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DDDV Ch 29 – Who is Stronger? Me or Him?

Breaking news! The two stone demons in Cangshan Mountain turned out to be a couple!

The news went to all parts of Cangshan like a bolt of lightning and quickly spread out. It didn’t take a long time for the entire residence of Duanping Mountain to know everything that should and should not be known.

Many young female demons were crying in heartbreak. The atmosphere was full of gloom.

“I heard that the two stone demons are a daoist couple…”

“Have you heard? That little stone demon is their cub…”

“It seems that Brother Yu is the one who gave birth to the cub…”

“Did you know? It turns out that the two stone demons’ family opposed their relationship, so they eloped to Cangshan and gave birth to a child together…”

The union between cultivators was not limited to the harmony of Yin and Yang. There were many same-gender couples in this world, and there was nothing strange in it. But in the case of Cangshan’s two stone demons, they seldom appeared in the same frame. Even on the rare events when they came out together, the aura between them was intimidating and distant, which made some demons privately gossiped that those two had a bad relationship.

Therefore, everyone naturally assumed that the two lived together by chance to take care of the newborn stone demon, and no one ever thought that the family of three was really one ‘family.’

The demons were so heartbroken that the entire Duanping Mountain Range fell into a heavy gloominess. Young female demons cried over the abrupt end of their love, for that person already had someone special by his side. The number of tears they shed could even rival the water from the melting ice and snow.

Meanwhile, older demons lamented the fact that they had lost two excellent potential sons-in-law.

The most related party was always the last to know. When the final version of the scandal reached Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao’s ears, the two venerables’ reactions were beyond belief. The expression on their faces was far worse than Yao Jiuxiao’s face when he was forced to drink the black broth.

Dared to spread the rumors of them being a couple? Were those demons bored of life?

Lu Qingyu was full of displeasure: “Nonsense! How can this kid be born of This Venerable!” Why wasn’t it Yao Jiuxiao who gave birth to her! Not only did they spread baseless rumors, but even the content was also so outrageous!

What eloped for love, what gave birth to offspring in a male body? …He and Yao Jiuxiao? Who were they kidding?!

There were even demons who thought that he was actually a woman?!

Lu Yaoyao asked curiously, “Daddy, who gave birth to me?”

Lu Qingyu pointed at Yao Jiuxiao, “It’s him!”

Lu Yaoyao turned at Yao Jiuxiao and blinked.

Yao Jiuxiao glared at Lu Qingyu coldly. Worried that his daughter might have a wrong perception, he explained: “You are a natural spiritual fetus and came out of a spiritual stone.”

Lu Qingyu smiled: “Yes. You popped out from the stone.”

Lu Yaoyao still remembered the scene when she was born. She remembered that she was born after kicking something strange with her hands and feet.

Was that a stone shell?

So she popped out from the stone…

A question suddenly popped up in her mind: “Am I Father and Daddy’s biological daughter?”

“Of course!” Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao said in unison.

“Then why wasn’t I born from you?”

“Because you grew up inside a stone.”

“Then who is my mother?” Lu Yaoyao tilted her head, confused. She had recently discovered that other cubs had a father and a mother. Only she alone was different. Instead of a father and a mother, she had a father and a daddy.

Lu Yaoyao pulled Lu Qingyu’s sleeve, “Daddy, do I have a mother?”

Lu Qingyu looked at Yao Jiuxiao, throwing the question at him. Yao Jiuxiao glanced coldly before turning to Lu Yaoyao and said in a warm tone: “No.”

“Why, ah?”

Lu Qingyu answered casually, “Because you popped out from a stone.”

Lu Yaoyao nodded. So it was so. But she always felt that something was wrong with Daddy and Father’s explanation. However, she couldn’t pinpoint what was wrong and why. It was as if there was a fog in her brain, making her confused and dizzy.

Lu Qingyu didn’t want to pay attention to the stupid scandal, but he suddenly discovered that his popularity had greatly deteriorated. Before, whenever he walked outside, there would always be a group of demon girls around him, very eager and enthusiastic. Although he wasn’t interested in any of these weak demons, the males of the devil race always liked when other creatures were fascinated and charmed by them. But now, whenever Duanping demons — especially young women — saw him from a distance, they would either turn around or hid, and no longer surrounded him as before.

Lu Qingyu took the initiative to talk to a demon girl. But she blushed and glared at him: “How can you still hook up with other demons when you already have a daoist companion? Aren’t you afraid that Senior Yao will be sad?”

The demon girl’s eyes were full of disapproval and condemnation, as if looking at a scumbag. She stomped her feet, turned around, and ran away quickly.

Lu Qingyu: “…” No, wait, what did this have anything to do with Yao Jiuxiao?

Lu Qingyu went to find other girls, but their reactions were even more exaggerating. When they saw him, they would scream and run in opposite directions. Not only girls, but even some young male demon also avoided him in caution, as if he was a scourge.

“…” This damn scandal affected his pleasure.

Lu Qingyu returned home with a dark face.

At this time, Yao Jiuxiao was practicing swordsmanship with Lu Yaoyao as his audience. The little dumpling was placed on a beast skin blanket not far away, watching her Father with the greatest enthusiasm. She stood up tremblingly from time to time, clapping and laughing in joy.

Ever since Yao Jiuxiao saw his daughter’s reaction upon seeing him practicing his sword, a switch seemed to be flipped in his mind, and he began to practice by the lake every day.

Every time, Lu Yaoyao would watch from the side.

Lu Qingyu noticed Yao Jiuxiao’s bad intention and also began practicing martial arts in front of Lu Yaoyao. As a result, the girl enjoyed a double amount of visual feast every day.

But today, Lu Qingyu was not in the mood to compete with Yao Jiuxiao and sat sullenly on the blanket.

Lu Yaoyao noticed the aura of gloominess coming out from her Daddy. She crawled a bit, leaned her small body, raised her head, and blinked her big eyes: “Daddy~”

“Daddy, what’s the matter with you?”

Lu Qingyu stroke Lu Yaoyao’s head. His lips curled upward as he replied: “Daddy is okay.”

Lu Yaoyao didn’t care that Daddy was messing up with her pretty hairdo. She stared up for a long time without a word.

Lu Qingyu noticed Lu Yaoyao’s gaze: “What’s the matter?”

“Why don’t you ask me today whether you or Father is more powerful?” Lu Yaoyao was very worried. Daddy didn’t bother her today, which was very abnormal.

Lu Qingyu asked casually, “Who is more powerful? Me or him?”

Lu Yaoyao puffed out her small chest, raised her chin, and said proudly: “Of course I am the most powerful!”

Lu Qingyu was immediately distracted by the stinky girl’s answer: “Why are you more powerful than us?”

Lu Yaoyao raised her chubby little chin proudly: “As long as I cry, you and Father will surrender.”

Lu Qingyu: “…”


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  1. I love how everyone just assumed which of the two is the gong and shou in this “relationship” Lmao Thanks for the updates!

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