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THDP Ch 86 Part 4 – Win (IV)

“Uh…” A Fengyu Town cultivator said in a low voice: “We are leaving.”

Meng Qi raised her head and looked at the dozen or so cultivators who were still alive. She smiled at them, showing two small dimples on her cheeks. Meng Qi knew that these cultivators were the same as Fengyu Town’s mayor and residents. They were just illusions created by the ancient powerhouse to test the younger generations who entered Grand Tournament barrier, but she still bowed her head to them and said politely: “Thank you for your help today.”

The cultivators looked at Meng Qi with complicated expressions. But since the second test was over, they should leave. Soon, they turned into white smoke and dissipated in the air one by one.

Outside the valley, only Meng Qi and Ji Wujiong were left. It was very tranquil. The boundless night sky shrouded the surrounding green mountains, making their tall peaks looked even more mysterious under the moonlight. Cultivators were not affected by day and night, and they could see clearly even in the dark. But now that the battle was over, the gentle darkness provided by the night gradually made Meng Qi aware of her tiredness.

Meng Qi exhaled softly and raised her eyes towards Wujiong. Next to the black-robed young man, the amethyst eight trigram compass was still floating, shaking itself up and down like a naughty child.

Ji Wujiong held out his hand and plunged his saber into the ground. He had always been proud and arrogant and never allowed others to see his sorry state. He turned his gaze towards Meng Qi. Under the quiet night sky, the girl in the blue robe was standing still and calmly. Seeing her pure and beautiful face, it was really hard to imagine that she was actually such a decisive person.

“You…” Ji Wujiong had just opened his mouth when his body suddenly felt weak, and he fell to the ground.

“Are you okay?” Meng Qi quickly walked towards him.

Ji Wujiong’s eyes were closed. He lay quietly on the grass, already fainted.

Meng Qi hesitated for a moment before she reached out her hand and activated a spell. When her fingertips were about to touch Ji Wujiong’s forehead, a slender and cold hand suddenly held her wrist tightly.

“I’m okay.” Ji Wujiong’s eyes were still closed, and his voice was slightly hoarse: “Cangmingsan’s side effect is a bit too overwhelming.”

“Yeah.” Meng Qi responded. Ji Wujiong let go of her wrist. “Is your spiritual sea damaged?” She asked.

Ji Wujiong: “…why do you ask this?”

“Cangmingsan Pill is extremely potent, which slightly damages spiritual sea. After taking it, ordinary cultivators won’t be able to use spiritual aura for three days because the spiritual sea needs time to heal. But if your spiritual sea has already been damaged, it has no side effect.” Meng Qi answered.

“Hmph—” Ji Wujiong snorted softly.

Meng Qi gently massaged the wrist Ji Wujiong gripped just now. He used too much strength, which made her wrist a bit painful. She continued: “Anyway, although I am just a Foundation Establishment cultivator, I am still able to handle an ordinary person who cannot use aura.”

Ji Wujiong snorted again. Since he didn’t want to say, Meng Qi also didn’t ask. Everyone had their own secrets, and she had never been the kind of person who liked to dig other people’s bottom line.

Meng Qi hugged her knees and sat next to Ji Wujiong. She had just experienced such a fierce battle, and was now not in the mood to do anything else.

Ji Wujiong was still lying on the grass with his eyes closed. After a moment of silence, he asked casually: “How did you refine a Cangmingsan Pill that even I can take?”

Meng Qi was right. His spiritual sea had already been full of damages and cracks, and the side effect of Cangmingsan Pill hardly gave any difference. But he now had no energy after overdrawing his spiritual aura, so he simply lay down on the ground, too lazy to move even a bit.

Ji Wujiong waited for a moment, but Meng Qi’s answer never came. He opened his eyes and took a look, only to see the girl had already lying on the grass with closed eyes. Her long eyelashes drooped, and her breath was slow and steady.

——She actually fell asleep.

Ji Wujiong’s lips curled up slightly, and his gaze turned from Meng Qi to the sky. The night sky was deep and full of scattered starlights, no different from Three Thousand Worlds. Ji Wujiong didn’t remember how many years had he not fought side by side with another person. In retrospect, this feeling was indeed not bad. As a teammate, Meng Qi was not annoying at all. She knew when to retreat and hold back, and was quite reliable when she had to. Reliable, well-behaved, and sensible. Most importantly, her talent in arrays was so high, the most remarkable talent Ji Wujiong had ever seen in his life.

However, it seemed that her medical talent was also quite high. Even Tengshe Sect leader, who had a passion for talents, wanted to recruit her as a personal disciple…

No problem! He would definitely take Meng Qi under his tutelage. In the future, such a sensible, obedient, and highly talented little disciple would be his. How nice!

Ji Wujiong closed his eyes again, and his narrow black saber suddenly bounced from the ground. The saber leaped into the air. Black thread fell from the saber, enveloping both Ji Wujiong and Meng Qi.


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  1. Waittt I hope that black thread was just like.. a protective barrier and not like.. a binding spell or something
    Many thanks

  2. Now give the same situation to JWJ and that white lotus whose name has completely left my brain and see how “obedient and sensible” she is during battle. 😂

  3. Ngl this was kinda a romantic setting lol so far he’s a more interesting character than master…my condolences in advance if he ever falls for her though, she only got eyes for master

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