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DDDV Ch 37 Part 2 – Who Taught You to be So Daring? (II)

Lu Yaoyao felt that she was the most pitiful cub, and tears began to fall from her eyes. “Do you have another cub, so you now dislike me?”

“What makes you think so? Who told you this messy nonsense?” Lu Qingyu was furious. If he caught out whoever dared to talk nonsense in front of his daughter, he would make them regret being born in this world!

Yao Jiuxiao also frowned.

“No one told me, but I know!” Lu Yaoyao bawled. “You two dislike me!”

Lu Yaoyao remembered clearly all the things Father and Daddy did in recent days, and now she was settling the accounts one by one. Her rhetoric was clear and organized, and each word she used supported her cause.

After finishing her condemnation, she angrily said: “You two are just like Xiaoqi’s dad and mom! You dislike your cub for disturbing your world of two people!”

Lu Qingyu: “……”

Yao Jiuxiao: “……”

They absolutely never expected the child to harbor such a big misunderstanding. Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao turned their gaze, making no secret of their dislike toward each other.

Lu Yaoyao was extremely heartbroken. Not only Father and Daddy no longer loved her, they even punished her now. She sat down sadly on the floor, like a weak, pitiful, and helpless little dumpling.

At this moment, neither Lu Qingyu nor Yao Jiuxiao still had a mind on punishing the child. Yao Jiuxiao stepped forward and picked up the dejected little dumpling.

“Father never dislikes you.”

“Really?” Lu Yaoyao hugged her father, sobbing and hiccuping. She asked in expectation: “Does Father love me the most?”

“Yes, Father loves Yaoyao the most.” Yao Jiuxiao had never been so frank before. After speaking, his ears reddened, but his tone was very sincere.

Lu Yaoyao smiled. She squinted her eyes and turned at Lu Qingyu: “What about Daddy?”

Lu Qingyu poked Lu Yaoyao’s forehead, “Daddy loves you the most.”

Lu Yaoyao was extremely happy. She exclaimed cutely: “I also love Father and Daddy the most!”

Lu Yaoyao had been out for a day and experienced many thrills. Now, leaning in Yao Jiuxiao’s arms, she began to doze off. Before falling asleep, she reached out to hold Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao’s hands, then closed her eyes in content.

The little girl was sleeping peacefully, her cheeks blushed. Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao were guarding by her sides. These few days, Yao Jiuxiao was rushing to finish the small wooden sword for Yaoyao’s birthday. Because it took a lot of time to engrave the defensive and offensive arrays on the sword, he was in a hurry. The child’s birthday was approaching. Yao Jiuxiao was worried that he might not be able to make it in time and inadvertently neglected his daughter as a result. Unexpectedly, the child was so sensitive.

Lu Qingyu was also a bit remorseful. Seeing Yao Jiuxiao personally made a gift, he was unwilling to be behind, so he also began to make a magic weapon for Yaoyao. As a result, he didn’t pay enough attention to her. Lu Qingyu’s emotion at this time was complicated. On the one hand, he was very content with the child’s reliance on her Daddy, and on the other hand, he also felt guilty for neglecting her.

Lu Yaoyao slept very soundly that night. When she woke up the next day, she opened her eyes to find her Father and Daddy by her side. She was extremely happy. After a while, she went to act like a baby with Father, and then went to stick with Daddy after seeing him got jealous again.

Both her fathers seemed to have reflected, and now resumed their previous attitude. No, now they were even more attentive to her.

Lu Yaoyao was no longer in a hurry to find her friends. She stayed with her Father and her Daddy, running between both sides from time to time, very excited.

What made her even happier was yet to come.

Both Father and Daddy took out a small toy and gave them to her.

Then Lu Yaoyao learned that today was her birthday!

She jumped with excitement.

“This is a birthday gift from Father.” Yao Jiuxiao was holding a small wooden sword in his hand. The body of the plain-looking sword was carved with complicated lines and stripes. It was small and carefully polished, a sword tailor-made for Lu Yaoyao.

Although the sword wasn’t shiny, nor was it brightly colored, Lu Yaoyao fell in love at first glance.

“Thank you, Father!”

Next, Lu Qingyu took out a small and brightly colored whip. “This is a birthday gift from Daddy.”

“Do you like it?”

Lu Yaoyao replied happily: “Like!”

Lu Yaoyao’s face flushed with excitement. Especially when she learned that her birthday gifts were done by Father and Daddy themselves. The reason why they ignored her during this period was that they were busy making gifts for her. Lu Yaoyao suddenly felt ashamed. She had misunderstood Father and Daddy. She felt that she had been really ignorant before, not a caring little baby.

Lu Yaoyao hugged her Father, then hugged her Daddy. After showering them with wet kisses, she lovingly held the whip in her left hand and the wooden sword in her right hand.

Seeing this, Lu Qingyu suddenly asked, “Which gifts do you like more?”

Lu Yaoyao blinked and replied in a sweet voice: “I like both the same.”

Lu Qingyu chuckled lightly. Forget it. Since today was the kid’s birthday, he wouldn’t pressure her.

Yao Jiuxiao touched the area between Lu Yaoyao’s brows with his index and middle fingers. His cold and majestic yet gentle voice recited a blessing for the birthday girl. In the end, he said: “May my child’s path be smooth and safe, and may she be happy and worry-free for the rest of her life.”

Lu Yaoyao smiled brightly at Yao Jiuxiao. Her big and round eyes bent into crescents.

Lu Yaoyao’s first birthday was not as lively as Xiaoqi’s birthday. It was simple, only accompanied by her Father and Daddy, but Lu Yaoyao was very happy. She also found that the two now were more tolerant of her, so she became more lively.

Both Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao gave Lu Yaoyao a miniature version of their weapon of choice, but they let her play with them as toys and didn’t immediately demand the child to start practicing. After all, Yaoyao was still young, and the two venerables decided to wait until she grew up a bit before starting her education.

Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao didn’t bring up the topic about what weapon the child should learn, but the atmosphere between them had grown tenser once again.

On the contrary, Lu Yaoyao happily played with her new toys. She jabbed blindly with her wooden sword and used the whip as a knotting rope. Suddenly, she saw her Father practicing swordsmanship by the lake as usual. Her eyes immediately sparkled, and she rushed over with the small wooden sword in her hand.

She also wanted to become as powerful as Father and Daddy!

Yao Jiuxiao saw Lu Yaoyao running over. He put back the sword and asked, “Want to learn?”

Lu Yaoyao’s mind was full of Father’s outstanding and awesome figure when practicing swordsmanship. She quickly nodded like a chicken pecking on the rice and replied loudly: “Want!”

Upon hearing her answer, Yao Jiuxiao’s expression softened.


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