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MSRV Ch 98 Part 1 – Starting Lessons (I)

Fu Yunruo consoled her son, “Once you grow up, the accounts will be yours.”

Wenwen still felt dejected, not at all feeling comforted. The account with tens of millions of fans still didn’t belong to him, and he lost it after gaining it. Too tragic!

He was no longer a child. He had self-control, and he would never speak recklessly online. Unfortunately, no one believed him…

Seeing the boy’s low spirits, Fu Yunruo called him over to look at the comments from her phone. She had glanced at the comments briefly and found no negative or hurtful words, only positive messages, so she felt at ease letting her son read them.

Wenwen took the phone eagerly and was overjoyed. He carefully and earnestly scrolled through each comment. In his previous life, whenever he posted something on social media, the comment section would turn into a battleground filled with harsh words, and his fans would mostly end up getting attacked. Compared to that, the comments now were so warm and kind. If his loyal fans from his previous life saw this, they might feel gratified.

Perhaps some of his previous fans were seeing it by now.

No, most of his previous fans were probably still in swaddling clothes and going to nursery school, and some might not have been born yet.

Suddenly, a smile tugged at Wenwen’s lips. Who knows, maybe he was attending school alongside his fans from his previous life!!

Seeing her son so excited, Fu Yunruo’s expression softened.

Meanwhile, Si Yue came across a popular comment under the trending topics, where someone posted a screenshot of his and Fu Yunruo’s conversation being put together.

[Yunjuan Yunshu V: My little cutie! Thank you for your support!]

[Si Yue V: Yes, our little cutie.]

[Hey, I seem to have discovered something!]

There are a bunch of replies under the comment, very lively.

[Be careful, you might get deleted!]


[You think we don’t want to? But reality doesn’t allow it!]

[Let’s wait and see when this post disappeared.]

But minutes passed on, and the comments had increased to three digits, yet the post still remained in place. Si Yue’s fans suddenly realized something and quickly started a private chat group. The number of members steadily rose, and the massive group of two thousand people quickly reached its capacity. However, the chat remained quiet, very quiet.

After a while, someone cautiously broke the silence, “So… did we accidentally get it correct?”


“Girls, I just randomly posted some gossip about Si Yue and a female artist to test the waters…”

“How is it?”

“Deleted in three seconds!”

Then they all swiftly looked at the post that was still hanging on steadily with a constant flow of new comments, and let out meaningful sounds one after another.

It’s not surprising that these fans would have wild thoughts. Among them were those who had been following Si Yue since his debut. In the past decade, what haven’t they encountered? Any news or online discussions attempting to create rumors about Si Yue or pair him up with other celebrities would quickly be deleted. Many times, they couldn’t even post such comments.

Their fandom remained calm and devoid of any chaotic behaviors. Compared to fans of other celebrities who openly shipped couples and caused uproars on the internet, these dedicated fans of Si Yue had it difficult, as they had to discreetly hide their desire to ship their beloved male lead with anyone. Even if there were fans who joined later, the veterans would educate them, and everyone would quietly adhere to the unwritten rules. Those who didn’t listen and caused trouble were long removed from the fan community.

From the beginning, strict rules had been set for the fan group, prohibiting the spread of rumors or creating CP out of Si Yue. They also knew that Si Yue had never been involved in any gossip news because the company spent a considerable amount of money each year to handle such matters.

Such treatment was extraordinary, so some fans had speculated in private whether Si Yue was related to the CEO of Apple Entertainment, but it was never confirmed, so they simply let go of their guesses.

It was quite relaxing to be a fan of a star like Si Yue, who never caused scandal or made trouble. On the other hand, this also meant that they had few chances to shine. Sometimes, when they saw fans of other artists battling fiercely online, they felt invincible yet lonely.

As early as the fans noticed the ambiguous and affectionate interactions between Si Yue and the live stream queen Yunjuan Yunshu, they had a hunch. However, given their many years of experience, even if they noticed something, the fans wouldn’t dare to speak up.

But now they actually saw someone matching Si Yue and Fu Yunruo online, even tentatively set up a CP of them, yet did not get deleted or had their account blocked. What did this mean?

It meant this was real!

Even though the fans were excited, they remained composed and didn’t spread the word. Instead, they happily discussed what name to give this CP, and a lively discussion instantly filled the private chat.

As for whether they were suitable for each other, their Brother Yue was already in his thirties. What was wrong with him having a romantic partner?

They had long prepared for the possibility of their star to be in a relationship with someone. Now that they discovered a female presence beside him, they were even more supportive.

They just felt a bit inexplicably regretful. How did things come to this point?


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