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DDDV Ch 36 Part 1 – Beat Lighter, Please… (I)

Duanping’s cubs usually played on the mountain where they lived, but occasionally, they would also run over to nearby mountains. Cangshan Mountain was located on the southeast part of Duanping Mountain Range, only two mountains away from the nearest border to the wasteland.

A group of cubs walked vigorously and soon ran over two mountains, out of the range of Duanping Mountain Range. Lu Yaoyao was still in a daze, but she was soon affected by her friends’ excitement and became energetic.

So interesting!

They stopped at a high place outside the Duanping Mountains, where they overlooked the boundless open field of wilderness. At first glance, there was no road to traverse, nor signs to where to go. Facing the completely unfamiliar scenery, the cubs stepped back and paused timidly for a while.

“Where should we go?”

“My mom said the outside world is scary. There are big monsters that like to eat cubs.”

“My dad also said that there are demons outside whose job is catching little cubs. If we are caught, we won’t be able to see our parents again.”

It was the cubs first time going out of the Duanping border. Hearing their friends said so, the others became even more timid. But Lu Yaoyao was different. This was not her first time out, so she was more experienced than her friends.

Lu Yaoyao subconsciously puffed up her chest proudly.

This was her second time going out!

The first time, she was taken away by Daddy…who ran away from home.

Lu Yaoyao sighed. Why was she so predestined with running away from home? But Lu Yaoyao still remembered that when she went out with Father and Daddy last winter, they encountered many mutant beasts. Although Father and Daddy easily defeated them, the beasts were still very terrifying to little cubs.

Lu Yaoyao said solemnly: “Let’s go back. There are scary beasts outside. I have seen them.”

All eyes suddenly turned to her: “Yaoyao has seen them?”

Lu Yaoyao nodded her small head, “Yeah! The beasts are so big. With its mouth open, it can eat all of us in one bite!”

Lu Yaoyao tried to open her small mouth as large as possible to add more realism to her story.

The cubs were startled, and their eyes widened in fright.

“So scary!”

“Let’s go back.”

“Yeah, yeah. Let’s stop running away from home.”

At first, Song Xiaoqi was also scared, but the juvenile’s rebellious temperament made him unwilling to turn his back. “What are we afraid of? We will definitely not meet such a scary beast outside!” The little squirrel pointed his paw to the vast wilderness of wasteland. “We have gone this far. Don’t you want to see the outside world?”

A gust of wind blew, rustling the dense grasses.

The cubs looked at each other, and their hearts began to sway. The parents always described the outside world as a frightening place, but they felt it so exciting!

Lu Yaoyao tilted her head. She didn’t want to go. The outside world in her memory was nothing but a blank whiteness. In fact, there was nothing fun except for playing with Father and Daddy.

Song Xiaoqi leaped and ran down the slope. His small body was instantly swallowed among the tall grass.

Worried that her little friend would get lost, Lu Yaoyao hurriedly followed suit.

When other cubs saw this, they quickly ran to catch up: “Wait for us!”

The cubs rushed down and entered the vast wasteland. It was a place so quiet that there seemed no other living beings here. When they looked down from the slope before, the cubs only felt that the grass seemed to be very dense. Once they walked in, they realized that the grass was not only dense, but also very tall. After the cubs entered, they felt as if the grass-covered even the sky.

A bunch of cubs walked aimlessly among the dense foliage. Lu Yaoyao was very uncomfortable. Whenever she walked, her face and hands were hit by grass blades and leaves.

Finally, the cubs arrived at an open area and stopped. All of them were covered with grass, and those with white fur had been dyed green.

Lu Yaoyao’s situation was no better, and even the little buns Father tied for her had also been messed up. She raised her head and looked around. Everywhere she turned, tall grasses were blocking her sight. Lu Yaoyao’s cheeks bulged: “Let’s go back. Running away from home is not fun at all.”

Other cubs lay on the ground and nodded deeply. They were so tired!

Song Xiaoqi, who ran first, had also found that running away from home was not as exciting as he had imagined. He hung his head in frustration, “It’s really not fun.” They ran for so long, but didn’t see anything of interest. The outside world was not as fun as Cangshan!

Bai Shi’er said: “Let’s go back.”

The cubs agreed. Lu Yaoyao immediately prepared to go back home, but when she looked around, she became confused, “Which direction is Cangshan?”

When they ran, they didn’t pay attention to directions. At this moment, they looked around and found that everywhere looked the same. Lu Yaoyao tried to pinpoint, but she didn’t know which direction their home was in.

Other cubs looked at each other in confusion. They also didn’t know!

Just as they were at a loss of what to do, the grass on their right suddenly swayed violently. The next moment, a mutant beast with a mouthful of exposed fangs jumped out, preying at the group of fresh cubs full of spiritual aura.

The cubs were startled and quickly squeezed into a ball, shivering.

Demons ate spirit beasts and mutant beasts. Equally so, carnivorous spirit beasts and mutant beasts also hunted demon cubs. This mutant beast was huge and looked very scary. For a bunch of cubs who were born and grew up in peaceful Cangshan, they had never encountered such a danger in their short life.

Lu Yaoyao had seen mutant beasts before. Daddy could wipe out such a huge beast with just a wave of his hand, so she didn’t feel much scared.

But Daddy wasn’t here now…

Lu Yaoyao glanced back and saw a group of fluffy cubs huddled together into one ball and shivered in fright. The beast kept staring at them, drooling greedily. Lu Yaoyao’s short legs trembled, but she tried her best to stand still and glared fiercely at the beast. Clenching her chubby fists, the little girl tried her best to make a scary expression: “Don’t come here. I am very fierce!”

When Song Xiaoqi saw how the youngest Yaoyao was so brave, he plucked up his courage and stood up: “Ya-Yaoyao, don’t be afraid. I am fatter than you and have more meat. When he eats me first, you quickly run!”

Bai Shi’er also jumped out, crying, “I am fatter. You can eat me first…”

Lu Yaoyao didn’t want her friends to be eaten. She said fiercely: “My Father and Daddy are so powerful, I must be powerful too! Let’s beat this beast together!”

“Yes, let’s beat it!” Other cubs also lit up their courage. Although they were still very scared, they hardened their mind to protect each other, shaking their little fluffy bodies to stand together.

The mutant beast was unaware of the cubs’ mental change, but it intuitively felt a presence among these little cubs that made it wary, which was why it didn’t rush to eat them immediately. But the beast couldn’t resist its hunger, especially the furless little cub who looked so attractive. The beast’s claws scratched the ground, then it opened its big mouth full of large fangs and roared.


The cubs had never learned to hunt before. They only knew to utilize the demonic aura in their body to make themselves more agile. When the mutant beast rushed in, they screamed and ran away in all directions.


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