Translating Web Novel

Translating Web Novel

Author: koffeam

My Whole Family are Villains

MWFV Ch 100 Part 2 – Be Happy (II)

Finally, the most recent status: [Thank you for accepting me. I will give you the best.]

In addition to these, there were actually a few earlier status. But they were all short sentences that seemed to be meaningless: [This is wrong], [I cannot], [I am sorry]…

More than a thousand status, almost every single one was about ‘His girl.’ Here, Lin Shaochi was different than his usual mature and capable chairman. He was just like a young man who had fallen in love and couldn’t hold himself back. He was impulsive and passionate, and even a bit stupid.

Greetings, Ninth Uncle

GNU Ch 67 Part 1 – Xiangji Temple (I)

Empress Dowager Yang was a person with a firm determination and liked to make her own decision. This might have something to do with her past. Empress Dowager Yang could be said to have a very smooth life. As a girl, she was born into a well-off family and grew up with no worries. Later, she was chosen to enter the palace during the palace selection, and continued to live in luxury.

The Healer Demands Payment

THDP Ch 68 Part 3 – Spirit Points (III)

After leaving the bookstore, Meng Qi looked back once again. Under the night sky, it was only a small and unimpressed shop, located in the deserted northwest corner of Beyond The Heaven City, and didn’t even have a name written on its sign.

Who would have thought that a completely different world was hidden inside?

Meng Qi carefully remembered the bookstore’s location, then began to walk towards the teleportation array and returned to the city gate.

My Whole Family are Villains

MWFV Ch 100 Part 1 – Be Happy (I)

Mr. Qin’s opposition to Lin Shaochi’s relationship with his daughter had been deadlocked for three years.

In the past three years, Mr. Qin never gave Lin Shaochi a good face. Despite this, both Chen De and Uncle Fu could see the change in Mr. Qin’s attitude: Although Mr. Qin always showed Lin Shaochi a sullen face, in fact, he already admitted their relationship. He basically let the thing happened naturally and pretend to see nothing.

Greetings, Ninth Uncle

GNU Ch 66 Part 2 – The Women in the Palace (II)

Cheng Yujin walked into the main building. First, she unbuttoned her coat and scarf inside the enclosed porch and changed into the indoor soft-soled shoes. Afterward, she headed into the western room. Unlike other courtyards in the manor, Old Madam Cheng’s Shou’an Hall was heated with earth dragon1, which was used as soon as autumn began. The warm and dry air circulated using buried-in pipes, and even the floor was warm. It was very comfortable to step on. People could wear spring or summer clothes inside the rooms.

The Healer Demands Payment

THDP Ch 68 Part 2 – Spirit Points (II)

“Eh?” Meng Qi poured her aura into the bamboo slips. But when she began to read its content, she couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise. “This…” She gripped the bamboo slip tightly and raised her eyes towards the old man.

This bamboo slip recorded the information of several different arrays. Although the arrays looked different, they were all part of the same set, plus two variations derived from the same core.

Daughter of the Dao and Devil Venerables

DDDV Ch 2 Part 2 – Daughter, Call Daddy (II)

Dao Venerable Hengwu was now facing a great problem. How to raise such a small child?

Lu Qingyu was no better. His life consisted of cultivating, fighting, killing, and ruling the Devil Realm. Such a small and weak creature naturally never appeared in front of him. Among the devil race, even high ranking devils were born in their beast form. But the higher their lineage was, the earlier they would transform into a human form. Lower-ranking devils only transformed after reaching adulthood at the age of one hundred.