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THDP Ch 82 Part 3 – Master (III)

Meng Qi quickly found the section that the man told her. She scanned the content with an incredible speed before asking again: “Did you mean this Sun Slashing array?” The name sounded impressive, but it was actually a very simple array. From what Meng Qi could see, even a Qi Condensation cultivator could use this array.

“There are also Star Shooting and Moon Chasing…cough cough…” The man’s tone was still lazy as always, but his voice obviously lacked energy. He even coughed lightly at the end.

“Are you okay?” Meng Qi asked nervously.

“…I am okay.” The man coughed again.

“You…” Meng Qi was extremely worried. In her cognition, Master was so powerful that he seemed to be omnipotent. Yet, he now sounded so weak. Was he injured?

But who could possibly hurt someone as strong as him?

“Are you okay?” After a while, Meng Qi couldn’t help asking again.

“Haha.” The man chuckled. His voice was really pleasant to the ears. “It’s nothing.” After a pause, he said again: “I’m fine. No need to worry,”

“Sun Slashing, Star Shooting, Moon Chasing…these three are the most basic of killing arrays. They are simple, but very practical. They may not be very useful when facing a single enemy, but simpler arrays will produce a much better result if you face multiple enemies at once. Do you understand?” There was a manner of teaching in his words.

Meng Qi quickly fell into a thought, and suddenly realized: “Our time is limited. If we prepare complex arrays, we can arrange a few at most. The opponents have one Spirit Severing and multiple Nascent Soul cultivators. If one of them triggers the arrays and the reaction is too fast, there is a high possibility that we may not be able to trap everyone in the arrays.”

“Correct.” The man chuckled again. Although his voice sounded weaker than the last time he appeared, and he even coughed occasionally, but he seemed to be in a good mood, as his tone was very relaxed.

Warmth filled Meng Qi’s heart. This interaction really resembled that happy time in the previous life, when Master taught her various things as she listened attentively.

“I understand.” Meng Qi replied softly.

“Then do it.” The man said, “You can.”

“Yes.” Confidence suddenly surged in her heart. The phrase “You can” from this man was better than any other encouragement in the world.

After the man said that sentence, he stopped speaking. But Meng Qi had been used to it. She didn’t know what kind of method the man did to monitor her, but he always showed up whenever she needed help the most. Moreover, it seemed that the frequency of his appearance was increasing. Did it mean that they would reunite soon?

As the thought crossed her mind, Meng Qi became even more confident.

Ji Wujiong was sitting opposite Meng Qi. He couldn’t hear Meng Qi’s conversation with the man, but his eyes were not blind yet. When the girl was reading the bamboo slip, her cheeks were blushing, her smile was bright, and her eyes were full of joy. If one didn’t know, they would think she was reading a love letter from her lover.

“What makes you so happy?”

“Killing arrays..” Meng Qi coughed lightly and quickly turned the subject. “I was thinking of which killing array to use.”

“Liar!” Ji Wujiong snorted coldly.

Meng Qi raised one eyebrow. She was in a good mood, and Ji Wujiong’s usual sarcasm couldn’t affect her at all.

“Huh—” Ji Wujiong snorted again. He watched as Meng Qi took out a piece of paper and quickly drew three different arrays on it.

“Oh.” Ji Wujiong’s eyes flickered, “Sun Slashing, Moon Chasing, and Star Shooting… Are you sure? Do you want to use these three?”

“Yes!” Meng Qi nodded firmly.

“And the reason?” Ji Wujiong asked. “You ought to know. Although these three are also killing arrays, they are the simplest and weakest ones. Even cultivators in the Qi Condensation stage can use them.”

“Our time and manpower are limited.” Meng Qi stood up and walked outside the inn. “Let’s talk as we go to the mayor.”

“So?” Ji Wujiong followed and asked.

Meng Qi walked very fast: “The time we have to prepare the ambush is not much. If we use a large array, it is very likely that we can barely prepare three or four arrays at most. There are one Spirit Severing and several Nascent Soul cultivators among the opponents. If the arrays were activated too quickly and not all enemies were trapped in it, what to do then?”

“So you use small arrays?” Ji Wujiong asked. Although he was asking, there was a faint smile in his eyes. As soon as he heard the names of the arrays from Meng Qi, he instantly guessed her intention. Even so, he still had to ask for clarification to make sure that she hadn’t made a mistake.

“Yeah.” Meng Qi nodded. Her left hand hanging in the air was busy practicing to draw the three arrays she had just learned.

Ji Wujiong could see what she was doing at a glance. He was speechless, but also a bit amused. This was no longer on the level of ‘making a last-minute effort,’ there was no delay at all!

Ji Wujiong slowly breathed out. Even if he had to rob, kidnap, threaten, or lure, he would definitely get her as his disciple!


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