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MSRV Ch 52 Part 1 – Joining Apple Entertainment (I)

When Si Yue returned home, he was greeted with a huge riot in the living room. Wenwen was having a tantrum, howling with all his might on the floor. His chubby hands and feet were flailing around frantically like a chubby upturned tortoise. The child’s high voice seemed to have a magical negative effect and penetrated straight into Si Yue’s eardrums.

Fu Yunruo held her aching forehead, wondering where her son had learned this tantrum skill. She really didn’t know whether to laugh or to get angry.

Wenwen howled incessantly. From time to time, he couldn’t help taking a quick glance at his mother and letting out two lines of crocodile tears from the corner of his eyes.

Why hadn’t Mom agreed yet? Rolling on the floor was very tiring, ah!

Si Yue watched the chubby little guy rolling around the floor, howling and squeaking like a little pig. He then squatted on the side and began to poke at the boy’s short legs with a mischievous grin, “Turn over, little fat pig!”

Wenwen: “…” Feeling offended, he suddenly became angry, “You are fat!”

“It’s baby fat! It will be gone once I grow up!”

“Yeah, yeah.” Si Yue nodded perfunctorily and kept poking at the bouncy chubby legs.

Wenwen hummed. His small nostrils flared. Having been interrupted by Si Yue, he could no longer continue his tantrum. Wenwen jumped up from the floor and ran to Fu Yunruo, purposefully stepping on Si Yue’s foot as he passed by. Once he was at his mother’s side, the boy hugged her thighs and complained, “Mom, Uncle Yue bullied me!”

Si Yue raised an eyebrow. The foot stepped by Wenwen was not hurt at all, no more than a mere tickle. However, the little guy recently seemed to be more and more naughty towards him.

Si Yue said with a flat tone: “Little snitcher.”

Wenwen snorted, “Humph!”

Si Yue: “…” Really like a pig.

Fu Yunruo squatted down and began to pat Wenwen’s clothes, which had turned dirty after he rolled on the floor.

Wenwen looked at his mother puzzledly. Why didn’t this method work? He saw what his friends usually did when they pestered their parents to buy candies or toys: by throwing themselves on the ground and howling like a spoiled children.

Since one method failed. Wenwen changed tactic by acting coquettishly: “Mom, say yes, okay~” The cute tender voice seemed to be sprinkled with extra doses of sugar — so sweet that Fu Yunruo felt her heart melt.

However, she must be firm, “No.”

“Mom~ baby loves you the most~.”

Fu Yunruo enjoyed her son’s cute pleading, but she still refused to budge an inch, “No way.”

Si Yue looked at the mother and son in confusion. He had just been out for a while — what did he miss?

Si Yue finally asked, “Wenwen is asking for what?”

Fu Yunruo briefly explained how Director Peng came with an offer to join the show. She then said helplessly, “He overheard our conversation and suddenly wants to participate in the show.”

“…” Si Yue stared at the little guy who was still hugging his mother’s thighs. The child was looking expectantly at him, sending a message through his eyes: We are good friends, right? Please speak for me!

“Filming a show is not the same as playing.”

Wenwen angrily retorted: “I’m not going to play. I want to make money!” Uncle Yue was too tactless. Not only did he refuse to do this small favor, he even slandered him as a child who only knew to play!

He, Fu Wen, was a man who wanted to make a lot of money! As a friend, Si Yue didn’t even understand him. He no longer wants to be friends with him!

Wenwen stared at Si Yue condemningly.

Si Yue had no choice but to admit his mistake, “I misunderstood you.”

Wenwen retracted his gaze with satisfaction, then looked up at Fu Yunruo again, “Mom, promise me, okay~?”

“Wenwen.” Fu Yunruo patiently reasoned with the child, “If you participate in the show, many strangers you don’t know will see you on the TV. Some people may not like you and say bad words against you. Mom will be very sad and heartbroken when such a thing happens.”

“I’m not afraid…” Wenwen was about to cry, “Mom…”

He had spent a whole life receiving ridicule, abusive words, and scolding. The worst was just repeating the same experience he had in his previous life. He could bear it, but likewise, he couldn’t bear seeing his mother being pointed to by people’s malice.

Wenwen was determined to do well in the show and gained the audience’s favor. Once people liked him, they would surely also like his mother.

This time, he would take good care of his reputation and prevent it from being tainted, so that others wouldn’t have the opportunity to throw dirty water on him.

Si Yue picked up Wenwen, who was about to cry, and said to Fu Yunruo, “Wenwen is my… friend, so it won’t be a problem to let him join the entertainment industry.” He added solemnly, “Don’t worry, I will definitely protect him.”

Wenwen looked at his mother expectantly.

Fu Yunruo hesitated.

Si Yue assured: “With me, Wenwen can do whatever he likes. Whether it is to play in TV dramas, movies, or participating in variety shows… it’s no problem. I won’t let him be harmed in the slightest. You have my guarantee.”

“Thank you, Uncle Yue!” Wenwen’s eyes narrowed in joy. He hugged Si Yue’s neck and rubbed his face on his shoulders. Si Yue was truly a loyal friend — he didn’t misread him!

Fu Yunruo suddenly remembered Wenwen in the original book, who joined the entertainment industry early in his teens. Did her Wenwen also love acting? If so, would it be wrong for her to stop him?

“Wenwen, do you like acting?” Fu Yunruo’s expression was a little complicated. The villain in the original book could become a top-ranking star without anyone’s backer. This time, Wenwen had Si Yue protecting him, so his journey should be smooth sailing, right?

Even Fu Yunruo knew about Si Yue’s status in the entertainment world. In the original book, he was the only star still remembered fondly as a legendary figure more than twenty years after he retired. With Si Yue’s protection, Wenwen surely would have it easier.

And she could also do something for her son. The livestreaming and entertainment were two separate industries, but their circles had some intersections. If she worked hard, she surely could gain more connections to help Wenwen.

This child would never go to the same end as the plot dictated.

Wenwen was stunned for a moment by his mother’s sudden question. He was hesitant to answer and suddenly fell into contemplation.

The Chi Wen in his previous life had never stopped to think about whether he liked acting or not, because in his mind, acting was just a way of making a living.

Did he like acting?

He remembered the long nights he spent thinking about a role, just to be the best.

He also remembered when he had just started as extras, where he had to lie on the ground for three or four hours under the scorching sun. Even if he was not guaranteed a single frame, he still worked hard to finish his role.

There were also the countless hours he used to hone his acting skills…

Wenwen’s eyes were very bright at this moment, “I like acting!”


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