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DDDV Ch 34 Part 2 – Totally Incompatible (II)

When Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao sent Lu Yaoyao to bed, they saw the girl carefully placed an ordinary little stone next to her pillow. They only glanced at it for a moment, but did not stop her.

After the child fell asleep, the two adults who didn’t need to sleep fell into silence. After a moment, it was Yao Jiuxiao who took the initiative to speak: “Yaoyao’s birthday is coming soon.”

If it hadn’t been for Yaoyao to mention her friend’s birthday, the two great ancestors wouldn’t have remembered that their daughter’s first birthday was coming soon. When they first began raising the child, each day seemed like a century. But now, they suddenly felt that time flew so fast.

It was as if yesterday that Yaoyao was still a baby who could only lie and babble on their hands. In a blink of an eye, she could already jump around and talk.

Among the human race, some people couldn’t cultivate and had a short lifespan less than one hundred years. Therefore, they attached great importance to birthdays and put great efforts into celebrating every time.

Regardless of the race, once someone set foot on the road of cultivation, their lifespan would increase with their cultivation base. A cultivator’s retreat often could be measured in dozens to hundreds of years, so cultivators seldom celebrated a birthday except when it was of a special significance. Such as full moon1 that symbolized birth, or coming-of-age ceremony. If a cultivator was favored by their family or sect, a banquet would be held on their behalf. For average cultivators, milestones in cultivation such as the Nascent Soul ceremony, Golden Core celebration, and tying a knot with dao companion were more important than birthdays, and they preferred celebrating those events instead.

Yao Jiuxiao’s most recent birthday celebration was held for his thousand-year-old birthday.

Lu Qingyu was even worse. Devil race didn’t pay attention to such useless matters, so they naturally didn’t care about birthdays. However, he knew that both the human and demon race occasionally celebrated birthdays.

—What other cubs had, his little princess naturally couldn’t lack.

“Should we also invite the demons around to celebrate the kid’s birthday?” As soon as the proposal came out of his lips, even Lu Qingyu himself rejected it. If he were to celebrate Yaoyao’s birthday in the Devil Realm, it naturally would be a grand event that involved the whole devil race. As a result, he could only find some ant-like little demons to congratulate his daughter’s birthday in such a remote and barren land? Lu Qingyu felt too wronged on his daughter’s behalf. As Demon Realm’s little princess, how could such a group of small fry be worthy to attend such a big event as her birthday?

Lu Qingyu suddenly felt annoyed again. If he succeeded in bringing the kid back to the Devil Realm a few months ago, how could she be so wronged now?

Yao Jiuxiao also frowned. Not because he felt wronged for his daughter, but because he felt troubled. He liked tranquility and didn’t want to communicate with others. Just thinking about noisy crowd gave him a headache. Yao Jiuxiao finally said: “Just me and you.” It was enough for the two of them to celebrate the child’s birthday.

Lu Qingyu thought for a while and rarely had no rebuttal: “Okay.”

He also felt that it would be better to have just the three of them rather than calling those neighboring demons to come.

However, both Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao were two great ancestors who had never personally taken care of any banquets or celebrations. On top of that, their previous experience obviously could not be applied to the present. The celebration itself was easy to solve, for they could observe how the squirrel family gave their cub a birthday celebration. However, the gift was more troublesome.

After thinking hard, Yao Jiuxiao finally dug out a scene from the corner of his thousands of years of memory. In that memory, it seemed that a child was happy receiving a gift made by his father, so Yao Jiuxiao decided to also make a gift for his daughter.

Originally, Lu Qingyu wanted to give the kid some delicious food, which surely would make her jump up in joy. But then he saw Yao Jiuxiao.

Yao Jiuxiao sat under the eaves, holding a plain-looking knife in his right hand and a long charcoal-like black wood in his left hand. He busily shaved the wood.

Lu Qingyu saw at a glance that it was a ten thousand years old profound wood, which was good material for making magical artifacts. He casually asked, “What are you doing?” Was this guy playing with wood? Since when Dao Venerable Hengwu had such a childish hobby?

Yao Jiuxiao didn’t intend to respond, but Lu Qingyu kept bothering, so he answered succinctly: “Making a wooden sword.” Imagining his daughter holding a wooden sword and followed him to practice, Yao Jiuxiao’s gaze softened.

Lu Qingyu immediately saw through Yao Jiuxiao’s intention. He sneered: “Do you want to turn This Venerable’s little princess into a cold sword cultivator like you?”

Hearing Lu Qingyu’s words, the softness on Yao Jiuxiao’s eyes instantly dissipated, and his gaze darkened.

“What the use of a girl using a sword to slash and kill? It’s better to use a whip. She could hit whomever not pleasing to her eyes.”

Yao Jiuxiao frowned, “Lu Qingyu, stop instilling improper thoughts on Yaoyao.”

Lu Qingyu didn’t care, nor did he feel that he was wrong. “Our demon race is always free and unfettered.” If he felt something to be an eyesore, let alone just a few whips, it was nothing to kill directly.

Yao Jiuxiao’s tone was icy, “Being free and unfettered is not a reason for wanton killing.”

Lu Qingyu sneered again, “Listening to your tone, it is as like human race never does harm or kill. Even though your people’s methods are more vicious than us devils.”

“Don’t forget, she will inherit Devil Realm in the future. You teach her kindness and benevolence. Do you want her to be eaten alive by other devils?”

“You and I are different.” Yao Jiuxiao knew that this argument was a waste of time. After all, he knew exactly what kind of person Lu Qingyu, this hopeless case, was.

They were totally incompatible.

As long as he was alive, he wouldn’t let harm befall the child. Even if…his life came to an end one day, he would be sure to find a person who would protect her for the rest of her life.

Yao Jiuxiao stopped talking. He lowered his head again and continued shaving the wood carefully. Wanting to make the gift a surprise, Yao Jiuxiao deliberately chose the time when Lu Yaoyao was not at home or when she was asleep to do the work. He couldn’t avoid Lu Qingyu’s eyes, but fortunately, the other guy merely sneered twice and didn’t stop him from making the gift.

However, the atmosphere between them once again fell to a freezing point.


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  1. Full moon celebration: The first milestone of a newborn, when a one-month-old baby was presented for the first time to family members, relatives, and friends.

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