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DDDV Ch 40 Part 2 – The Silver Wolf Clan (II)

Lu Qingyu comforted half-heartedly: “In fact, it is not as bad as you think. Only humans grow quickly, as they reach adulthood at eighteen. Our devil…I mean, our demon race only reaches adulthood at one hundred. In two realms of devil and demon, an eighteen-year-old cub is still a little baby.”

“If you can reach the Nascent Soul stage before you turn one hundred, you can reshape your body, and there will be no different. It won’t take long.”

If a cultivator could reach the Nascent Soul stage before turning 300, they would be heralded as a genius. But Lu Yaoyao was not an ordinary genius. Lu Qingyu believed that his daughter would definitely be able to reach the Nascent Soul stage in less than one hundred years.

Besides, Lu Qingyu secretly felt that it was good for the child to keep her current cute and tiny appearance. He could easily hold her in his arms and carry her with him.

After listening to her Daddy’s comfort, Lu Yaoyao cried even more sadly. Indeed, demons reached adulthood at a hundred years of age, but they also grew up slowly over the years and wouldn’t stay as little cubs forever. Imagining herself stayed as a child for at least one hundred years while her other friends slowly grew up, Lu Yaoyao felt even more heartbroken.

Lu Qingyu coaxed: “If it’s Yaoyao, you definitely won’t need one hundred years to reach the Nascent Soul stage.”

“How long will I take?” Lu Yaoyao rubbed her eyes.

“Fifty years.”

Lu Yaoyao sniffed and finally stopped crying. Fifty years was a long time, but compared to one hundred years, it was barely acceptable. Having regained her spirit, Lu Yaoyao held her belly and said pitifully: “I’m hungry.”

Yao Jiuxiao, who had been silent all the time, went out to cook Lu Yaoyao’s food. The child was asleep for half a month without eating, so she must be famished now.

Lu Yaoyao’s sudden cry interrupted Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao’s interrogation. They had no time to settle the account with the child, but the pile of snacks on the table was confiscated.

Lu Yaoyao was heartbroken. But thinking that she could save more in the future, she had no objection. However, it didn’t take long for the girl to realize how naive she was. Her Father and Daddy no longer gave her any snacks!

She tried her best to act cutely and blowing rainbow farts every day, and Father and Daddy also reacted as usual. To make things fresh, she even racked her brain and created multiple variations of rainbow farts, but they still didn’t give her any snacks!

On top of that, her days of freedom were gone. Since that day, Lu Yaoyao had to endure hardship every day and drag her small body to study under her two fathers. She had to get up early every day to practice the sword in the morning, practice the whip in the afternoon, and then study the books in the evening.

Too tragic!!!

When Lu Yaoyao was confined at home to study, a large number of demons were approaching Duanping Mountains Range. This group of demons was not weak. Among them, there were strong demons at the level of Demon Core, young demons with incomplete transformations, and many demons still in their original forms.

These demons were members of the same clan — the silver wolf clan.

In the middle of the procession was an ordinary-looking carriage, pulled by four sturdy-looking wolf demons. Two other wolf demons acted as the group’s scouts. They ran past a high hill forward, stretched their bodies, and howled towards the sky: “Owooooo….!!!”

The rest of the group heard this signal and stopped. They turned their head and looked in the direction of the howl.

Almost there.

“Husband.” A gentle voice of a young woman came from the carriage.

Hearing this call, the young man heading the group walked back to the side of the carriage. “Qianniang, what’s the matter?”

A slender white hand opened the carriage curtain, and a beautiful woman with a slightly haggard face but strong eyes poked her head out: “Have we arrived at Duanping Mountains Range?”

“Soon.” The young man put his hand on the curtain and looked at the woman with gentle eyes.

The woman retracted her hand and gently stroked the fur of a little wolf cub lying on her thigh. The little white wolf was only as big as an adult’s palm. He lay with eyes closed on his mother’s thigh, his chubby belly slightly undulated.

“Does the king really disregard our past loyalty and friendship?”

Even before the silver wolf clan reached their destination, they already noticed the desolateness of this place. The aura here was so barren, almost negligible, which came as a big shock for the group of demons who had been living in the demon capital since they were young. For a place to develop into a demon capital, having an abundance of aura was a must. All the five demon capitals where the five demon kings resided were all located on a huge spiritual vein. The silver wolf clan was ordered to move from a prosperous place to a desolate area they had never heard of before, which was no different than an exile in disguise.

The young man looked at the little white wolf. There was a trace of worry in his eyes, but he said firmly: “Let’s take things slowly. Don’t worry. No matter what the future is, our family will always be together.”

After he spoke, the young man put down the curtain and commanded with a loud voice: “Onward!”

This young man was the leader of the silver wolf clan and also one of the generals under the command of the White Tiger Demon King. However, at this moment, he and his whole clan were exiled in disguise by the same demon king they had served loyally for years and were sent to govern the remote and barren Duanping Mountain Range.

Before their arrival, this place had never been governed by anyone.


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