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DDDV Ch 101 Part 1 – Core Forming (I)

Living for so many years, Lu Yaoyao had never been aware of the existence of the pattern on her wrist. “Daddy, what is this?” She asked in amazement.

“This is the seal mark of the artifact that covers the devil vein in your body,” replied Lu Qingyu, who had always been patient with his daughter. To say it was a seal was actually not quite accurate. When Lu Yaoyao was still very small, Lu Qingyu acted preemptively to arouse the devil veins in her body. Adding the fact that the girl had been consuming devil race food for her daily meal, her body always contained a great amount of devil aura.

As a result, Yao Jiuxiao had no choice but to use a means to conceal part of Lu Yaoyao’s devil veins. With the artifact as a seal, it would ensure that she wouldn’t release her devil aura accidentally, nor would others be able to detect it.

After listening to her Daddy’s explanation, Lu Yaoyao nodded to express her understanding. There was indeed a need to seal her devil veins when they were still living incognito in the Demon Realm. However, she was still puzzled about one thing. She had memories since birth, so she wondered why she had no recollection of when her father and daddy sealed her. Did they do it while she was asleep?

Lu Yaoyao watched Lu Qingyu’s busy movement with great interest, “Will my eyes turn red after the seal is released? Will I also grow horns?” She asked curiously. She now knew that all devils had red eyes, but they could change eye color after reaching a certain cultivation level.

Lu Yaoyao really wanted to see her eyes change color. Red must be very beautiful!

She waited patiently, but time passed, and the silver pattern still glowed brightly on her wrist.

Lu Qingyu’s originally relaxed expression suddenly sank. “Yao, Jiu, Xiao!” He cursed between clenched teeth. He and Yao Jiuxiao had the same cultivation base, but he was unable to lift the seal because he wasn’t the master of the artifact!

Lu Yaoyao blinked in understanding and retracted her hand cautiously. Knowing that her Daddy was angered by her Father again, she quickly played the function of a loving and caring small cotton-padded jacket, “I have such a beautiful pattern on my hand, and I don’t need to remove it.”

Lu Qingyu retorted angrily, “I can take it out!”

There were three methods to undo this type of seal: either one must seek out an immensely powerful individual whose cultivation base was higher than the person who set the seal, find the one who placed the seal in the first place to make them release it voluntarily, or push the one who did the seal to the brink of the death, which would trigger an automatic response that would break the seal.

Lu Qingyu didn’t set the seal, nor did his cultivation base surpass the other party. As for the last method, he had been trying to accomplish it for hundreds of years with no success!

Lu Yaoyao tried her best to cheer her sullen Daddy, “Of course you can, Daddy! You are the best! My Daddy is the most powerful in Yuanqi Continent! There is nothing you cannot do!”

“But I like this glowing pattern, so let me keep it temporarily. Okay, Daddy?” Lu Yaoyao persuaded sweetly.

Lu Qingyu’s expression softened, and he reluctantly said: “Okay. Let’s save it for later.” He then looked at his daughter and emphasized, “We only keep the seal because you like the thing and not because This Venerable cannot take it out!”

Lu Yaoyao nodded earnestly, “Yeah! Because I like it!” A good girl knew to save her Daddy’s fragile face.

“Then Daddy, can I go out and play?” Lu Yaoyao blinked cutely. She hadn’t played enough and didn’t want to spend time cultivating in seclusion.

Lu Yaoyao stood up, preparing to jump off the ice bed. However, just as she was in midair, she was grabbed by the back of her collar and lifted into the air. “Cultivate.” Lu Qingyu’s stern voice rang, allowing no compromise.

“My seal has not been lifted.” Lu Yaoyao bargained.

“You can without lifting it.” Lu Qingyu was proud of his past self’s insight. Fortunately, he had taken enough precautions, preventing that guy from using the underhanded method to extract the devil veins from the child’s body.

“Eh?” Lu Yaoyao’s chubby face puffed up. How could it be like this?

In any case, Lu Yaoyao’s days of leisure were gone forever. The seal incident stimulated Lu Qingyu. He stopped tending to governmental affairs and began to focus on cultivation. With gritted teeth, he vowed inside: he must get stronger and defeat that damned guy once and for all!

Wait, he would definitely release the kid’s seal!

Thus, Lu Yaoyao formally began cultivating the devil way. The Devil Venerable’s exclusive retreat area was naturally the best in the entire Devil World. It was full of dense devil aura, which flew consciously into Lu Yaoyao’s dantian before moving along her body and nourishing her tendons. But after the devil aura was digested by Lu Yaoyao’s body, she couldn’t use a shred of it thanks to the seal from the artifact, which allowed the devil aura to enter but not exit.

The mountain range where Lu Yaoyao grew up for fifteen years was extremely deficient in both spiritual aura and devil aura. Despite this, her exceptional innate talent and the invaluable treasures gifted by her two fathers allowed her to rapidly advance her cultivation base. Now that Lu Yaoyao was cultivating in a place with an abundant devil aura, it was just natural that her cultivation was improving by leaps and bounds.

Half a month later, a strange phenomenon suddenly appeared in the sky above the rear cliff on the Demon Sect’s inner area. Dark and surging dark clouds shrouded the area, and lightning divided the heavy clouds into a net-like pattern that condensed and swirled around.

“The thunder tribulation of the devil core formation.” The three grand elders flew up and stopped midair as they gazed upon the devil palace shrouded in the tribulation clouds.

They quickly guessed who was overcoming the tribulation.

Her Highness was only in her teens, but her cultivation base was already this high? What a talent! In a few hundred years, their Devil Realm would likely welcome another Great Ascension!

With the mighty Venerable and his promising heir, the day when the devil race dominated the Yuanqi Continent under two Great Ascension leaders was just around the corner!

With the Devil Venerable present, no one was concerned that Her Highness would fail her tribulation. However, when the eighty-one thunderbolts struck one after another, the bystanders were stunned to see them unexpectedly mild and gentle, as though taking great care not to harm the devil undergoing tribulation.

Indeed, apart from the word ‘gentle,’ no other adjectives could describe the thunders as they fell down.

Didn’t thunder tribulation usually come with the ferocity of an enraged executioner?


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