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THDP Ch 81 Part 1 – Fengyu Town (I)

Meng Qi: “…”

Considering that Ji Wujiong had given her the precious formula, she responded politely: “What kind of array did you use against Pavilion Master Pei?”

“Haha.” Ji Wujiong raised his eyebrows as his lips curled slightly into an almost indiscernible smile. He walked on Meng Qi’s right side, and when she glanced up at him, what she saw was his unblemished left face.

When a smile spread on the handsome face that wasn’t covered by scars, even the gloominess in his eyes seemed to dissipate a lot.

Meng Qi quickly withdrew her gaze as she heard Ji Wujiong spoke again: “That Xingluo Pavilion’s guy is indeed very strong, but also overly serious and stubborn. I merely created two small arrays and summoned an illusion of a few beautiful women to surround him, and he completely stopped moving.” He paused. “The array I used is called Red Sleeve Killer. ‘Red sleeves add fragrance,’ having beauties by your side is blissful, but they give you a fatal blow when you are most off guard…”

Meng Qi’s heart tightened. She subconsciously asked: “Then?”

“Don’t worry.” Ji Wujiong glanced at her lightly, seemingly guessed her worry. He added in a casual tone: “That kid had trained his sword until it becomes a sword spirit. Although the sword spirit is still very weak, it was enough to protect him. He is now intoxicated in the blissful paradise, but as long as he maintains a little sobriety and doesn’t totally drown himself in the illusion, he won’t die.”

Meng Qi felt relieved, but then she snorted. After being together for a few days, she had a little understanding of Ji Wujiong’s habit of bragging. From the way he talked, she could guess that this guy was unable to kill Pei Mufeng but deliberately spoke nonchalantly, as if he had been merciful on purpose.

“That’s because Pavilion Master Pei is a gentleman.” Meng Qi said coldly. After getting along for two days, she was no longer as scared of Ji Wujiong as she had been at the beginning. Anyway, this man at least had to wait until they left this barrier before he could take any action against her.

Ji Wujiong was very knowledgeable. Although he had a habit of being sarcastic, he could narrate so well. Listening to his stories was far more interesting than listening to the noisy fox’s endless gossip of various big figures of the Demon Realm.

“Heh—” Ji Wujiong sneered, “I don’t know if he is a gentleman or not. But compared with those hypocritical old fossils, he is indeed decent enough. Three Thousand Worlds is too messy. It needs more decent people to purify the air so it won’t be too stinky.” He paused again. “Do you want to learn Red Sleeves Killer array?”

“No.” Meng Qi refused without hesitation.

As the two talked, they followed the path by the water pool, bypassed the waterfall, and arrived at the other side of the mountain. The sound of the majestic waterfall came across a mountain, almost earth-shatteringly. The paradise-like place just now seemed to harbor no danger at all, as if it was deliberately prepared so that they could take a breather.

Meng Qi stood on the mountain as she looked into the distance. On the foot of the mountain was a small town. It was not big, only slightly larger than Qingfeng Town where Meng Qi had lived before. Watching from a bird-eye view, she could see the entirety of the town at once.

The town had a total of eight separated main streets; four verticals and four horizontals. Tall buildings lined up on both sides of the streets. From her position, Meng Qi could even see people coming and going on the streets.

Meng Qi turned her head and exchanged a glance with Ji Wujiong.

“This barrier’s array…” Ji Wujiong quickly looked at the town again, “…is indeed pretty good!” Even the usually sarcastic guy couldn’t help but murmur in appreciation.

Meng Qi nodded. Arrays were indeed capable of summoning living creatures, such as the group of beasts and insects summoned by the Four Poles Great Array. However, to conjure such a lifelike place that resembled a typical town from Three Thousand Worlds was an unimaginable feat. And such a powerful array actually existed in the barrier created tens of thousands of years ago.

“Let’s go down.” After hesitating a bit, Meng Qi began to walk down the mountain. The trail they followed led all the way to the small town. Their original position was not far away, and it didn’t take them long until they reached the town gate.

Although the town was not big, it had complete structure, including a wall and a gate. Meng Qi and Ji Wujiong came closer and looked up at the tall wall. There were even soldiers responsible for guarding the wall. But their cultivation base was not high, and even Meng Qi could see that these soldiers were all at the second or third realm of the Foundation Establishment stage.

After measuring the soldiers’ cultivation base, Meng Qi retracted her spiritual senses into her body and suddenly stunned: “Huh?”

After regaining consciousness, Meng Qi hadn’t taken a look at her spirit sea. Looking at it now, she realized that she had already entered the seventh realm of the Foundation Establishment stage without even noticing when.

She only needed to work hard for a bit longer, and soon she would be able to use the array to break through into the Golden Core stage.

Ji Wujiong glanced at Meng Qi and said casually: “Improving one’s cultivation base is important, but without practical knowledge, it is useless.”

Meng Qi didn’t bother to pay attention. She knew that he was going to preach again about the usefulness of learning arrays.

Of course she knew how powerful arrays were. The person she admired and respected the most was an expert in this field. But that didn’t mean that she was willing to admit that Ji Wujiong was awesome, nor did she want to learn arrays from him.

Meng Qi quickly walked towards the town gate, where a middle-aged man welcomed them with a smile.

“Two guests from over the mountain, welcome. I am the mayor of this town. Please come with me.” As the mayor spoke, he gestured with his hand, signaling Meng Qi and Ji Wujiong to follow him.

Meng Qi observed the mayor for a moment. The mayor looked strong and sturdy, but she couldn’t see his cultivation base.

“Seventh realm of the Golden Core stage.” Ji Wujiong said solemnly as he glanced at Meng Qi. It seemed that this town was the tournament’s second test.


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