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THDP Ch 87 Part 1 – Great Reward and Danger (I)

When Meng Qi woke up, the sky was already bright. Strands of black threads hang down in the air, sheltering her from the sun. Meng Qi looked up and saw Ji Wujiong’s black saber floating in front of her eyes. Under the bright sunlight, the saber looked old and dull, no longer so mysterious. Meng Qi’s eyes silently fixed on the weird patterns on the saber’s handle for a while before she slowly returned to her senses. Yesterday, they killed Tengshe sect leader and his men, successfully saving Fengyu Town from the danger of total destruction. They also saved the lives of the ordinary people living in Fengyu Town…

So, did it mean they had completed the mission? Meng Qi sat up, wondering.

Ji Wujiong’s black saber seemed to have consciousness. As Meng Qi got up, it jumped aside. Floating lightly in the air, the saber leaned its handle towards Meng Qi. Rather than a weapon, it was a bit like a little spirit beast who wanted to please its owner and asked to be touched.

Meng Qi was amused by her own thoughts and subconsciously smiled. She reached out her hand and lightly prodded the saber’s handle. It was icy cold. Just a light contact with fingertips was enough to send a blast of chill into her bones.

“You woke up?” Ji Wujiong’s voice came from behind.

Meng Qi turned her head and saw the black-robed young man sitting lazily on the grass. Although he didn’t sit cross-legged, she could see that he was in the middle of cultivating. Both of his hands faced upwards, and strands of black misty aura slowly rose from his palms.

Meng Qi’s eyes fell on Ji Wujiong’s face. She didn’t know whether it was just her feeling or an impression made by the bright sunlight, but the hideous black scars on the his face seemed to look lighter than before. “Are you okay?” Meng Qi asked as she stood up. Cangmingsan Pill was very potent. Ji Wujiong looked okay now, but she couldn’t tell whether he was feeling better after a night.

The black-robed young man raised his eyes and said, “I’m okay.” After a pause, he said again: “Did someone from Canglang give you that Cangmingsan formula?”

Meng Qi did not reply.

“I’ve heard the name of Cangmingsan Pill and also heard that a medical sect located near the sea in Southern Realm is very skilled in refining this pill, which can forcibly raise someone’s cultivation base to the peak in a short duration.” Ji Wujiong continued. “Unexpectedly, you can refine it.”

Meng Qi lightly stretched her body, refusing to talk about Canglang Academy with Ji Wujiong.

“You have reached the fourth rank of medical cultivation?”

“Yes.” There was nothing to hide about, so Meng Qi nodded.

“How high is your current cultivation base? The fifth realm of Foundation Establishment stage?” Ji Wujiong glanced at Meng Qi. “Yet your medical cultivation has reached the fourth rank? Tsk…that Xue clan from Feng Alliance is very skillful at boasting. That little girl from their family was praised to heaven, saying that she is a medical genius who hardly appears once in centuries. They are really proud of her for entering the fourth rank of medical cultivation soon after reaching the Golden Core stage. Tsk, tsk, tsk…I really want to take you to Xue clan for a walk and let those old people’s faces turn blue. Hahahaha!”

Meng Qi: “…”

She ignored Ji Wujiong and walked towards the small bronze cauldron that was broken after being used to refine Cangmingsan Pill yesterday. This cauldron wasn’t expensive nor rare, but had accompanied her for a long time. Meng Qi bent down and gently stroked the broken fragments on the ground. After being left out for one night, the surface of the fragments was a bit damp.

Ji Wujiong, still sat in the same place, turned at her: “It’s just an ordinary cauldron. No need to feel distressed. After we leave this place, I will find a few good cauldrons so you can choose as you like.”

Meng Qi raised her eyebrows slightly. Having just solved a difficult problem, she was in a good mood, especially because she had also advanced to the fourth rank of medical cultivation. Therefore, Meng Qi had a rare mood to joke with Ji Wujiong: “After leaving here, not only you do have to return my spirit stones, you also promise to give me a cauldron…how do I feel that you get no benefit by entering this Grand Tournament barrier? Instead, you owe a huge debt. I feel bad for you.”

“Humph.” Ji Wujiong snorted, “If you really feel bad, then come here and acknowledge me as your master.”

Meng Qi lazily turned her eyes away. She had clearly stated her attitude and didn’t like to be entangled in this matter anymore. However, after fighting side by side, she had developed some kind of camaraderie with Ji Wujiong and was unwilling to treat him coldly like before.

After a moment of silence, Ji Wujiong suddenly asked: “Can you refine Cangmingsan Pill again?”

Seeing him taking the initiative to change the topic, Meng Qi naturally didn’t mention it again. She answered: “Without a medicine cauldron, no.” Shaking her head, she added, “I’ve also used up the ingredients.” There was another thing that made her curious: “Cangmingsan Pill forcibly expanded a cultivator’s spiritual sea, which causes cracks that drain the flow of spiritual aura. After using Cangmingsan Pill, ordinary cultivators cannot use spiritual aura for three days. Why do you seem okay?”

“Come here.” Ji Wujiong suddenly grinned and reached out a hand. As soon as he closed his palms, all the black mist in his palms was absorbed into his body.

Meng Qi quickly walked over, full of curiosity. Yesterday, she wanted to check on Ji Wujiong’s injury when she thought he had fainted, but the man’s rejection was very obvious. Unexpectedly, today he generously let her check. Meng Qi reached out her hand and lightly placed it on Ji Wujiong’s wrists. The light of a medical spell gleamed on her fingertips as she sent a wave of spiritual aura into Ji Wujiong’s body.

“Ah!” As if she had been bitten by something, Meng Qi suddenly retracted her hand and exclaimed. Once her aura penetrated the body, Ji Wujiong’s aura suddenly countered and bounced her back. However, in such a short time, Meng Qi managed to feel the surging and overwhelming aura in the man’s body. Not only that, she had also taken a glimpse of a badly damaged spiritual sea riddled with countless holes, as if it had gone through thousands of years of tribulation.

——She had never seen a spiritual sea shattered so badly.


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