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MSRV Ch 77 Part 1 – Future Development (I)

Fu Yunruo’s impression of Director Feng was just so-so. His previous decisions and calculations were merely human nature, which was not worth mentioning. He and she were just normal acquaintances; as long as this person did not take Fang Xueruo’s side, Fu Yunruo did not have many opinions of him, and she did not particularly dislike nor was fond of him.

According to the news Xin Xu brought, the variety show had another season later, which was currently nearing completion. Once this job finished, Director Peng seemed to plan to start a brand-new original show.

Now Xin Xu suddenly mentioned this person, could it be that he wanted to invite Wenwen to join this new show?

Sure enough, Yuan Xin quickly explained, “Director Peng’s new variety show features the children of major celebrities…”

After tasting the sweetness of Wenwen’s popularity, Director Peng spent more than half a year planning this new show, pitching the concept of featuring the daily life of celebrities and their children.

Wenwen’s performance last time and the exploding metrics he brought were clearly hard to ignore, which was why Director Peng desperately wanted to invite either Fu Yunruo or Si Yue to join the show with Wenwen.

Yuan Xin had seen the pilot plan and could see that this show was well-planned. If nothing major happened, it was bound to be popular.

If Wenwen participated again, his popularity would reach first-line popularity in an instant.

Up until now, Wenwen did not have his own social media accounts, and his online presence was all under Fu Yunruo’s. However, once he participated in the movie, Yuan Xin planned to create a proper account and promote his popularity in one swoop.

From the standpoint of an agent, Yuan Xin wanted Wenwen to participate, but the boy was also his close friend’s son and no different from his own nephew. Popularity brought its own set of troubles, and Yuan Xin hoped that Wenwen would have a relaxed and happy childhood.

Yuan Xin had confidence that Wenwen could become the youngest superstar ever, but he also felt that Wenwen’s age was still too young, so they could slow down the pace a little bit.

But everything still depended on Fu Yunruo’s decision.

“Wenwen is still too young.” Fu Yunruo said hesitantly. Even though she agreed to let Wenwen participate in the movie, she only wanted her son to follow his passion without any burden of fame or popularity.

Yuan Xin also had the same concern and expressed an understanding of Fu Yunruo’s consideration.

Seeing that he was so easy to talk to, Fu Yun felt relieved.

“In that case, then I’ll go and get ready now. I’ll contact you later when it’s time for Wenwen to join the set.”

Wenwen was still very young, so there was no need for him to attend the pre-production marketing. Even to avoid unnecessary public attention, Yuan Xin had the production team sign a non-disclosure agreement to hide Wenwen’s involvement prior to the filming began. All Wenwen needed was to film well, and he wouldn’t be required to promote the movie, nor did he have to participate in any marketing events.

Fu Yunruo nodded.

Yuan Xin didn’t stay long and left as soon as he finished the business, leaving the script in Fu Yunruo’s hands.

In the afternoon, Fu Yunruo went to the kindergarten to pick up Wenwen as usual. As soon as the boy entered the car, he stared at his mother with sparkling eyes.

Fu Yunruo pretended not to understand what he meant and started asking about his school today.

Wenwen answered patiently. Seeing that his mother still didn’t bring the thing up, he finally asked, “Mom, have you gotten the script?”

Fu Yunruo nodded, “Yes, here it is.”

“Can I read it now?” Wenwen said impatiently. He couldn’t wait to see how wonderful the script was!

“No. Wait until we are home.” Fu Yunruo refused flatly.

“Okay…” Wenwen nodded reluctantly. Oh well, their home was very close anyway, only ten minutes or so. Thinking like this, he happily swung his chubby legs.

Seeing her son so happy, Fu Yunruo couldn’t help but fall into contemplation. It was only natural for Wenwen to like acting so much, no? After all, in the original plot, his achievements in the entertainment industry were not low, and he even won the title of movie emperor…

Now that she thought about it, could this be genetics? Si Yue also liked acting, and he was such a brilliant actor!

Wait, was Wenwen in the novel also Si Yue’s child?

Fu Yunruo suddenly felt a little confused. She had already forgotten what had happened that night, but she still remembered how she had avoided the person Fang Xueruo had arranged for her. Could it be that regardless of the soul of this body, both of them still avoided the malicious person and ended up bumping into Si Yue?

Fu Yunruo had written down every detail she could remember from the original plot and kept them all this time. Afraid that she would forget, she often re-read her notes occasionally. After all, this matter involved her Wenwen.

She remembered that the original ‘Fu Yunruo’ failed to escape in the original plot, and her reputation was completely ruined after someone took her photographs.

If the person in the original plot was also Si Yue, his name was never mentioned in the book, which was nothing strange considering his influence and fame. The novel never specifically disclosed the identity of the person, but casually mentions that he was not a good person…

Fu Yunruo felt a little dizzy. Her brain was really not suitable for reasoning!

“…Mom?” Wenwen noticed Fu Yunruo was in a daze and called a few times in concern.

Fu Yunruo suddenly came back to her senses, “Ah, Wenwen? What is it?”

Wenwen blinked, “We’re home!”

“Oh…” Fu Yunruo nodded blankly. So fast?

The mother and son got out of the car. Holding Fu Yunruo’s hand, Wenwen impatiently rushed into the house as fast as his short legs could take him.

“Mom, mom!” Wenwen sat on the sofa; his eyes were shining.

Fu Yunruo shook her head, amused. She then took the script Yuan Xin brought from her bag and handed it to Wenwen.

Now the desired script was in his hands, Wenwen quickly pried it open and gnawed at its content.

Fu Yunruo laughed, “Can you read it?”

Wenwen was stubborn, “I know a lot of characters!”

Fu Yunruo couldn’t help laughing again. True, Wenwen had learned a lot of Chinese characters, but he might not know what they meant when strung together in sentences. Thinking that her son was smart but couldn’t understand much, Fu Yunruo simply shook her head and let him alone. After putting a glass of water and a plate of cut fruits on the table, she returned to the kitchen and started making dinner.

When Wenwen saw the content of the script, he was shocked.


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