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MSRV Ch 35 Part 1 – Sister (I)

Captured by the high-definition professional camera, a girl with a bamboo basket in her hand walked slowly on the village road. She was surrounded by a group of laughing children, and her retro-style dress swayed slightly with her steps. The sun shone on her beautiful white face, like a golden halo.

The moment they looked up, the audience could only think of one phrase — love at first sight.

Fu Yunruo was holding the bamboo basket, and her attention was entirely on the children who were running and frolicking around her. Seeing the children’s carefree laughter, she also smiled subconsciously. Her smile was warm and pure.

Suddenly, the children stopped and stared forward. Seeing this, Fu Yunruo also raised her eyes in the same direction. Not far away, Si Yue was standing with an unfamiliar male star, accompanied by two cameramen. At first glance, Fu Yunruo could see that they were in the middle of shooting. Thinking that she shouldn’t disturb their work, she didn’t say hello to Si Yue. After pausing her steps, Fu Yunruo turned to the children and said: “Let’s take a detour.”

Wenwen saw Si Yue was in the middle of a livestream broadcast. He looked at his mother nervously, wishing her to leave this place quickly. Hearing her words, he immediately grabbed her skirt and walked around.

Si Yue saw Fu Yunruo appear with a group of children. Seeing the camera was facing them, he frowned. Wenwen had expressed his wish to not let his mother appear on the camera, and he also didn’t want Fu Yunruo to receive the irrational attack from Fang Xueruo’s brainless fans. Si Yue walked in front to block the lens before giving the cameraman a cold glance.

Facing Si Yue’s cold face, the cameraman reacted and quickly moved the camera away.

The audience of Si Yue’s livestream channel was busy immersing themselves in the beautiful face when someone’s back suddenly blocked the camera. The audience groaned in annoyance and began to protest, telling Si Yue not to block the camera. They still wanted to see the beautiful goddess!

Finally, Si Yue moved and stopped blocking, but the goddess was no longer on screen.

[Mr. Cameraman, please take more shoot of that beautiful sister! I’ll treat you a chicken drumstick in return!]

[Ohhhhhh, I haven’t seen enough. How cruel!]

[Fortunately, I was wise enough to take screenshots.]

[Hand over the screenshots, and I will spare your life!]

No matter how much the audience wailed, the cameraman unwaveringly fixed his lens at Si Yue and the empty scenery behind.

[Comrades, go take a look at Weng Huaibei’s channel next door!!]

It turned out that Weng Huaibei’s cameraman also noticed the newly-appeared group and quickly moved the lens to capture their shoot.

When the audience saw the super conspicuous comment, they remembered that Weng Huaibei was also on the scene. They immediately swarmed over. In an instant, the number of viewers on Si Yue’s side dropped drastically, while Weng Huaibei’s side skyrocketed.

Weng Huaibei also saw a girl walking by, wearing ordinary clothes which could not conceal her outstanding appearance. There was a surprise in his eyes. In terms of appearance and aura, it seemed that this girl was above Fang Xueruo. For a split second, Weng Huaibei even started to believe that the children were correct, and this girl was indeed more beautiful than Fang Xueruo. However, he quickly diminished this thought.

How could a mere country girl be compared to Fang Xueruo, who grew up in luxury?

Many fans of Weng Huaibei were also fans of Fang Xueruo, and thus they also threw many mockeries along with their idol. But at this moment, the amount of mockery they threw before was equal to the amount of face slap they received.

Si Yue’s fans who rushed to Weng Huaibei’s channel began to lick the screen and directly occupied the whole comment area with lavish praises and rainbow farts. Most of the original audience who got slapped in the face was as quiet as wet chickens. Some, however, were still insisting on their original opinions. They even began to spread a conspiracy theory, claiming that this country girl was crazy with fame and wanted to step on Xuexue’s head to gain popularity. Then, as if they had found a perfect reason, they began to ridicule again.

However, public opinion this time was not one-sided, and a group of face-fetish passersby started a ferocious counterattack.

[Oh? Then your aesthetic must be very ‘unique.’]

[To be honest, if we look at her face alone, Fang Xueruo is actually not that beautiful, especially in the entertainment circle. I really don’t understand how her fans can be so arrogant.]

[Right. I used to think that her pure temperament adds some points to her beauty. But now, when we compare her with a real pure goddess, the difference between a pirated copy and the genuine product is as clear as day.]

[What pirated, what genuine? I think it is the difference between high-quality and low-quality products.]

[Rather than awkwardly trying to brag about Fang Xueruo’s beauty, it’s better if you brag about her acting skill. After all, an amateur has no way to compare acting achievement with a movie empress.]


Most of these powerful commenters were Si Yue’s fans, who had never concealed his dislike of Fang Xueruo. As a result, his fans’ perception of Fang Xueruo was either zero or even negative. Moreover, after Si Yue exposed his poisonous tongue, his originally mature and calm fans suddenly also exposed their poisonous tongue, and their fighting power soared. This was probably the so-called ‘like the fans, like the idol.’

Weng Huaibei saw the girl lead the children to change direction and hurriedly chased after them: “Please wait!”

When the children saw two strangers running over, they hurriedly guarded Fu Yunruo and Wenwen behind them and barked fiercely, “What do you want to do?”

Weng Huaibei stood one meter away, showing a friendly smile, “Please don’t misunderstand. We are not malicious.” He then looked at Fu Yunruo: “Are you Miss Ruoruo?”

“Why are you looking for Big Sister Ruoruo?” The group of little dwarfs watched Weng Huaibei warily. They still remembered how these outsiders bullied their Wenwen yesterday. Did this adult even want to bully their Big Sister Ruoruo now?

Fu Yunruo glanced at the camera that was facing her and politely said to the cameraman: “Excuse me, can you keep the lens away from me? I don’t want to get broadcasted.”

Seeing the pair of beautiful eyes, the cameraman hesitated for a moment before finally turning the lens back to Weng Huaibei.

Fu Yunruo then looked at Weng Huaibei, “May I ask what can I do for you?”


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7 thoughts on “MSRV Ch 35 Part 1 – Sister (I)”

  1. Sir cameraman and actors/actress… Shoot only those who you need to shoot, and show what you only need to show! Don’t rope in our peacful mother-son pair!

  2. lurking sunflowers

    I always get mad whenever the cameramen shoot random people. Where I live, consent is necessary and we can sue for not consenting to be in the media! It should be the same in other places too so it just pisses me off when novels coincidentally forget about it! And then when netizens take screenshots in novels like wtf, it’s like sharing nudes of someone else without them knowing. Pisses me off. Thank you for your hard work!

    1. Same. Usually before reading an entertainment industry/streaming story I have to ready myself and remind myself none of it is real just so I don’t get upset at this kind of stuff. Otherwise, I get furious and horrified at the blatant disrespect of people’s privacy.

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