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DDDV Ch 93 Part 2 – The Demon Capital (II)

Song Xiaoqi asked: “When will you come back?”

The cubs actually had already accepted the fact that their Yaoyao would not stay in Cangshan to grow up with them. Still, they were extremely reluctant to part with her.

“I don’t know. But I can return any time once I grow up and become very strong.” Lu Yaoyao had a goal — once she became as powerful as her Daddy, wouldn’t she be able to go wherever she wanted?

“I will cultivate hard. Yaoyao, I will go to see you after I grow up!” Song Xiaoqi patted his chest and made a promise.

Bai Shi’er didn’t want to lose, “Me too!”

“And me! I will do my best…”

Lu Yaoyao was very moved. It was not easy to meet such good friends, and she was extremely reluctant to part ways with them. Maybe if there was peace in the three realms, everyone would no longer be so hostile to each other, and the three races could be friends then…

Lu Yaoyao said loudly, “Okay, I will wait for you!”

The cubs chatted enthusiastically throughout the night until they fell asleep one after another. Lu Yaoyao was the last to fall asleep. She had just started to get sleepy when a movement in the Abyss startled her awake.

Brother Yuanyuan wrote back!

Controlled by her spiritual sense, Lu Yaoyao passed the bundle of paper through the passage and soon took it into her hand. When she saw the state of the letter in her hand, Lu Yaoyao knew that she was correct to be cautious. Just this small bundle of paper was almost torn apart when it passed through, so she must not enter the Abyss until the passage completely stabilized.

Lu Yaoyao opened the letter and read Shen Changyuan’s reply, which informed her that he had indeed gone home and would come to see her soon. Lu Yaoyao was happy for Shen Changyuan and quickly wrote another letter to be sent over. This time, no reply came, but Lu Yaoyao was not discouraged, believing that Shen Changyuan would write back once he had time.

Three days passed quickly, and on the day of parting, all the cubs came to see Lu Yaoyao off. Everyone had teary eyes, but they were strong enough to hold back the cry. Many demons of Duanping also came to bid farewell. Lu Yaoyao’s family of three left so hastily last time, so the neighbors seemed to want to make up for the missing farewell and came over with a bunch of parting gifts for Lu Yaoyao and Lu Qingyu.

Lu Yaoyao said goodbye one by one, but did not forget to pay attention to her Daddy. There he was, standing not far away, surrounded by a group of adults who came to see them off. To Lu Yaoyao’s delight, Lu Qingyu did not lose his temper and patiently received their enthusiastic goodbyes.

After knowing that her Daddy was the Devil Venerable, Lu Yaoyao was secretly worried, as the name did not represent a good reputation. Rumors about him generally called him cruel and evil, a perfect villain’s setting. For this reason, Lu Yaoyao, who initially was afraid about her Daddy receiving a typical villain’s ending, was happy to see that he wasn’t really that bad.

After saying goodbye to their neighbors and friends, Lu Yaoyao sat in Lu Qingyu’s arms, ready to return to the Devil Realm.

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes rolled around, and she called very sweetly, “Daddy!”

Lu Qingyu’s face was solemn, “Stop, don’t say anything. Daddy doesn’t want to hear it.” He knew very well that this kid was up to no good.

Lu Yaoyao paid him no care and continued acting sweetly, “Daddy, since you went all the way to take me to Cangshan, we might as well go for more sightseeing!”

“I have never seen other places in the Demon Realm… I want to see their capital…” Lu Yaoyao blinked cutely, “Daddy, please take me, okay?”

Lu Qingyu was ruthless: “Not okay.”

“Let’s go to the nearest Demon Capital. I heard it was in the White Tiger’s territory.” Lu Yaoyao raised her chubby palm, “After that, we can go straight back to the Devil Realm. I promise.”

Lu Qingyu cast the little dumpling a doubtful glance, trying to read her thoughts.

Lu Yaoyao smiled flatteringly, “Daddy, do you know how to contact Xiaosi?” Xiaosi helplessly watched as she was getting swallowed by the crack three years ago. If she was in his place, she would feel extremely guilty forever.

“Daddy, let’s go to Demon Capital and find Xiaosi, okay?” Lu Yaoyao had no idea about the Demon Realm’s topography and didn’t know in which direction the White Tiger Demon Capital lay, let alone how to get there. But she firmly believed in her Daddy’s omnipotence and put her whole trust in him.

Let’s go and meet Xiaosi, so he would stop feeling guilty. In addition, she also wanted to see how he was doing these past years.

Lu Yaoyao’s reasoning only made Lu Qingyu sour with jealousy. What’s so good about that brat?

Seeing Lu Qingyu’s face turn dark again, Lu Yaoyao finally took out her trump card, “Take me to the Demon Capital or take me to see Father. Daddy, you choose.” Lu Yaoyao had brought up the topic of seeing her Father many times. For other requests, acting coquettishly a few times — with a bit of tears sometimes — was sufficient, but only the matter of looking for Yao Jiuxiao that Lu Qingyu never agreed no matter what.

Lu Qingyu: “…” Would he, the dignified and feared Devil Venerable, be threatened by a mere cub?

As it turned out, he really did.

The next place the father and daughter arrived was not someplace in the Devil Realm, but a bustling demon city. Lu Yaoyao looked around enthusiastically, feeling she couldn’t see enough. Compared to Duanping, the demon city looked more like a human city at first glance, with the demons coming and going hardly having visible demonic characteristics.

Lu Qingyu conjured a concealing spell on himself and Lu Yaoyao, allowing them to walk in the busy street hardly noticed by the demons around.

Lu Yaoyao was impatient, “Daddy, do you know where Xiaosi’s home is? Let’s go find them! Don’t you also miss Xiaosi’s dad?”

“I don’t miss anyone.” Lu Qingyu snorted coldly, very displeased. His daughter did not want to go home and even threatened him to see a man; how could he not be upset?

That being said, they soon arrived in front of a magnificent residence.


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