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MSRV Ch 28 Part 1 – First Meeting (I)

‘Different Life’ was one of the hottest variety shows in recent years, and now its latest season had two big stars joining, which transformed the show into one of the most popular variety shows of this year. The theme for this season was ‘Return to Earth,’ which focused on the casts and guests on leisure vacation and doing simple tasks. The reason was that the permanent casts had worked hard after shooting so many episodes, so this season was prepared to let them relax a bit.

Of course, that was the official statement. As everyone knew, the production team definitely wouldn’t make the show too easy and boring.

After the permanent casts and special guests officially met and exchanged greetings, they boarded the car prepared by the crew and headed to their destination. Five cars of the same model lined up in a row and drove in the same direction, followed by several prop vans, which was quite a spectacular scene.

Two stars were appointed on each car. Si Yue sat with He Ling, the older brother figure among the show’s permanent casts. Although He Ling was not as famous as Si Yue, he was also a veteran in the entertainment circle. After seeing Si Yue’s approachable attitude, he also relaxed his manner and chatted leisurely.

There were six permanent casts in the show, and two special guests were invited to record the show for half a month in each session. The oldest of the permanent casts, He Ling, was a veteran actor. Forty-eight this year, he was the elegant, mature, and steady eldest brother.

The second child, Ouyang Xingheng, was responsible for being the IQ in the group. He had fine senses of humor and liked to make jokes with a serious face. Today he rode in the same car as the fourth child Xin Xu who assumed the role of the group’s cute fool.

The road was long, and the two bored people in the car began to exchange dry jokes to see who could make the other laugh first. None of them had laughed, but the audience broke into laughter.

The third child, He Daosheng, was an entertainer who debuted in the livestreaming industry. He sat with Weng Huaibei, the fifth child who had a straightforward personality. They had endless topics to chat about.

The sixth and youngest child was Hua Caicai, who was also the only girl in the group. She thus was seated in the same car as the female special guest Fang Xueruo. Fang Xueruo originally chatted with Hua Caicai; as a result, she was always cornered speechless by Hua Caicai, who seemed to be the true embodiment of a bickering contrarian1.

Fang Xueruo’s fans, called ‘snowballs,’4 were also watching the livestream. They all loved her wonderful remarks against other casts. Seeing Fang Xueruo’s fans attacked their idols, the rainbows immediately launched a counterattack.

Although Huo Caicai’s fans were fewer in numbers than Fang Xueruo’s fans, they all loved their idol. Each fan seemed to be a talented disciple who inherited Hua Caicai’s sharp tongue. Although they lost in number, their momentum didn’t lose to Fang Xueruo’s fans.

In the end, due to the bumpy road, Fang Xueruo seemed to be uncomfortable and stopped talking under the reason of motion sickness. The snowballs covered the comment area, expressing their distress, but they were no longer so aggressive.

In the beginning, the production team and casts gathered in the county town. But after driving for five or six hours, the cars ran along section after section of mountain roads.

Weng Huaibei looked at the increasingly deserted mountainous roads and said with worry: “Are the crew trying to sell us?”

He Daosheng calmly said: “Why are you afraid of? Even if they want to sell people, they will sell Brother Yue first.”

Weng Huaibei nodded earnestly: “Makes sense.”

After a long journey, they arrived at a tiny town that clearly hadn’t been baptized by industrial changes. The streets and buildings in the town looked dull and old, without any glamor one could find in big cities. However, the town was quite lively, with stalls on both sides of the road, open shops, and busy passersby.

The locals had simple and honest appearances. They all looked over with curiosity upon seeing the arrival of the group of strangers that clearly looked out of place here. The locals didn’t get closer. Instead, they stopped and watched from afar, curiously talking: “Are those the big stars?”

“Oh, that young man looks so energetic!”

“I know him. He is the Genghis Khan on the TV!”

At first glance, it seemed that the people on the streets mainly were either elderly or children. There were not many young people. Older people didn’t pay attention to popular stars, and most of them didn’t like watching idol dramas popular among teenagers and young adults. At their age, they either watched classical war drama, serious history, or similar genres.

Moreover, they only remembered the actors’ roles on the TV and didn’t care about the real people. The only person they had an impression of was Si Yue, who starred in a historical drama as Genghis Khan. Others, the locals were not familiar. They vaguely remembered seeing a few faces in the commercial, but they couldn’t recall the names.

But some young teenagers screamed in excitement when they saw these famous stars.


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  1. Bickering contrarian: An internet slang that is hard to translate into English…the original term is 杠精 (gàng jīng), which refers to someone who likes to disagree, antagonize, or argue with others for the sake of being difficult i.e., a contrarian.
  2. ‘Xue’ from Xueruo name literally means snow.2 felt distressed on her behalf and began to criticize Hua Caicai for bullying the guest and deliberately made it difficult for their Xuexue.

    However, Hua Caicai fans the ‘rainbows’3 The character ‘Cai’ in Hua Caicai’s name is used in the word that means ‘rainbow.’

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  1. Ha! As I was reading and the descriptions of the show and the cast members were provided, I was picturing SeokJin as the eldest cast, Song JoongKi as the smart cast member, Kang Gary as the comic relief dude and of course, Song JiHyo as the sharp tongued cast member. ^^

  2. > Fang Xueruo’s fans, called ‘snowballs,’4 were also watching the livestream. They all loved her wonderful remarks against other casts. Seeing Fang Xueruo’s fans attacked their idols, the rainbows immediately launched a counterattack.

    For this section, I think the coding for the reference broke since part of the paragraph is within the explanation for 4.

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