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DDDV Ch 28 Part 2 – Her Father and Her Daddy (II)

After they walked out of the barrier, Lu Yaoyao quickly heard lively noises some distance away. She immediately became antsy. She twisted her small body and stretched out her neck, trying to take a better look. Lu Yaoyao saw a large number of demons, all she had seen before, surrounding a super large beast carcass.

Those demons immediately noticed the arrival of the family of three and greeted them enthusiastically.

“Brother Lu and Brother Jiuxiao, you are here!”

“We hunted a spirit beast today!”

“It’s been a long time…”


The demons felt quite awkward. This morning, they originally wanted to invite the two powerful stone demons to hunt together. However, both Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao were very strong and could easily hunt a spirit beast alone. The Cangshan demons felt embarrassed to invite them, feeling that their group would only hinder the two and take advantage of their strength. Unexpectedly, the hunting group managed to kill a spirit beast so smoothly this time. Moreover, this spirit beast was a high-quality one, which made the situation a bit awkward when the family of three came out.

Lu Yaoyao didn’t know her neighbors’ inner dilemma as she looked over in curiosity. She had never seen such a large beast before. It was now dead and lying on the ground, like a small hill.

These demons are amazing, ah!

The young cubs were playing nearby. Seeing Lu Yaoyao, they immediately hopped over: “Little cub, little cub!”

After the winter, the little squirrel lost part of his body fat. However, he was still chubby, and his fur was as shiny and fluffy as usual. His family obviously fed him well.

“Hello, uncle!” The group of little cubs stood in a row in front of Yao Jiuxiao and greeted in unison.

Lu Yaoyao was very happy when seeing the little friends she hadn’t seen for a long time. She twisted her upper body, trying to get down on the ground: “Father, go down!”

Yao Jiuxiao glanced down. Due to the melting snow, the ground was wet, and the brown soil that was not covered with plants was also muddy. Looking at the dirty ground, he firmly held his daughter in his hands and didn’t allow her to sit on the ground.

Lu Yaoyao couldn’t persuade her Father to let her down, so she stretched her upper body as far as possible to talk to her little friends. She said solemnly: “I have a name! My name is, Lu Yaoyao!”

“Yaoyao! Yaoyao!” The little squirrel bounced around in excitement, splashing muddy water around. It took him a moment before he remembered to introduce himself: “My name is Xiaoqi!”

The rabbit next to him also said hastily: “My, my name is Shi’er!”

“My name is Sansan!”


These cubs’ names were simple. Like the little squirrel, he ranked seventh among his siblings, so he was called Xiaoqi (Little Seven). Meanwhile, the little rabbit was ranked twelfth at home, so he was called Bai Shi’er (White Twelve). In comparison, the name ‘Yaoyao’ was really nice. Lu Yaoyao was very happy. After all, this was the name she picked herself.

However, her friends’ names were also very nice: so simple and easy to remember.

“Yaoyao, you have grown up!”

“Yaoyao, you can talk?”

“Yaoyao, Yaoyao…”

While the cubs were having their reunions, the adult demons also had their discussion in small voices. After exchanging whispers, one of them, a cat-eared demon, walked forward with a large piece of still-bloody meat in his hands. He wrapped the meat with a piece of leaf and handed it to Lu Qingyu: “Brother, this is for your family’s cub. The meat is delicious and tender. Cubs love to eat it.”

The stone spirit cub gained her form in Cangshan. Therefore, everyone agreed that she was part of Cangshan’s cubs. As her elders, no one had any opinion for giving a share of the meat to a junior.

Lu Qingyu originally wanted to refuse, but when he heard that the meat was liked by cubs, he quickly accepted and put it into his grotto-space. But he didn’t want to receive favors for nothing, so he took out a bag full of things and threw it to the cat-eared demon: “I’m buying it.”

“But…” Before the demon could react, Lu Qingyu had already turned his back and left. Obviously, he had no patience to listen to nonsense.

Meanwhile, the youths who had been gathering around to watch the spirit beast were now coming to Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao.

A beautiful rabbit demon girl came to Lu Qingyu, her face was slightly blushed: “Brother Yu, it’s been a long time. Do you remember me? I am Liuhua…”

Lu Qingyu put on a friendly smile: “Of course I remember. Miss Liuhua, how are you recently?”

The rabbit girl blushed even more. She replied shyly: “I’m okay…”

Others girls didn’t want to be outdone. One of them pushed the rabbit girl aside and said sweetly: “Brother Yu, long time no see. It seems that you have become more charming than ever…”

“Brother Yu…”

Lu Qingyu was immediately surrounded by a group of fangirls.

On the other side, several other demon girls looked hesitatingly at Yao Jiuxiao, who was surrounded by a bunch of cubs. The soft and cute cub in his arms greatly diluted his coldness, making him looked more approachable.

Young male demons regarded Yao Jiuxiao as their idol. Now that they finally saw him, they were unwilling to miss the chance. After some contemplation, they finally bit the bullet and stepped forward, wanting to strike a conversation.

Seeing this, the girls also followed suit.

Lu Yaoyao was talking to her friends when she suddenly found her Father was surrounded by many big brothers and big sisters.

When she took a look at Daddy, he was also surrounded by many big sisters.

So Father and Daddy are very popular? These brothers and sisters really had good eyes!

Lu Yaoyao’s little chest puffed out as she basked in pride.

“Father, Father.” Lu Yaoyao grabbed Yao Jiuxiao’s sleeve. “Go and chat with brothers and sisters.” Lu Yaoyao was a considerate little girl. She would play with her little friends so her Father would be free to have fun without her.

Yao Jiuxiao was silent, expressing his refusal with a cold face.

Lu Yaoyao was dismayed. How could this be okay? No matter how taciturn Father was, he had to make friends! Chatting with friends was so fun, ah!

Lu Yaoyao looked over at the other side. Daddy was flourishing over there. He was chatting and laughing, and obviously was getting along very well with those big sisters. So she reached out her hands towards Lu Qingyu and shouted with her milky voice: “Daddy! Daddy!”

Lu Yaoyao was very worried. It must be because she was here that Father couldn’t go and make new friends. Since Daddy had had enough fun, she wouldn’t disturb him even if she went over there, right?

Lu Qingyu walked over, followed by a group of demon girls.


“Daddy, hug!”

Lu Qingyu stepped forward and hugged Lu Yaoyao, humming: “Isn’t he your favorite, huh?”

Lu Yaoyao said sweetly, “I like both of you!” She then quickly turned her head: “Father…” Go and make friends!

However, at some point, the place had been totally silent.

After a while, one of the demon girls pointed tremblingly at Yao Jiuxiao: “Father?”

The rabbit girl Liuhua also raised her finger and pointed at Lu Qingyu in disbelief: “Daddy?”

“You two…”

“They are…”

Lu Yaoyao blinked and said cutely, “Yes, Father, Daddy!” They were her Father and her Daddy!

After a short silence—


The girls ran away crying, totally heartbroken.

More than a dozen demon girls ran away in an instant, leaving chilly wind behind.

Lu Yaoyao was puzzled. What’s wrong with those big sisters? Why did they run?


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Translator’s note:

The cat’s out of the bag, breaking countless hearts in its wake….

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