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THDP Ch 92 Part 2 – Lin Yan (II)

“Get out of the way!” Ji Wujiong propped his left hand on the ground and quickly got up. At the same time, a narrow black saber appeared on his right hand. The next moment, Ji Wujiong’s black figure galloped across the cliff, so quick as if he turned into an afterimage. He inserted the black saber in his hand into the hard surface of the cliff. The knife moved around with his figure, forming an array.

“Spirit stones!” Ji Wujiong shouted.

Meng Qi didn’t need his instruction. The moment Ji Wujiong started to move, she had already prepared a large amount of profound-grade spirit stones in her hand.

“Profound grade…spirit stone…” Disciples of large medical sects were not short of money, but they were still stunned seeing this scene.

A mere Golden Core cultivator actually took out such a big handful of profound-grade spirit stones so easily?


Following Ji Wujiong’s movements, Meng Qi quickly threw the spirit stones in her hand. Spirit stones contained aura, which fueled the array Ji Wujiong drew. The amount of aura spirit stones had was determined by their grade and was reflected in their appearances. First-grade spirit stones didn’t have much aura, and they barely glimmered. At sixth or seventh grade, they could be considered bright, and a few of them could illuminate the dark night.

As for profound-grade spirit stones, they shone brilliantly.

The array had not yet been activated, but the entire cliff had been shining dazzlingly.

Ji Wujiong stopped and stood firmly beside Meng Qi.

“Should we…” Meng Qi was about to ask whether they should move to a safer location while the array fought with the huge wave.

“Don’t be afraid.” As if guessing what Meng Qi wanted to say, Ji Wujiong said to her. Despite having been unconscious until a moment ago, it seemed that he had fully regained his usual arrogant self: “Just stay here.”

Ji Wujiong raised his right hand and pointed his saber at the black wave: “If it touches even a single hair of yours, I will chop its head and make its skull into a wine cup!”

Meng Qi: “…”

Even the wave seemed to be irritated by Ji Wujiong’s arrogant words. With a loud ‘bang!’, the wave suddenly poured down. Everything seemed to be totally silent for a split second, and then a bright light suddenly burst on the cliff, followed by countless others.

The giant wave, which looked so terrifying, was abruptly stopped midair by the lights. But it was not over yet. In the middle of the white lights, a small red light began to ooze out. The red light gradually got bigger and slowly formed a figure. First, it was a pair of fiery red wings, then a slender neck, and a small head…

Amidst the roar of devil aura, a beautiful bird song resounded throughout the valley.

The flaming red phoenix fluttered its wings and flew off from the cliff.

Ji Wujiong seemed to be in a good mood. He snapped his fingers pleasantly. The phoenix let out a long cry. It spread out its huge wings to cover the sky, looking even more majestic than the huge black wave.

In reaction, the wave seemed to cower in fright.

“Go!” Ji Wujiong pointed his saber forward and ordered.

The phoenix followed the order and quickly swooped forward.

Wherever the red light passed, the previously menacing black devil aura instantly turned into small particles and disappeared.

Meng Qi: “…”

Ji Wujiong swung his saber lightly. His body leaped, and the next moment, he also rushed towards the huge black wave. He moved extremely fast, and he had returned to Meng Qi’s side again in a blink of an eye.

Behind him, the wave of devil aura had been torn into pieces, leaving only small bits here and there.

“Here you are.” Ji Wujiong threw something at Meng Qi.

“My knife.” Meng Qi quickly caught it. She dearly held the knife and played with it for a while. The knife was not only undamaged, but also looked brighter than before.

“Huh?” Meng Qi waved the knife, “It seems that its rank has upgraded.”

“You’re lucky.” Ji Wujiong snorted and returned the saber into his body. He then turned to look at the devil aura that was almost completely dissipated.

Under the sky, the phoenix soared in a circle, fluttering the bright red feathers on its body. It suddenly turned around, flew towards Ji Wujiong, and then slowly lowered its head in reverence.

Meng Qi’s attention was on the knife she had just recovered, and she missed this scene.

Many people in the Apricot Forest saw it. However, they were already shocked by the drastic counterattack, and missed the significance of a phoenix bowing its head.

What a terrifying combat power!

Such a powerful fighting style that was unheard of…who was this Ji Wujiong?!

“It’s the royal clans…” Su Junmo and Sikong Xing, who returned to the ground after seeing Meng Qi escape the danger, watched the scene in utter shock.

The two exchanged a glance and saw the same confirmation in each other’s eyes—

That phoenix, which each strand of its feathers was the incarnation of the flame itself, and which every single part of its body was a heavenly treasure sought after desperately by countless cultivators—

It was one of the four royal clans of the demon realm, the celestial demon phoenix clan!

So, who exactly was this Ji Wujiong?

Su Junmo suddenly felt a chill from all over his body.

No! He must report this matter to the Lord as soon as possible!


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  1. Since everyone heard what the Dao said to her, don’t they now know that she has the refining method? The one everyone would kill to get?

  2. Wait… tiger vs pheonix…. does that mean JWJ really is the true 2nd ML?! Or is he just meant to be the parallel to YQY (since MQ is trying to make YQY into her master but he actually wants to be her husband, while JWJ is trying to be MQ’s master but she doesn’t want to/is only willing to be his partner/friend)?

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