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THDP Ch 91 Part 4 – Xue Jinwen’s Choice (IV)

Boom! With another loud noise, both the barrier and the cliff it protected were shaken once again.

“Meng Qi, go back!

“Meng Qi! Can you hear me? My sect has a life-saving defensive spell. I will pass it to you now.” Someone suddenly said.

“My sect has one too!”

“Mine too!”

“Stop talking at once; Meng Qi can’t hear who is saying what! Let’s pick one spell that is the most powerful and easiest to learn, and then pass it to Meng Qi!”

“Alright, let’s do it. My sect’s defense spell is sixth realm.”

“Mine is fifth realm, but even at first realm it can cast an impenetrable armor made of the caster’s aura.”

“Mine is seventh realm, but it’s super short and easy to learn!”

It was difficult for medical cultivators to train themselves in weaponry or attack methods, and they also rarely chose offensive weapons as their natal magic weapons. Therefore, their offensive power was generally very weak. However, after experiencing many tragic catastrophes over the past tens of thousands of years, many medical sects poured some effort into developing powerful defensive spells to protect their disciples.

The medical cultivators who wanted to help Meng Qi quickly gathered together to discuss. They couldn’t know for sure whether Meng Qi could hear their voice or not, so in the end, they chose to pass her the seventh-realm defensive spell that was the shortest and easiest to learn. The cultivator who proposed to use the spell quickly stood up and immediately began to chant loudly into the sky.

It was a spell developed exclusively by his sect and not something to be shared with outsiders. Moreover, with him chanting it so loudly, there was definitely no guarantee that no one around would learn it stealthily.

But he obviously didn’t care about that.

“Meng Qi, you must return alive. Even if you have only a little chance, you must protect your life!”

“Yes! Please come out alive! As long as you can come out alive, I will use the power of my entire sect to save you!”

“If you come out alive, even if your muscles and bones are all broken, as long as a strand of your spiritual consciousness is still there, we will definitely save you!”

Xue Chengxuan clenched his hands hard and then opened them again. He turned his gaze to the direction where his sister had left. Xue Jinwen was staring worriedly at the sky, never looking back at him even once. Despite that they only knew each other just a moment ago, she and Sikong Xing seemed to click well. The two girls, both dressed in bright red, stood hand in hand as they looked in the same direction.

Xue Chengxuan took a deep breath and turned his eyes again, this time at the twelve peaks. There stood the most powerful people of this era’s medical world. However, the whole mountain peaks were very silent, and no one seemed to be speaking. In fact, Xue Chengxuan also knew that the leaders of those large sects were not as indifferent as they seemed to be.

There were so many young cultivators clamoring to teach Meng Qi their sect’s secret spells, telling her to not give up and promising that they would do everything they could to save her. Not all of them were nameless nobody. Even if he didn’t know their names, Xue Chengxuan recognized some faces. Their elders were now standing on the twelve peaks. The disciples could be so bold because they were sure that their elders didn’t oppose their actions.


Xue Chengxuan shook his hands heavily. Should he…


Another loud shout. Smashed by a gigantic wave that seemed to cover the sky, the already tattered barrier could no longer hold on and shattered into pieces. Now, Meng Qi and Ji Wujiong were completely exposed to the devil aura. Meng Qi’s expression changed slightly. A few drops of cold black seawater fell onto her face, chill enough to make her shiver to the bone.

Just a little bit…

The sea of devil aura seemed to have exhausted its strength with the last attack. It was quiet now. But the black aura slowly surged on the sea surface, as if brewing a more terrifying and fatal attack.

“Young Daoist…” The woman who had been silent for a long time suddenly called again. She sighed: “You have done well enough. This is your last chance. If you don’t leave now, even a great healer of the Profound realm wouldn’t be able to save you.”

Meng Qi stayed silent. Her hands were still glowing with the light from the Beiming Spell. The situation was very dangerous: not only was she running out of time, but she was also running out of aura.

“Young Daoist, you have done your best. Leave him here.” The woman said softly: “He won’t blame you.”

Meng Qi simply closed her eyes and focused. The light flashed, and the last trace of her spiritual aura entered Ji Wujiong’s body.

Outside the cliff, the sea of devil aura surged again. A huge wave that was more terrifying than the previous one slowly rose up, as if a black wall hundred of meters of height was being erected on the sea.

Meng Qi could hear the frightening noise clearly.


Just a little bit!

The huge wave began to move towards the cliff, smashing down crazily. In front of such a gigantic wave, let alone Meng Qi, even the cliff she was at looked extremely small in comparison.

The last aura in Meng Qi’s hand turned into Beiming Spell and completely entered Ji Wujiong’s body.

She sighed in relief.

Hearing the loud noise behind her, Meng Qi turned her head, only to see such a frightening scene!

She quickly turned aside. Almost by instinct, she leaned in and covered Ji Wujiong’s body with hers.


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  1. > The two girls, both dressed in bright red, stood hand in hand as they looked in the same direction.

    Ahhhhhhhh GL ship???? They’d be adorable together, the two seemingly domineering big sisters who actually have big hearts. SKX is known for saving and protecting other women so she can help XJW build her confidence, and XJW is really smart and well-educated so she can teach SKX about the world.

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