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ATCF Ch 21 Part 1 – Grandpa Cannot Wait to See You (I)

Ever since adding her twin cousins on WeChat, Jiang Li has been chatting with them every day. Eventually, Feng Bai created a group chat for the three of them, where they would hang out and talk when they had free time.

On Wednesday, Feng Bai proposed that they all go to a self-service barbecue restaurant near Jiang Li’s school after she finished her class on Friday. Neither Jiang Li nor Feng Song had any objections.

Not wanting to keep the twins waiting for too long, Jiang Li came straight after class, but she found out that the two had already arrived at the restaurant.

During the meal, Feng Song and Feng Bai attentively looked after Jiang Li, careful to not make her feel awkward or uncomfortable.

Although Feng Song was taciturn, he was very sensitive and soon noticed that Jiang Li’s mind was elsewhere. As he added more roasted eggplant to her bowl, he asked gently, “Do you have other plans for the day?”

His brother arranged the dinner on Friday evening because the three of them had just finished the week’s classes and had time to hang out to relax, but thinking about it now, Jiang Li probably had to cancel her original plan to make time for them. If this was the case, they should end the dinner early and sent her back so she could return to her business.

Hearing Feng Song’s question, Jiang Li was taken aback for a moment, but she soon shook her head and said, “No.”

She hadn’t gotten to know many people here and had finished her homework early. If the twins hadn’t invited her out today, she would probably have stayed in the dormitory all evening to do question banks.

“But can you do me a favor?” She changed the subject.

Feng Bai immediately patted his chest and promised: “No need to ask. As long as it’s within our capability, we are always happy to help you.”

If Xiao Jiang Li wanted the stars in the sky, then he would go to his father’s laboratory and shamelessly pester the old man to give him a meteorite for her.

Feng Song remained silent, but he looked at Jiang Li with encouraging eyes as if he would fulfill any request she might make.

Jiang Li thought for a moment and carefully chose her words, “Your grandfather… he is also my maternal grandfather, correct? What kind of person is he?”

The moment Jiang Li’s words came out, the chopsticks in Feng Bai’s hand fell to the table with a loud clank, and even Feng Song also looked visibly shocked.

The three of them were well aware of the blood relationship they shared, but prior to today, no one had brought it up.

From Feng Song and Feng Bai’s point of view, Jiang Li was their cousin, their younger sister. However, she grew up in an orphanage and never received any care from the Feng family. For this reason, they could understand if she was not ready to accept their family and never considered pushing her to call them ‘brother’ soon. They didn’t even dare to mention the idea of officially acknowledging their family relationship before she was ready.

But just now, Jiang Li mentioned the word ‘grandfather’ so smoothly, which showed that she did not alienate the Feng family despite her rejection of the Jiang family.

Feng Song and Feng Bai exchanged a shocked glance and saw the same emotions in each other’s eyes — excitement and joy.

But Jiang Li interpreted their series of reactions as: her maternal grandfather, whom he had never met, was particularly difficult to get along with — or rather, he was unwilling to see her because of his dislike toward the Jiang family.

Seeing that her wish to leave the Jiang family as soon as possible couldn’t be accomplished, Jiang Li was a little disappointed, but she quickly adjusted her mood, “You don’t have to answer if it’s inconvenient,” she said to the twins, “I’m just asking casually.”

Feng Bai hurriedly shook his head, “Why is it inconvenient? It’s very convenient, no, extremely convenient.”

Feng Song also smiled and said, “Grandpa is a very nice person. He actually cannot wait to see you, but he is too nervous now.”

In Feng Song’s opinion, Grandpa should have been traumatized by his contact with Jiang Ruo years ago, which caused him to be so timid now.

Jiang Li’s eyes widened in surprise, “Why should he be nervous?”

Feng Song and Feng Bai shook their heads. They didn’t dare to talk about their grandfather behind his back. If the old man knew about it, they would definitely be punished.

“Hey, how about you come home with us tonight and give Grandpa a surprise, Xiao Jiang Li?” Feng Bai proposed, shifting the conversation. He couldn’t wait to see his grandfather’s reaction when he saw Jiang Li, and the thought of it filled him with eager anticipation.

“Can I?” Jiang Li looked hesitant, but there was a bit of anticipation in her eyes.

“Absolutely!” Feng Bai was quick to respond, “Just ask my big bro – I’m sure he thinks this is a great idea too.”

Feng Song also nodded with a smile, “Grandpa has been looking forward to seeing you.”

Jiang Li was never one to dawdle. “Sure thing,” she said, nodding to the twins, “Let me buy some gifts for Grandpa, Uncles, and Aunts after we finish eating, and then we can all head back together.”

“You don’t need to buy gifts. Your returning home is already the best gift for everyone,” Feng Song persuaded softly.

Feng Bai also nodded vigorously, “If Grandpa knows that we allow you to spend your money under our watch, we will definitely receive a heavy scolding later.”

“But I’m not short of money now!” Jiang Li was puzzled. She earned more than 20,000 yuan from the school through that special website. In addition to the scholarship she received from the mock exam, she now had small savings. She was planning to donate part of it to the Star Orphanage when she had the chance, and she didn’t feel like she was still strapped for cash.

She hadn’t even moved a penny from the 60,000 yuan Feng Bai previously transferred to her.

Feng Song thought for a while, then suggested: “You still don’t know the preferences of the elders, so you better refrain from buying any gifts now. Why don’t you come home with us first and make up for the gifts later after you get to know each other?”

After some pondering, Jiang Li nodded in agreement, “Okay.”

It was indeed too hasty to buy gifts now. Without knowing the personalities of the people in the Feng family, it was easy to offend people, even for something as trivial as choosing a gift.

If her grandfather was willing to remove her custody from the Jiang family, there would be more chances to meet the relatives in the future, and gifts could be given at any time.

Feng Bai was always quick with his action. Seeing that Jiang Li agreed, he immediately lost the mood to eat. If not for his brother’s cold warning glance, he would have dragged Xiao Jiang Li home there and then.


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