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THDP Ch 86 Part 3 – Win (III)

Meng Qi curled her lips and opened her mouth again: “However, I am pursuing the path of medical cultivation, and my goal is to become a ninth-rank medical cultivator. I am not interested in your sect at all!”

Ji Wujiong laughed and turned at Tengshe Sect leader. A narrow black saber in his hand and the amethyst eight trigram compass floated leisurely beside him, its purple light flashed intermittently as if showing its happiness.

“You should feel honored!” Ji Wujiong suddenly lifted his saber and jumped out. “You were the first person since the catastrophe 10,000 years ago…” As Ji Wujiong spoke, aura gushed from the tip of his saber. It moved quickly across the ground, much swifter than Meng Qi’s medical knife.

Tengshe Sect leader’s complexion finally changed: “What…what did you take just now?”

“…who will be personally defeated by an array cultivator in the peak of Spirit Severing stage and died under the attack from a rare ancient array!” Ji Wujiong arrogantly finished the last stroke.

“Meng Qi!” He called out.

Meng Qi: “…”

Seven profound-grade spirit stones popped out in her hand. Ji Wujiong’s amethyst eight trigram compass flew over and took the seven spirit stones. The compass suddenly glowed in purple light, which then flew towards the seven corners of the array. With a loud bang, purple lights soared. The next moment, countless spells and swords spewed out from them and bombarded Tengshe Sect leader.

From Ji Wujiong rushed out to draw the array, to Meng Qi throwing out the spirit stones, to the eight trigram compass absorbing the spirit stones’ spiritual aura and activating the array…all happened in just a blink of an eye.

Bombarded by an endless barrage of attacks, the face of Tengshe sect leader turned white. There were too many purple lights, and the disciples hiding behind their sect leader were also shrouded in them. Without even a chance to scream, the disciples were attacked by countless spells and swords and instantly fell to the ground.

“Aaaaaah!” Tengshe Sect leader suddenly burst out with an angry shout. A green mist came out from his body, and the green phosphorous snake shook, attacking the dense spells and swords conjured by the array.

The green mist rushed out all over him, and the green phosphorus snake shook, and attacked the dense array of magic arts swords.

A green light flashed, followed by a roaring sound!

But it was no match with the purple lights. Ji Wujiong sneered coldly and lifted his narrow black saber. With the movement of his hand, he quickly finished the second array on the ground.

“Meng Qi.” He raised his hand and called.

Meng Qi: “…”

Meng Qi snapped her fingers, and three profound-grade spirit stones flew into the air. Ji Wujiong’s amethyst eight trigram compass flew over, quickly absorbed the three spirit stones, and then released another light towards the second array.

A huge longbow suddenly appeared on the array. Three long purple arrows were buckled on its bowstring. With a swishing sound, the longbow released the arrows.

Three long purple arrows shot toward the Tengshe Sect leader, sharply hitting the center of the green mist.

“Aaaaah!!!” With a long scream, the green mist around the Tengshe Sect leader instantly dispersed. He, who had been all-powerful just a moment ago, snow was falling from the air in a totally embarrassing manner. Before his body even hit the ground, more spells rushed up, blasting him into a ray of white light.

The mighty leader of the Tengshe Sect was defeated, and victory was in their hands!

Meng Qi took a deep breath and looked at the valley’s entrance gradually quieted down.

Not only her, but even the Fengyu Town’s cultivators who came for their aid also saw the scene before their eyes in disbelief.

Is it…over?

They subconsciously turned their head to look at Ji Wujiong, then turned to look at Meng Qi, who was still standing silently inside Ji Wujiong’s protection array. As a Foundation Establishment cultivator, the girl is supposed to be weak. However….

None of them here thought that she looked weak. This girl, she was interesting. She had a very clear understanding of her own cultivation base, and had never done anything that hindered them. She obediently stayed inside the array and let them protect her behind. Truly…well-behaved!

Similar thoughts flashed in their minds. She was still in the Foundation Establishment stage, yet already broke through the fourth rank of medical cultivation, which was almost unheard of. It was said that the daughter of the Xue Clan’s main family, Miss Xue, who was famous for being extremely talented in medical cultivation, had only reached the fourth rank when she was at the fourth realm of Golden Core stage.

The surviving Fengyu Town’s cultivators were not in a hurry to take their leave. They all looked at Meng Qi, with countless thoughts flashing in their minds: No wonder this year Grand Tournament only had two people come in. Were they the talented disciples carefully cultivated by the Medical Society Alliance?

There was no surname Meng among the direct lines of four great clans. This girl surnamed Meng should not be the direct descendant; was she a talented disciple specially recruited by Feng Alliance? Or did she come from another large sect? Then again, who was this black-robed cultivator named Ji Wujiong? He looked very young. Both he and Meng Qi didn’t look like typical medical cultivators, especially their means of attacking. Weren’t arrays supposed to be used to refine artifacts and weapons?

What was the Cangmingsan Pill Meng Qi gave Ji Wujiong, that enabled him to easily turn the tide against Tengshe Sect leader? He became so powerful in such a short time!

The eyes of the five Nascent Soul sword cultivators were even more intrigued. The sword array they used had been passed down in their sect from tens of thousands of years ago. It was the most powerful sword technique in their sect that could be used both for offense and defense, very powerful. By having five people, they could even defeat enemies several times their number.

Naturally, the sword array was regarded as their sect’s secret legacy that couldn’t be passed on easily, even to fellow sect members. This sword array would only be awarded once they became either an elder or a personal disciple of the sect leader. Because their sect had been immersed in this sword array for a long time, they knew more about arrays than any typical sect, and the endless arrays performed by Meng Qi and Ji Wujiong had rendered them speechless.

“Uh…” A Fengyu Town cultivator said in a low voice: “We are leaving.”


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