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THDP Ch 92 Part 1 – Lin Yan (I)

“Ah!” Another cry sounded in Apricot Forest.

“Is she out of aura?”

“It should be so! What should she do now?”

“Why is that person still not awake?!”

“Did the previous Grand Tournaments have dead casualties?”

“…It seems to be so.”

“Meng Qiqi!” Sikong Xing jumped up in panic.

“Stop!” When Sikong Xing was about to rush into the sky, Su Junmo grabbed her arm and said with a stern face, “It’s useless. You can’t break in!”

“But! But…” Sikong Xing stomped her feet, trying to break free from Su Junmo’s grip. “Are we just going to keep watching without doing anything?!”

Sikong Xing looked up at the sky in panic. She saw the gigantic black wave of devil aura had risen, ready to hit the cliff at any moment. Just looking through the mirror, the momentum was already overwhelming. Not to mention Meng Qi and Ji Wujiong, even the cliff they were at would get swallowed in an instant.

Su Junmo also looked up at the sky. His expression was grave.

His lips moved slightly. The Lord…shouldn’t just stand idly by, right?

Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo, who stood behind Su Junmo and Sikong Xing, changed their expression drastically. The two looked at each other, never expecting the situation to develop to such a degree. They hadn’t done anything so far because Su Junmo told them that this was the test from the Grand Tournament barrier. If Meng Qi could pass, her gain would be tremendous. Both Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo believed in Su Junmo’s words and thus waited anxiously. But now, they could no longer wait and see.

“Wait?! Wait your fart!” Chu Tianfeng was anxious and couldn’t mind his language. “I’m not waiting any longer!”

With a poof, Chu Tianfeng’s natal magic weapon appeared. The red lotus bloomed, turned into twelve lotuses, and then shot towards the sky.

Next to Chu Tianfeng, Qin Xiumo also summoned his natal long sword. The sword gleamed coldly as it pointed its sharp tip towards the sky. The next moment, the sword dashed into the air, leaving a cold afterimage behind.

Sikong Xing shook Su Junmo’s hand away. The people in the Apricot Forest saw that the girl in red suddenly jumped out and raised her hands high. The next moment, black water suddenly poured out of her hand and rushed towards the sky.

“You…ah!” Su Junmo stomped his feet, “Whatever!” After muttering to himself, Su Junmo jumped towards the sky and flicked his fingers seven times. Seven small silver stars suddenly appeared in the air. As the stars flickered, they rushed upwards like lightning.

Pei Mufeng slowly closed his eyes. Stretching a hand into the air, a long slender sword suddenly appeared out of nowhere and fell firmly in his hand. It was the natal sword of Xingluo Pavilion Master, rumored to produce a sword light so brilliant that it dimmed even the starlight.

The youngest Pavilion Master in Xingluo Pavilion history jumped up and rushed towards Meng Qi’s direction. At the same time, he gripped the sword’s hilt with his two hands and slashed horizontally.

Like lightning, the sword light pierced through the air with great momentum, as if to split the sky in half.

Xue Cheng’s deep gaze stared at the sword light, then slowly to Pei Mufeng. At such a young age, he had actually cultivated a sword spirit. With such a terrifying talent, in the next few hundred years, no one in the Three Thousand Worlds wouldn’t know his name.

Xue Jinwen glanced at her brother for one last time. Her hand was gripping a small medical knife. With a quick jump, her slender figure rushed up to the sky. As a medical cultivator, Xue Jinwen’s attack power was small, far inferior to the people around her. Xue Jinwen herself also knew that they might be doing it for nothing. In Xue clan’s eyes, their effort was no different than a mantis trying to break a chariot, and just a waste of spiritual aura and energy. But at this moment, Xue Jinwen had made up her mind. She wanted to follow her heart and do everything she could, even just for once.

Everything happened in an instant. The next moment, the sky above the Apricot Forest was full of various attacks. Light and shadow from spells and swords intertwined, blinding the eyes of spectators below.

On the cliff overlooking the sea of devil aura, Meng Qi put her right hand on the ground, protecting Ji Wujiong’s body below hers. She quickly took out a few Beiming pills with her left hand, threw them into her mouth, and swallowed in one hasty gulp.

As soon as the pills entered her stomach, strands of spiritual aura began to rise in her empty spiritual sea. Meng Qi kept her eyes open as she concentrated on dissolving the medicinal power of Beiming pills. From behind, she could hear the loud noise of the huge wave slammed into the sky, as well as the roar of the devil aura. At this time, she didn’t care about anything else. Her free left hand firmly pinched Ji Wujiong’s intact left face: “Ji Wujiong! Ji Wujiong!”

Meng Qi yelled loudly: “Ji Wujiong! Ji Wujiong, wake up!”

“Ji Wujiong!” Meng Qi gritted her teeth and pinched Ji Wujiong’s face harder. The young man’s handsome face was deformed under her increasingly stronger pinch.

“Ji Wujiong! If you don’t wake up, we are going to die!” Meng Qi yelled again, as if her loud voice could wake him up.

Everyone in the Apricot Forest was watching with thrilling trepidation. Even so, Meng Qi’s action made them somewhat feel funny.

Behind her, the gigantic wave almost emptied the entire sea of devil aura. The wave was rising higher and higher, about to reach the border of the sky. It then tilted forward and slowly rolled towards the cliff where Meng Qi and Ji Wujiong were.

“Ji Wujiong!” Meng Qi took a deep breath and shouted as loud as she could: “Wake up! You still owe me a lot of spirit stones! Ji…”

“I hear you…” A lazy voice suddenly rang, interrupting Meng Qi’s frantic call. The man, whose eyes were tightly shut just now and whose face was still as pale as a ghost, opened his eyes suddenly. Despite that, his gaze was amazingly sharp, and his eyes quickly swept Meng Qi’s face.

“Get out of the way!” Ji Wujiong propped his left hand on the ground and quickly got up.


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  1. Aahh is he someone who she hasn’t saved in her past life? Someone new to her harem? Hmm? Someone who knows of her good qualities without having to live again?? HMMMM?
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  2. Still as rough as ever lol…debt collectors could rouse even the dead from their graves, what more just a patient in comatose

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