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ATCF Ch 22 Part 1 – Seeing Grandpa (I)

In the dormitory, Lin Yu widened his eyes in disbelief when she saw the text from Shen Mian. Suppressing her excitement, she turned around to look at Jiang Ruo’s mother and asked in a casual manner, “Auntie, does Ruoruo have two cousins who happen to be twins?”

Feng Yun was taken aback. There was a look of uneasiness on her expression, but she nodded and said, “Yes, but why are you asking this?”

“Because they came to Ruoruo on Sunday last week! If not for this, we wouldn’t even know that Ruoruo has twin cousins!”

Feng Yun was obviously taken aback, but she quickly realized that Feng Song and Feng Bai came to school looking not for Ruoruo, but for Xiao Li. Given that her father had tasked Feng Qi to take over Xiao Li’s custody, it made sense for Feng Song and Feng Bai to also learn about her existence and visit the school to meet her.

In any case, Feng Yun was slightly relieved to hear Lin Yu say that the twins claimed to be Ruoruo’s cousins. It seemed that Ruoruo and Xiao Li’s identities hadn’t been revealed for the time being.

Facing Lin Yu’s curious eyes, Feng Yun cleared her throat and smiled perfunctorily, “Those kids are from my second brother’s family. They are a few years older than Ruoruo and already in sophomore year, so it’s normal that they and Ruoruo have little contact with each other.”

After listening to Feng Yun’s explanation, Lin Yu nodded slowly, then she walked aside and continued to chat with Shen Mian.

Considering that this was Xiao Jiang Li’s first time returning to the Feng family, Feng Bai was worried that she would feel nervous, so he tried his best to find some light topic to talk about, attempting to divert Jiang Li’s attention and make her less nervous.

But as they chatted, he found that Xiao Jiang Li’s mood was totally calm. In comparison, it seemed that he was the overly nervous one.

Feng Song also joined their chat, but his method of chatting was completely different from that of his twin, because the topic he chose was Jiang Li’s study and the upcoming entrance examination.

“…” Feng Bai was speechless by his brother’s performance. Thankfully, Xiao Jiang Li’s academic performance was superb. Otherwise, conversing with Feng Song would definitely kill her inside.

The car quickly drove into the mountainous area in the southern suburbs. Jiang Li glanced out the windows and found the greenery outside was very good, as if they were entering a natural forest.

Since Feng Bai had mentioned taking her back to give the old man in the family a surprise, Jiang Li found herself inexplicably looking forward to meeting her previously unknown grandfather and wondered what the encounter would be like.

To Jiang Li’s surprise, the Feng family’s residence was not a modern villa, but a very old-fashioned courtyard-style manor.

Feng Song explained: “This is our Feng family’s ancestral home. Grandpa lives here full time, and us juniors often come to accompany him.”

Looking at the sprawling old manor that seemed to stretch on indefinitely, Jiang Li asked with curiosity, “Are there many people living around here?”

Feng Song shook his head, “Only the members of our Feng family. This is the property left by our great-grandfather. Since Grandpa has people renovating and repairing it from time to time, the interior is fully modern despite its ancient-looking exterior.”

Jiang Li nodded silently. It was clear that the Feng family had a rich history. Indeed, it seemed that the Jiangs and the Fengs did not belong in the same group.

The car drove directly into the yard. As soon as Jiang Li got out of the car, she saw many people standing outside the door, as if waiting for them.

An elderly man in a red Tang-style suit stood in the forefront, looking at Jiang Li with a smile. Next to him stood two middle-aged men, one of whom looked exactly like the middle-aged version of Feng Song and Feng Bai.

Next to the two middle-aged men were two women about the same age as them. One looked intellectual and elegant, and the other looked smart and playful.

Seeing that everyone was looking at her with cordial smiles, Jiang Li felt a little at a loss for a moment.

Didn’t Feng Bai say that he was going to surprise Grandpa?

Why did it seem like everyone was giving her a surprise instead?

Feng Bai was also stunned and turned to look at Feng Song, “What’s going on?”

Didn’t they agree to give Grandpa a surprise? Why did Big Bro act on his own?

Nevertheless, as he looked at the current situation, Feng Bai felt quite pleased, as it showcased that their family attached great importance to Xiao Jiang Li.

Feng Song coughed lightly. He ignored his twin’s accusation, but turned his gaze to Jiang Li and said in a gentle voice, “That’s our grandpa — your maternal grandfather. Don’t worry; he is a very kind old man.”

God knew how ‘kind’ the old man was. But facing his only granddaughter, he definitely would only show his most approachable side.

Looking at the person who gave her a kind smile, Jiang Li stepped forward and greeted him politely, “Hello, Grandpa.”

“Good girl, good girl…” Old Master Feng’s voice was choked with sobs. Although he was old, his movement was still very flexible. He walked up to Jiang Li in just two or three steps and reached out to stroke her head.

“Xiao Jiang Li, you have suffered so much…”

Jiang Li was taken aback for a moment and said truthfully, “Actually, my life was pretty good.”

Except for the money issue when she first just transferred schools, her life was quite comfortable.

However, she still wished to leave the Jiangs as soon as possible. Otherwise, continuously dragging out the situation with that family was quite a waste of time.

Old Master Feng was taken aback for a moment and stopped talking about this topic. He put his arms around Jiang Li’s shoulder, pointed to the group of people on the opposite side, and introduced them, “They are your eldest uncle and his wife, your eldest aunt. Both of whom are engaged in commerce.”

Then he winked at Jiang Li, “If you are ever short of pocket money, just ask your eldest uncle. He is the richest and most generous in our family.”

Jiang Li didn’t know how to respond, so she just kept smiling and greeted politely, “Hello, Eldest Uncle. Hello, Eldest Aunt.”

The eldest master of the Feng family responded kindly, “I’ve only seen you from the video on the internet before, but it turns out that our niece is even more beautiful in person.”

His wife also immediately echoed, “That’s natural. All thanks to the genes of our Feng family.”

The eldest aunt had a fondness for good-looking people. Back then, it was his now-husband’s appearance that allowed him to stand out among her many suitors.

The little girl in front of them just happened to inherit the good looks of the Feng family, which made people happy just by looking at her.

Old Master Feng was used to the couple’s dynamic, so he paid no attention to them and continued introducing his second son’s family to Jiang Li.


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  1. I wonder how the real Jiang Li would have reacted to this grandpa. I also wonder why they never found out about her in the original story… She probably would have loved to have kind relatives like these.

    I know that they found out about her through the news but them not ever finding out about her in the story is very suspicious. I’m sure that people would have gossiped in front of the Fengs too.

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