slowly dissipated.

“Good!” A blur voice rang in their ears, and the door slowly opened.

Inside the door was dim and hazy, as if entering into the void with no end in sight.

Meng Qi took a deep breath and began to step in. A cold wind blew on her face, blasting her long robe with a loud rustling noise. Meng Qi carefully lowered her front leg onto the ground. She then took another deep breath and moved her hind leg.

“Huh?” Right after she entered the door, her surrounding suddenly became bright. A blue sky, white clouds, lush trees, and blooming flowers with butterflies flying around. Not far away, a mountain towered high, with a waterfall that ended into a huge pond at its foot.

The land Meng Qi stepped on was full of soft and vibrant grass. Compared with the barren and dying land before, this place was simply like a paradise.

Ji Wujiong had also passed through the vine door and stood beside Meng Qi. The two exchanged a glance, and when they turned back, the door behind them was already closed.

“The first test is a detoxification.” Meng Qi slowly walked. “I wonder what is awaiting us here.” As she spoke, she looked around. The scenery here was breathtaking. The air was full of the gentle fragrance of flowers, evoking a peaceful atmosphere.

She couldn’t see anything that might be the next test here.

Ji Wujiong walked beside Meng Qi. He also looked around and pointed at a direction: “There is a path here.”

“Yeah.” Meng Qi nodded. The path was not very visible, as it was half-hidden in the grass. It was paved with stones and winding along the pond towards the back of the mountain waterfall.

The two stopped speaking and began to follow the path. When Meng Qi and Ji Wujiong were passing by the pond, a few fish jumped above the water and soon swam back again.

“Compared to the previous place, here is a paradise.” Meng Qi said.

The corners of Ji Wujiong’s lips curled slightly, revealing a somewhat sly smile. “Do you know Xingluo Pavilion Master?” He asked lazily.

“Huh?” Meng Qi was startled, not understanding why this guy mentioned Pei Mufeng out of a sudden. Then she quickly recalled. After the first group of poisoned cultivators appeared in Apricot Forest, Pei Mufeng went to the entrance of the holy land to stop Ji Wujiong.

However, he obviously had failed.

Ji Wujiong drove straight in, stomping on the face of the Medical Society Alliance.

“What happened to Pavilion Master Pei?” Meng Qi asked calmly.

“He is young and promising, indeed a rare genius in sword cultivation. At that age, he already cultivates a sword spirit. It is no wonder that Xingluo Pavilion hailed him as their Pavilion Master. His future is limitless.” Instead of his usual mockery, Ji Wujiong complimented Pei Mufeng.

Even Meng Qi couldn’t help looking at him in wonder.

“I also heard that Xingluo Pavilion Master is a very interesting young man, willing to enter the Starfallen Sea for the sake of Medical Society Alliance, which has been rotten to the bones. Tsk tsk…” Ji Wujiong shook his head: “However, I think that he merely used Medical Society Alliance as his excuse. His entering the Starfallen Sea is for his own sword. This way, he has a just cause to improve his swordsmanship, and simultaneously earns gratitude from the medical cultivators, who will also appreciate the sword cultivators’ power even more. This guy has a lot of ambition!”

The last sentence fitted Ji Wujiong’s speaking style—Meng Qi quietly mused.

“This guy is probably the best among the younger generation of sword cultivators. But it’s a pity…” Ji Wujiong smirked triumphantly: “He is still far away from stopping me. I just casually laid down two arrays, and he is now still lost inside, hahaha!!”

Meng Qi: “…”

No wonder he spent so many words to praise Pei Mufeng before. It turned out he just wanted to brag about himself.

“And the reason why that kid Pei couldn’t break away from those two arrays is…” Ji Wujiong’s gaze scanned the surroundings: “They were like this paradise. Once you are inside, you cannot find a trace of danger.”

Meng Qi suddenly became alert.

Ji Wujiong continued: “When something clearly looks wrong, cultivators will naturally stay vigilant. They will notice even small clues, which in turn makes breaking through the array easier. But if the surrounding was peaceful and comforting, with beautiful scenery and relaxing atmosphere, they will subconsciously relax…missing many details that could have been noticed.” He glanced at Meng Qi: “Understand?”

Meng Qi nodded silently. Ji Wujiong indeed made sense. Born in hardship and died in bliss—this proverb was not wrong.

Meng Qi turned around and began to observe her surroundings once again. There were beautiful flowers and lush trees. The waterfall originated on the high mountain and fell into the pond, splashing around crystal clear water drops amidst the sound of the stream. In the background, the white mist spread endlessly, looking extremely beautiful…

She couldn’t see any sign of danger.

“What is it?” Meng Qi finally asked. “What kind of danger is this place hiding?”

“Nothing.” Ji Wujiong replied casually, “At least not yet.”

Meng Qi: “…”

So, he said all of those just to use Pei Mufeng as the example of his amazing feat?

Meng Qi pursed her lips and resumed walking along the pathway.

“What I want to say is, even the genius sword cultivator is nothing.” Ji Wujiong followed from behind. “When encountering a powerful array cultivator, two simple arrays are all it needs to render his swordsmanship useless. He cannot even touch the hems of my clothes!” His tone became serious: “That’s how powerful array cultivation is.”


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  2. I like this guy. He’s teaching her something that she doesn’t know, and is helping her to see something else. There is more than one path to power, and the path of the Array Master is really powerful. She has a lot of potential on his path.

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