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THDP Ch 95 Part 4 – Kindred Spirits (IV)

Xue Jinwen took a deep breath, but couldn’t help but ask: “Are you sure those are spirit points?”

“Yeah.” Meng Qi nodded affirmatively.

Xue Jinwen felt dizzy again. It seemed that Beyond The Heaven, which was a mysterious and powerful place in the eyes of all cultivators of Three Thousand Worlds, was just like a playground for Meng Qi!

“Fellow Daoists.” At this moment, the pharmacy staff walked over with two small brocade bags. He respectfully offered the two bags to Meng Qi: “I apologize for the long wait. The medicinal ingredients you ordered are ready. Please confirm the items.”

“Thank you.” Meng Qi sent a ray of spiritual aura into the two brocade bags. “…So much?!” She was shocked.

“Our Cloud Immortal Pavilion never deceives customers and always maintains a fair trade.” The staff straightened his back proudly. “The amount of medicinal ingredients Fellow Daoist ordered is relatively large, so we added a small discount.”

“Thank you for your help.” Meng Qi put the two brocade bags into her storage space and walked out of the store with Xue Jinwen.

“You gave him ninth-grade spirit stones.” When the two left the Cloud Immortal Pavilion, Xue Jinwen reminded, “Did you forget?”

“I have been accustomed to using them these past few weeks.” Meng Qi was in a daze. More than two months ago, she was still a small Qi Condensation cultivator who had to work hard little by little to earn twenty eighth-grade spirit stones for a strand of jackdaw grass. Now, she had transformed into a Golden Core cultivator who wasn’t even aware of the buying power of a ninth-grade spirit stone.

It felt like a world away.

Meng Qi returned to Ruyi Inn and locked herself in her bedroom. She bought too many ingredients. If she had to process them into pills, she wouldn’t be able to finish them all even after ten days and ten nights of sleepless work.

Meng Qi put the newly bought medicine cauldron on the floor, then drew the second transformation of Lihuo Great Fire Array she had just learned in the Grand Tournament barrier. Although this second form consumed more spirit stones, the time needed for refining medicine was also shortened. Meng Qi then took out a handful of eighth-grade spirit stones. She lowered her head and glanced at the spirit stones in her head, thinking. In the end, she directly embedded the spirit stones in the Lihuo fire array.

Pei Mufeng would depart tomorrow. No matter what, she must hurry.

Meng Qi locked herself in the room for more than half a day. She was now a fourth-rank medical cultivator, and the Beiming Pill and Jiuhuiyang Pill she refined should also reach at least the fourth realm. In addition, she now had the help of the second transformation of the Lihuo Great Fire Array. The spirit stones consumption was indeed heavier, but after more than fifteen hours, Meng Qi had successfully refined a total of thirty fifth realm and a hundred or so fourth realm Beiming Pills, and a similar amount of Jiuhuiyang Pills.

All the pills were imbued by their respective spells. In Beyond The Heaven, a single one of them could be sold at sky-high prices. But Meng Qi didn’t even bat her eyelids when she swiftly packed the pills into separate porcelain bottles in a group of tens. She then took out a brush, made a mark on each bottle, and put them all into a brocade bag.

If Meng Qi was still a Foundation Establishment cultivator and her medical cultivation was still at the third rank, she wouldn’t send these pills to Pei Mufeng. After all, his sect would definitely also prepare a lot of pills. Pei Mufeng was now at the peak of the Nascent Soul stage. After entering the Starfallen Sea, he would undoubtedly have a breakthrough and entered the Spirit Severing stage. Therefore, a pill which realm was too low was of little use to him.

Pei Mufeng also wouldn’t stay continuously in the Starfallen Sea for ten years. Whenever the entrance to Starfallen Sea appeared, he could come out to replenish the necessary medicines. With his strength, there shouldn’t be too much danger as long as he didn’t encounter a too dangerous mutant beast.

Meng Qi put away the brocade bag, opened the door, and walked out of her room. Outside the room, her friends were waiting in the courtyard. Sikong Xing and Xue Jinwen sat on the stone table, playing chess with Su Junmo and Chu Tianfeng as their spectators. Qin Xiumo leaned against the big tree with closed eyes, seemingly cultivated.

“You are finally out.” Chu Tianfeng heard the door open and turned around, “Medical Society Alliance and Feng Alliance have come to inquire several times, but we drove them away.”

“I see. “Meng Qi nodded, “I’m going to Xingluo Pavilion.”

“Huh?” Chu Tianfeng raised his eyebrows in surprise.

Su Junmo’s heart jumped slightly. He hadn’t had time to tell the Lord about Ji Wujiong, and Meng Qi was already going to see another Pei Mufeng?

“I’m going to send Pavilion Master Pei off.” Meng Qi explained. “He is going to depart for Starfallen Sea.”

“Bring me too!” Sikong Xing jumped up, “Is he really going to Starfallen Sea for ten years?”

“Yes.” Meng Qi was also a bit sad. But she quickly put the sadness behind her. It was Pei Mufeng’s own choice. The young man lived for his sword and sooner or later would go to practice in dangerous places. He once told her that the more dangerous the place, the stronger he could refine his sword spirit.

“Then I will go too.” Sikong Xing leaned to Meng Qi’s side, “Hey, cannot we persuade Pavilion Master Pei to just ignore the promise with that old farts of Medical Society Alliance? They are not good people! There is no need to comply with that promise.”

“Even without the promise, Pavilion Master Pei will still go to Starfall Sea.” Meng Qi said.


Accompanied by Sikong Xing’s babble, the group walked towards Xingluo Pavilion. Xingluo Pavilion was located in the Xingluo Valley outside Xingluo City. Walking fast, the group reached the valley within one incense stick of time.

The entrance to the valley was tightly guarded by several disciples. Seeing Meng Qi and her group, their leader stepped forward suspiciously and stopped them: “Fellow Daoists…” When the disciple’s gaze fell on Meng Qi’s face, a flash of revelation came across his face: “It turns out to be Fellow Daoist Meng. Welcome!”

The disciple quickly cupped his hands: “Fellow Daoists, please come with me. Pavilion Master has given his order. If Fellow Daoist Meng comes, we are to invite you to see Pavilion Master directly. Over here, please.”


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