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MSRV Ch 128 Part 2 – At Home Again (II)

Perhaps the only one who still cared for Fang Xueruo was Chang Zhuyou, who remained her loyal lover, especially now that she was carrying his child. As expected of the male lead, despite his family’s objections, Chang Zhuyou insisted on taking responsibility and marrying Fang Xueruo.

Because of the strong opposition from the Chang family, Chang Zhuyou eventually moved out with Fang Xueruo. For some reason, they chose to move into the same community as Fu Yunruo, which was a shock to her. The feeling was similar to having a fishbone stuck to her throat all the time. The only consolation was that their villas were quite far apart, one to the north and the other to the south, so they wouldn’t run into each other often.

Si Yue had known about this earlier than Fu Yunruo but didn’t take any action. Furthermore, he was also reluctant to break the news and spoil Fu Yunruo’s mood in the middle of their vacation.

After returning, Fu Yunruo and Wenwen moved back to their own villa, not staying at Si Yue’s place any longer. Even after learning of the situation, she didn’t change her mind, so Si Yue had to move in next door.

The adults kept these troubling matters from Wenwen, but living in the same community, they were bound to run into each other someday.

So, when Wenwen saw Fang Xueruo appear in his sight, he was shocked beyond belief, thinking he had seen wrong. Wasn’t this woman in prison? Why was she here?!

Fang Xueruo, wearing a loose white dress, subconsciously touched her belly upon seeing Fu Yunruo and Wenwen. She was four months pregnant, and the curve was noticeable when she placed her hand over it.

Fang Xueruo stood with one hand on her waist and the other on her belly, slowly approaching Fu Yunruo and Wenwen. Chang Zhuyou was by her side; nervously supported her waist and urged her to slow down.

Fu Yunruo quickly pulled Wenwen and retreated a couple of steps, “Stop!” She said bluntly, “Please keep your distance from us.”

Of course Fu Yunruo didn’t want Fang Xueruo to approach. People tended to sympathize with the weak—if Fang Xueruo used the child in her belly to garner sympathy, Fu Yunruo would be the one unable to clear her name. People would forget Fang Xueruo’s past deeds and criticize Fu Yunruo for being unrelenting and ruthless, showing no mercy even towards a child.

Seeing she couldn’t get closer, Fang Xueruo stopped, “I… Brother Chang brought me out to get some fresh air because I’ve been feeling unwell. I didn’t expect to run into you…” Her face was paler and thinner than before, perhaps because of the time she had spent in prison, or maybe due to the pregnancy. Her voice was equally feeble, “I… I was wrong… I accept my mistake and owe you an apology, so do what you will with me, but please, can you spare my mother?”

Fu Yunruo frowned in annoyance. At the same time, she was also puzzled: she hadn’t done anything to the mother and daughter, so why was Fang Xueruo being overly paranoid?

Chang Zhuyou really despised Fu Yunruo’s narrow-minded stubbornness and her refusal to accept a sincere apology. With a frown, he chastised, “Xue’er has apologized. Can’t you forgive her?”

Fu Yunruo was too disgusted to respond, so Si Yue spoke instead, “If you have any complaints, come to me. My Ruoruo doesn’t want to see you.”

Chang Zhuyou’s gaze turned cold at Si Yue. Before he could respond further, the security guards had noticed the commotion. They hurriedly came over to check on Fu Yunruo and her group. “Miss Fu, are they causing you trouble?” They politely asked.

The Chang family’s influence in Beijing was not small, which allowed Chang Zhuyou to secure a house in this community. Despite that, ordinary workers like the security guards were on Fu Yunruo’s side and despised the couple. They couldn’t openly express their disdain, but secretly promised each other to keep a close watch on Chang Zhuyou and Fang Xueruo, concerned that they might cause trouble for Fu Yunruo.

All this while, Fang Xueruo remained composed. After her downfall, she had been accustomed to the fickleness of human nature and now could calmly bear this kind of cold treatment. On the contrary, Chang Zhuyou felt a surge of pity and frustration at seeing Fang Xueruo endure silently, angry at his powerlessness in protecting his woman.

After Fu Yunruo thanked the security and assured them everything was fine, they walked away but continued patrolling nearby, ready to rush at the fastest speed in case something happened.

Meanwhile, Wenwen was in a stupor. He hadn’t expected that the woman would still be born. He stared intently at Fang Xueruo’s belly, his heart filled with malice at the thought of that disgusting woman. She was right there, still unborn fetus, quietly waiting to be brought into this world…

If only this woman would miscarry…

Fang Xueruo felt the malice and instinctively looked over. Meeting a pair of piercing eyes, she gasped and subconsciously covered her belly.

Si Yue also noticed Wenwen’s expression. With a deep look in his eyes, he casually led Fu Yunruo and Wenwen away, saying, “Let’s go back.”

On the way back, Fu Yunruo couldn’t help grumbling, “These people are really too much. They are everywhere, just like annoying flies.”

“Don’t worry, they won’t be relaxed for long,” Si Yue said.

“Why did they even come to this community? Do the other residents agree?” Fu Yunruo wondered. This place was home to reputable individuals, and she doubted they would welcome Fang Xueruo moving in.

“The Chang family still holds some sway in the capital,” Si Yue noted.

Fu Yunruo understood this but still felt annoyed. These people were like cockroaches, disgustingly persistent. But she didn’t want to move just to avoid them, especially since she had grown accustomed to the community and liked it here. Finding another suitable home would be challenging, not to mention the hassle of moving.

After venting to Si Yue, Fu Yunruo quickly let it go and soon noticed her son’s unusual silence. She asked, “Wenwen? What’s wrong? Did you get scared?”

Wenwen looked up at Fu Yunruo and showed a cute smile, “No, Mom, I’m okay.”

Fu Yunruo felt something was off and was about to inquire further when her attention was diverted by a figure standing at their doorstep. As they approached, she recognized Lin Ji, her fan who also lived in the same community.

Seeing Fu Yunruo and Wenwen, Lin Ji greeted them with a smile, “Long time no see.”


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