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DDDV Ch 25 Part 1 – Lu Yaoyao (I)

Lu Yaoyao was sitting on the couch, facing her two tall and handsome fathers. They were looking intently at her, one with deep eyes as cold as the frost and the other with a half-smile. However, both faces were full of expectation.

Lu Yaoyao folded herself into a small ball and held her short feet with her chubby hands, showing only her pink and tender face. She then looked cutely at her two fathers with a pair of moist eyes.

Lu Qingyu’s tone was lazy, but there was a mesmerizing charm in that voice: “Zhu’er, try to call Daddy?”

Yao Jiuxiao’s voice was as cold as his face: “Shu’er, call Father.”

Lu Qingyu’s smile deepened, “Zhu’er, call Daddy first.”



Lu Yaoyao was facing the hardest choice in her whole baby life.

Should she call Daddy first, or should she call Father first?

……She was still so young. Why should she face a big dilemma that she shouldn’t bear at such a tender age? She was just a weak, pitiful, innocent, and naive little baby.

The two fathers supposedly were talking in a peaceful and friendly tone. But for some reason, Lu Yaoyao felt the atmosphere around them so frightening that she almost wanted to hug her weak and pitiful self and shivered under the blanket.

Lu Yaoyao gnawed at her little hand and opened her bright eyes widely: “Ah, ah!”

Lu Yaoyao babbled with an ignorant face. Listen, she could only say one word. She actually still couldn’t speak! Father and Daddy shouldn’t embarrass baby, okay? Mmuah!

Although Lu Qingyu didn’t understand what the child was babbling about, he could guess her meaning from her tone and expression. Lu Qingyu smiled: “Alright, kid. It doesn’t matter if you still cannot call Daddy yet. Daddy is willing to wait slowly.”

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes immediately sparkled. She nodded fervently. Right, right, she couldn’t speak yet.

As for the future? A baby couldn’t think that far. It was enough if she could pass this hurdle now!

Lu Qingyu smiled meaningfully, “Why don’t we determine her name first.”

Yao Jiuxiao agreed. He stared intently at his daughter.

Lu Yaoyao: “…” She suddenly remembered the fear of being brainwashed by two names.

Beautiful Daddy lowered his tone: “Lu Manzhu. Zhu’er, try to call this name. Don’t you like it?”

“Yao Yushu, okay?” The usually cold Beautiful Father said in a very gentle voice.

Lu Yaoyao’s head swayed from left to right. In fact, both names were good. How about she took two names…



Lu Yaoyao: “…” But even if she wanted to have two names to avoid conflicts, her Daddy and Father wouldn’t allow it!

She blinked cutely at Daddy and Father, trying to pretend to be an ignorant little baby.

Lu Qingyu grinned, “Daddy knows you can understand.”

Lu Yaoyao: “…”

“Daddy knows that Zhu’er is very smart.”

Yao Jiuxiao gently touched the child’s head without speaking.

“You should choose a name you like. No matter what name you choose, Daddy is very happy.”

Lu Yaoyao: “…” Daddy, why is your smile so scary?!

Yao Jiuxiao just stared silently from the side. His eyes were sharp.

Lu Yaoyao looked at Father, then turned to look at Daddy. Why did you make it so difficult for a little baby?!

Lu Yaoyao was furious and decided to put the matter into her hands. She would name herself!

Lu Yaoyao slapped the couch with her chubby hand, raised her eyes, and yelled fiercely with her tender babyish voice: “Lu!”

Yao Jiuxiao’s expression sunk, and Lu Qingyu smiled even more brightly.


Lu Qingyu’s smile stiffened.


Yao Jiuxiao’s icy face turned from cloudy dark to sunny bright, as if spring breeze came and blew the winter away.

Lu Yaoyao was very excited. She actually named herself! Although she had always known this name since she was born, she finally said it with her own mouth! She actually spoke three words clearly!

Lu Yaoyao straightened her little belly, raised her chubby chin proudly, and waited for her two fathers’ reaction.

Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao silently looked at the beaming little girl.

Lu Yaoyao’s proud face gradually changed into worry. Was it not good? But she always felt that it was a good name, and that she should be called by this name…

Lu Qingyu was the first to break the long silence. He slowly repeated: “Lu Yao?”

Lu Yaoyao shook her head vigorously: “Yao! Yao!”


Yes, yes! Lu Yaoyao repeatedly nodded, like a chicken pecking on rice.

“Lu Yaoyao…” Lu Qingyu smiled meaningfully, “‘The peach tree is young and elegant; Brilliant are its flowers.’1 Zhu’er’s taste is very good. The name she picked is excellent.”

Lu Yaoyao broke into a wide smile as her face became full of pride again. She couldn’t help raising her short, chubby legs. No way, who made her so smart!

Yao Jiuxiao had yet to speak, and his attitude was still unclear.

After the initial excitement faded, Lu Yaoyao looked up at her two fathers. Her short legs cocked in her arms. At first, she was very worried, fearing that Father and Daddy refused to accept the name she chose and put her into a great dilemma.

Lu Qingyu was satisfied. The child was taking his surname, which meant that she liked half the name he chose. Moreover, they both surnamed Lu, as a father and a daughter supposed to be.

Yao Jiuxiao was equally satisfied. Although his daughter’s surname was not Yao, Yaoyao (夭夭) was homophonic with the surname Yao(姚), so he was happy enough. Even though the child didn’t take the name he chose, but she also rejected the name Lu Qingyu chose. Therefore, he didn’t mind her for using the surname Lu.

Everyone was happy.

Lu Yaoyao sighed in relief. She was pleased with herself for preventing a family war from breaking out.

However, Lu Yaoyao was too naive. She didn’t know that this was just the beginning.


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  1. The peach tree is young and elegant; Brilliant are its flowers: A line from a poem that portrays the beauty of a new bride like a peach blossom. The original Chinese poem is 桃之夭夭、灼灼其华。 Yaoyao’s name is written as ‘夭夭,’ which here means ‘young and elegant.’

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