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DDDV Ch 47 Part 1 – Congenital Deficiency (I)

Lu Yaoyao didn’t know what Lu Qingyu was thinking. She picked up Yin Si and happily introduced her little friend to him, “Daddy, this is my new friend Yin Si!” Then she introduced Lu Qingyu to Yin Si, “Xiaosi, This is my Daddy!”

The little silver wolf raised his head and looked at Lu Qingyu. For a moment, he felt a sense of danger go through his spine. But this feeling soon disappeared, quick enough that Yin Si thought it was just his imagination.

This place was Yaoyao’s home, and this person was Yaoyao’s Daddy. How could Yaoyao’s Daddy be hostile to him?

Yin Si thought that he might be too nervous in front of his friend’s elder. He steadied himself, tilted his head up, and greeted politely: “Hello, Yaoyao’s Daddy.”

Seeing that the cub knew how to behave, the corner of Lu Qingyu’s lips curled up slightly, and he replied in a friendly tone: “Hello too, little guy.”

Lu Yaoyao also introduced Yin Si to her Father and then showed him all the interior of her house. The wooden house was not big, and there was no space to play around. Lu Yaoyao usually played in the open space in front of the house, but now the rain was getting heavier, they couldn’t go out. Lu Yaoyao decided to play inside the house and took out colorful beads from her pouch. Yin Si also liked this kind of rolling small things, so the two little cubs had fun playing together all morning.

Lu Yaoyao and Yin Si played all morning until they fell asleep in the afternoon. Lu Qingyu naturally wouldn’t let this male cub sleep together with his daughter. Even if it was just a cub, a male was still a male. So, after the two fell asleep, he threw the little silver wolf into Yao Jiuxiao’s room.

Yao Jiuxiao: “…”

When the sun began to set, the heavy rain slowly stopped. It was already dark outside, and the house was lit up with luminous pearls.

After the heavy rain stopped completely, two guests arrived outside the barrier.

Lu Qingyu was too impatient to deal with them, so he ignored the guests. In the end, it was Yao Jiuxiao who carried the still sleeping little silver wolf out of the house.

Outside the barrier, Yin Hui and Qianniang stood silently, looking at the array that formed the barrier. The barrier looked simple, as if they could snoop into it with their spiritual sense. But neither of them did so.

After a while, the cold-faced Yao Jiuxiao walked out of the barrier. With a wave of his hand, the little silver wolf floated up and flew towards Qianniang.

Qianniang reached out and hugged her son.

Yin Hui cupped his hands: “Thank you for taking care of our son.”

“Nothing.” Yao Jiuxiao replied indifferently. He turned around and went back into the barrier.

Yin Hui did not try to stop him. After seeing the figure off, he also left with his wife and son.

Qianniang glanced at the little silver wolf who was sleeping soundly in her arms, then said to her husband: “Shall we test them?”

Female demons generally had keener instincts than their male counterparts. Among the family of three, Qianniang’s instinct was the sharpest. She directly determined that the stone demon must be a hidden powerhouse. Even so, she couldn’t think of Yao Jiuxiao’s possible identities. Perhaps the man was not a powerhouse under the territory of White Tiger Demon King, but from other kings.

“No. We should leave them alone.” Yin Hui replied. As long as they didn’t do unfavorable things to Silver Wolf Clan, he would pretend to be ignorant.

Qianniang had never seen the other stone demon. But the one she had just met gave her an unusual vibe.

When the couple was talking, the little silver wolf in Qianniang’s arms quivered his ears before opening his eyes in a daze. Seeing the changing scenery, Yin Si almost jumped in fright, if not for the familiar aura embracing him.

The little silver wolf raised his fluffy head and cried: “Mom, Dad!”


Yin Si nodded. He asked sweetly: “Mom, why are you here?” Didn’t he sleep at Yaoyao’s house? When did he run outside?

Qianniang smiled, “We are here to take our little baby home.”

Yin Si twisted his buttock embarrassedly and buried his head into his mother’s arms.

Yin Hui and Qianniang laughed.

When Lu Yaoyao woke up, she realized that her little friend was missing. It was not until she heard that Yin Si’s parents had come to pick him up that she calmed down.

“Why did Xiaosi leave so quickly? I still want to invite him to dinner!” Lu Yaoyao mumbled.

Lu Qingyu glanced at the big bowl of meat broth on the table, purely black after being seasoned with Ten Thousand Years Devil Herb. If that cub really ate this, he would get an instant reincarnation to the next life.

“Father, Xiaosi is just like me. He doesn’t grow up too.” Lu Yaoyao remembered what Xiaosi said during the day. Although their reasons for not growing up were different, she still felt a mutual sympathy with the little silver wolf. Both of them were very pitiful!

“Is he also like me, and it will take him dozens to hundreds of years before he can grow up?”


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