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DDDV Ch 133 Part 2 – Friends (II)

“Father and Daddy must always be with me, and if I lose either of you, I’ll die of heartbreak.”

Yao Jiuxiao lowered his gaze. “A kid should not talk about death so easily.”

“Alright!” Lu Yaoyao raised her chubby wrist and waved it. “One more thing, Father. Daddy said that you put a seal on me. Can you help me undo it?” She pouted and complained, “Daddy also sealed me, you know, he said this is for the sake of fairness! And his seal is very strict. Can you also undo it?”

“Father, let me tell you, I’ve already reached the Golden Core stage! I can protect myself! By then, I’ll be your proudest child!” In order to get Yao Jiuxiao to release the seal, Lu Yaoyao tried to persuade him with her most impassionate speech, “Imagine, I formed my foundation at four, and I’ve reached the Golden Core stage before eighteen. When I stand by your side, everyone will say that I have inherited your talent! Wow, she is indeed the only daughter of Dao Venerable Hengwu! How many people will envy me? They won’t find such a smart, talented, and beautiful daughter anywhere else!”

Yao Jiuxiao’s lips curled slightly into a doting smile, “The seal on you, Father can’t remove it. If we undo it, the devil veins in your body will be exposed.”

Guiyuan Sect was the number one sect in Cultivation World, so it was naturally strict with security. Any devil who exposed their breath within the sect’s precinct would be exposed at once… except for the Great Ascension Devil Venerable.

If Yaoyao was exposed, how could she stay peacefully in the sect?

All of this needed to be done step by step.

This particular seal would automatically lift if his daughter’s body suffered severe injuries, but she had multiple layers of protection from him and Lu Qingyu, and there wouldn’t be a day when it happened.

As long as the seal remained on her body, her devil veins would always be suppressed.

Lu Yaoyao sighed in disappointment and said dully, “Father, am I deceiving people by hiding my identity? I don’t want to deceive them. Master, my senior brothers, and my friends… they have all been so good to me. I’m worried that if they find out the truth, they’ll distance themselves from me or even resent me. Am I deceiving their feelings? I feel so selfish!”

“Do they genuinely care for you, and do you care for them genuinely, too?” Yao Jiuxiao asked.

“Of course I am! I really like them; they are the most important people to me after you, Daddy, and Brother Yuanyuan!” Lu Yaoyao exclaimed.

“If it’s a genuine exchange of sincerity, then there is no deception,” Yao Jiuxiao said in a soothing tone. “Identities, status, bloodline, these are just additional factors. What matters most is the person themselves. If you have a good friend who hides their identity from you but genuinely wants to be your friend, and they are a genuinely good person, would you distance yourself from them just because you discover they are from a different race?”

Lu Yaoyao immediately shook her head. “If they sincerely want to be my friend, and their intention wasn’t to use me, and they are genuinely a good person, I would never distance myself from them. Because they are my true friend!” Yet, she still looked troubled. “But what if others don’t think like I do?”

“That means you’re not on the same page. If your paths and principles differ, even if you don’t have a disagreement because of this, someday you might go your separate ways over other matters. Ending this kind of relationship earlier wouldn’t be a loss,” Yao Jiuxiao explained.

Lu Yaoyao nodded repeatedly. “Father, you make so much sense! Do you have friends from different races too?” She looked at him curiously.

Yao Jiuxiao: “…”

Lu Yaoyao tilted her head, waiting. No way… did Father really not have such friends? Did it mean they were not on the same page? Gosh, she and Father wouldn’t go separate ways in the future, would they?!

Lu Yaoyao began to count. On the demon race’s side, she had a lot of demon friends and adult demons who looked after her. Master, senior brothers, and the friends she met in Guiyuan were all her human acquaintances. Although she didn’t have any particular good friends in the Devil Realm, quite a number of people she could consider close to her. Then, there were also mixed and half races she had met so far…


Lu Yaoyao clenched her fists in anticipation, “Who? Do I know them?”

After a long pause, Yao Jiuxiao finally muttered a word, “Cangshan.”

Initially, Lu Yaoyao thought her father would mention a name, and it took her a moment to realize what he meant.

She broke into a wide smile, “Yes, Grandma Peach Blossom in Cangshan, Uncle Leopard… and Xiaosi’s Mom and Dad are all Father’s friends!”

Yao Jiuxiao didn’t respond immediately. Instead, he carried Lu Yaoyao out of the room, and with a swift step, they instantly disappeared from her pavilion.

The next moment, they reappeared in a courtyard on East Ninth Peak.

Lu Yaoyao looked around. Wow, wasn’t this the courtyard that looked completely out of tune with the rest of East Ninth Peak? The exquisite building was brightly lit, casting a warm and cozy glow that was different from the atmosphere she saw when she sneakily entered East Ninth Peak that day.

Lu Yaoyao hurriedly jumped down. The moment her feet touched the ground, she immediately twirled around inside the house. Her big eyes sparkled, and her cheeks turned rosy. “Father, is this the courtyard you prepared for me?”

Yao Jiuxiao didn’t say anything immediately. He watched the excited little girl twirling around. Eventually, he nodded.

Lu Yaoyao hurriedly came over and hugged Yao Jiuxiao’s legs. “Thank you, Father! I love it!”

While the courtyard might not be as large as her palace in the Devil Realm, Father had put a lot of thought when preparing it for her. Lu Yaoyao was overjoyed; this was the residence that her Father had prepared for her. She had liked it from the moment she first saw it, and now that she knew it was prepared for her by her Father, she liked it even more.

Lu Yaoyao ran happily around the courtyard, which had all the lights turned on. She ran ahead while Yao Jiuxiao followed behind, his cold expression had long since softened.

Lu Yaoyao rushed into the main bedroom and, in just a few steps, rolled around on the bed for a couple of times. Then, with excitement, she announced, “Father, I’m going to sleep here tonight!”

Naturally, Yao Jiuxiao didn’t refuse. “Okay.”

“You will take me back to my pavilion early tomorrow morning!”


“I’m going to sleep here tomorrow night too!”


Lu Yaoyao made several requests in a row, and Yao Jiuxiao promised them all. She laughed, feeling very happy and content, but still didn’t want to sleep yet. Suddenly standing up on the bed, the little girl proudly announced, “Father, look! I can transform!”


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  1. With all that sneaking around, it’s almost like they’re having a tryst, lol. I’m glad we get to see more of their father-daughter interactions, though, as they’re really sweet together. On a side note, I wonder how her father will react after seeing her devil form? Will he think it’s cute and maybe carry her around with him in that form if he wants to be with her opening, but not exposing their relationship? That would be such a cute development!
    Thanks for the nice chapter! 😀

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