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ATCF Ch 3 Part 2 – Director Li and Bear-shaped Biscuits (II)

The car drove slowly and soon arrived at Minjiang International School amid the urban traffic. The school guard clearly recognized the Jiang family’s car and let them enter the campus smoothly. After getting off the car, Assistant Bai took Jiang Li to the office of Academic Affairs.

The Director of Teaching and Learning they met already had half his hair white, but he was full of energy. He looked at Jiang Li inquiringly, “Are you Mr. Jiang’s adopted daughter?”

Jiang Li shook her head, “I’m just their distant relative.”

The director was slightly stunned. How could this be different from what he had been informed before? The director then looked at Assistant Bai suspiciously. Assistant Bai was actually a little confused, but he still reacted calmly: “Miss Jiang Li is indeed the child of a distant relative of the Jiang family. Because something happened to her family, she was temporarily adopted by President Jiang.”

As soon as the director heard this, he showed an understanding look. He was quite puzzled before. The Jiang family already had a pair of children, so why did they suddenly adopt another teenage daughter right before the high school entrance examination? But if the said adopted daughter was actually from a relative’s house, then it all made sense.

As for Jiang Li’s deliberate emphasis that she was only a child of a distant relative, the director simply thought that she was still couldn’t accept the sudden change in her life and the adoption. What Assistant Bai meant by ‘something happened in her family’ was probably both parents were dead. If they were alive and well, how could they send their own child to be raised by other people!

Because of his guess, the director’s eyes when looking at Jiang Li became much more gentle. He took out the placement test papers he had prepared beforehand and said in a gentle voice, “The placement test only consists of three subjects: Chinese, mathematics, and English. However, the number of questions is relatively large, and the difficulty is also high. The final questions are taken and modified from previous years’ competitions. Don’t stress too much and just do your best.”

The direction didn’t mention the time limit, and Jiang Li didn’t ask. She took the test papers to the table opposite the director, took out the stationery and scratch papers from her schoolbag, and started to do the test. The first paper Jiang Li did was the one with the math test, but after doing a few questions, she couldn’t help but feel surprised.

Both Assistant Bai and the director had reminded her that the placement test was difficult, and thus Jiang Li was already mentally prepared. But in her opinion, these questions were not very difficult — were there traps she couldn’t see somewhere?

Jiang Li suppressed the doubts in her heart and continued to answer questions in an orderly manner. In real life, her health made her unable to focus on studying for an extended period of time, so she always paid attention to time allocation and spent a lot of time exploring the methods to answer questions efficiently. But now, her body was very healthy, so she naturally didn’t have to think about this issue anymore.

Time passed slowly. After Jiang Li finished the three exam papers, she twisted her neck slightly, and found the director standing next to her. Because the office was equipped with surveillance cameras, the director didn’t watch Jiang Li all the time. When the girl was doing questions, he was dealing with his own work and only occasionally looked up to check on her situation.

What the director didn’t expect was that Jiang Li’s answering speed was so fast, and she left no unanswered questions on all three papers. But how accurate could she be? Out of curiosity, the director opened an encrypted file on the computer, and after printing out the answer sheet for the placement test, he began to mark Jiang Li’s math paper in person.

The director was not a math teacher. However, although a math question might have multiple solving methods, the correct answer was only one, so anyone could do the simple marking by just relying on the answer sheet. But the more the director looked at Jiang Li’s paper, the more surprised he became. He had seen how focused the girl was when answering the questions, so he knew that her grades should be good. However, he was surprised to find that the answers on the paper in front of him were all basically correct, sans a small mistake on the last question.

How could this be called a ‘good grade’? It was perfect!!!

The beautiful row of [✓] marks on the paper were so pleasing to the eye. No need to count the points at all. He already knew that this girl was one of the top students in the school!

With great anticipation, the director immediately picked up the English paper next to him and began to mark the answers too. The more questions he marked, the better was the director’s mood. When he finally reached the composition’s part, he finally took his eyes off the test paper and looked at Jiang Li with a wide smile. “I will tell the subject teacher to mark the remaining parts later. You can rest here first, and I will ask the homeroom teacher of the honors class to take you to the classroom in a bit.”

The director’s attitude was too attentive, but Jiang Li reacted calmly. She smiled and nodded, “Thank you, Director.”

The director smiled, “It’s true that I am the Director of Teaching and Learning, but I also teach the chemistry class in your grade. You can just call me Teacher Li.”

Jiang Li repeated: “Thank you, Teacher Li.” Then, she turned and saw Assistant Bai, surprised to find him was still there.

Assistant Bai was still not recovered from the shock. He had been the assistant to President Jiang for many years. Naturally, he knew that both Young Master Jiang Zhou and Miss Jiang Rou were talented in their study. But it turned out that they were actually incomparable to Miss Jiang Li! Who in the world did not like to see a smart child? It was no wonder that Director Li’s attitude changed so drastically!

At this time, Director Li was obviously treating Jiang Li like a precious treasure. He personally went to the water dispenser in the office to pour a glass of water, then walked back to put it on the desk where Jiang Li was sitting. After that, he took out a package of snacks from his drawer and handed it over. “You have been doing the questions for hours, so you must be hungry and thirsty now. Eat a bit to pad your stomach first!”

Jiang Li took the snack and tore open the package, “Thank you, Teacher Li.”

Director Li waved his hand casually, “No thanks. I’m just giving you somebody else’s snack.”

“Huh?” Jiang Li was puzzled.

“I confiscated these from a brat who was secretly snacking during the class. You can take all.” Director Li’s smiling eyes narrowed into slits, very much looking like a seasoned fox.

Jiang Li: …

Assistant Bai: …

When the two of them were stunned, Director Li continued to say: “It’s okay to eat a small number of snacks occasionally, but you are still growing and need a more filling meal. Snacks are not nutritious, so don’t eat too much, okay?”

Jiang Li nodded while munching on the bear-shaped biscuits, showing a well-behaved look. The way Director Li spoke to her somehow reminded her of the housekeeper grandpa who took care of her in the real world. That grandpa also liked to worry about Jiang Li’s eating habits and always reminded her to eat nutritious food.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the office door. Immediately after Director Li said, “Enter,” a tall boy in an oversized uniform entered, “I’m returning the laboratory key.” The boy looked a little sloppy, and his speech and attitude were quite casual. Probably because he was still changing voice, his voice was a little hoarse, but it didn’t sound awful.

When the boy found there was an unknown girl in the director’s office, he subconsciously took a second glance. The girl was very beautiful and her facial features somehow looked familiar, but he was sure that he had never seen this girl before. As for the bag of bear-shaped biscuits in her hand, it looked exactly like the one that Hades Li confiscated from him.


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