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DDDV Ch 48 Part 1 – A Soft and Cute Little Girl (I)

This year’s first snow was not heavy, and the bare land could still be seen on the ground. White snow crystals fell one after another, along with piercing cold wind.

Qianniang was clad in a big red cloak lined with warm fox fur, and her husband Yin Hui also wore a black cloak with a similar style. They had been standing outside for a while, and their shoulders were covered with a thin layer of snow.

Yin Hui gently patted the snow from Qianniang’s cloak. The two exchanged a smile, full of love.

Standing behind Yin Hui and Qianniang were two guards carrying a large wooden box. Inside were the gifts carefully selected by the couple as a thank-you for the stone demon family for letting Yin Hui stay at their home for a few days.

Yin Hui and Qianniang had to settle all their subordinates before winter came. Without their son at home, the couple could devote all their time to constructing the settlement. Since their son stayed in another family’s home for so long, sending over some gifts was a must. Otherwise, they would be too embarrassed.

Thinking about it again, it seemed that both Yin Hui and Qianniang were very trusting for letting their son stay so long in the home of people they had only met a couple of times before. However, their trust was not without basis. Although the stone demons’ identities were mysterious, the two shouldn’t do anything to a little cub. As long as their son was happy, both Yin Si and Qianniang were willing to fulfill any wish of his.

Now that the construction of the settlement had been completed, the couple couldn’t let their son trouble the family any longer, so they came to pick up the child.

They hadn’t waited for long when the little silver wolf, who had obviously gained a lot of weight, dashed out from the barrier with his four short legs, his little fat butts twisted left and right as he ran.

“Dad, Mom!” Yin Si threw herself into Qianniang’s arms and quickly turned over his body, leaving his four legs fluttered upward.

“Dad, Mom, I miss you so much!” Yin Si had a good time at Yaoyao’s house, but after being separated from his parents for so many days, he really missed them.

Feeling the heavy weight in her hand, Qianniang smiled. In less than half a month, the little silver wolf had gained so much weight, and it was clear that he had a good life here.

Yaoyao also ran out behind Yin Si. Seeing the two adults, she stopped to say hello: “Hello, Xiaosi’s Dad, Xiaosi’s Mom.”

When Qianniang saw the soft and cute little dumpling, her maternal instinct burst instantly. She replied to Yaoyao’s greeting with her sweetest voice: “Hello, Yaoyao. Haven’t seen you for a few days, you are even more beautiful.”

Lu Yaoyao grinned at Qianniang. Her plump cheeks flushed pink, “Xiaosi’s Mom is also more beautiful.”

Qianniang couldn’t hold her impulse anymore. She quickly put down her son and then walked over to hug Lu Yaoyao. Feeling the soft and fragrant little girl in her arms, Qianniang’s heart melted into a puddle.

Little girls were so cute and lovely. Why did she give birth to a rough-skinned and naughty son?

Qianniang really wanted to bring the little girl home. She said: “Yaoyao, do you want to come to our house as a guest?”

Seeing his mother like another cub, Yin Si was not at all jealous. On the contrary, the little silver wolf jumped up enthusiastically at his mother’s proposal: “Right! Yaoyao, let’s go to my house, okay? I have a lot of toys!”

Lu Yaoyao was instantly tempted. To stay over at a good friend’s house, how nice it would be!

However, before she could nod, the two fathers who walked behind her directly refused on her behalf: “Thank you for your kindness, but Yaoyao is still young. She is not used to being separated from me.”

Lu Yaoyao sighed silently. Her Daddy got jealous too easily. Lu Yaoyao was disappointed, but as a daughter, she must protect her Daddy’s dignity in front of outsiders, so she nodded: “Yes. I want to be with Daddy and Father.”

Qianniang felt regretful, but she soon changed her mind. If she had such a lovable little girl, she would also want to keep her under her eyes all the time. How could she be willing to let her leave her side?

So Qianniang stepped back and smiled enthusiastically at Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao, “I hope you can bring Yaoyao to visit our home someday.”

Lu Qingyu did not respond. It was Yao Jiuxiao who replied succinctly, “We will consider.”

When the parents exchanged greetings, Lu Yaoyao talked to Yin Si: “Xiaosi, don’t forget our promise. You must visit again soon so we can play together.”

Yin Si repeatedly nodded, “I will.”

When the temperature dropped, the lake in Lu Yaoyao’s house would be frozen after a few heavy snowfalls, transforming the lake into a huge playground. Both Lu Yaoyao and Yin Si were looking forward to it, but Yin Si’s parents came to take him home before the lake was completely frozen.

So, the two cubs made an appointment, promising that the little silver wolf would visit again after a while to play on the frozen lake together.

Yin Hui and Qianniang deliberately tried to maintain conversations, but Yao Jiuxiao and Lu Qingyu weren’t the types of people who talked about daily matters with outsiders. In the end, Lu Yaoyao took it upon herself to entertain the guests.

After handing over the box of gifts, Yin Hui and Qianniang left with Yin Si.

Lu Yaoyao sadly watched Yin Si and his family’s departing figures.

Her little friend had gone home, and she was now alone again…

Seeing how depressed Lu Yaoyao was, Lu Qingyu comforted her: “Isn’t it just a cub? After we go home, you will have as many playmates as you want.”

Go home? Lu Yao was puzzled. Wasn’t their home here?

Yao Jiuxiao also said, “You can invite your friends to play over.”

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes lit up, “Can I?”

Because Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao didn’t like to be disturbed by outsiders, the barrier around their houses blocked any demons who wanted to visit, including Lu Yaoyao’s little friends. Although Lu Yaoyao could perceive the scene around the barrier, she couldn’t bring her friends in without Lu Qingyu or Yao Jiuxiao’s permission. Between friends and fathers, Lu Yaoyao was naturally biased towards her fathers, so she never invited her playmates home. The little silver wolf was the first cub to visit their house.

“Can I invite Xiaoqi?”


“Xiao Si’er too?”


Lu Yaoyao recited her friend names one by one and got a positive answer each time. She jumped with joy. She could invite her friends to play ice skating after the lake froze!

“Father, you are the best!” Lu Yaoyao jumped up and hugged Yao Jiuxiao’s neck. Hanging her small body, she puckered her lips and loudly kissed Yao Jiuxiao’s cheek. Then she jumped down, ran to the already sour-faced Lu Qingyu, and gave him the same hearty kiss: “Daddy, you are the best too!”

Without waiting for Lu Qingyu to speak, Lu Yaoyao continued to blow an endless stream of rainbow farts: “My Father and Daddy are the best in the world. It is my utmost fortune to have such an awesome Father and Daddy. I must be the luckiest baby…”

After coaxing Lu Qingyu until he finally beamed with a smile, Lu Yaoyao ran back and began to ask Yao Jiuxiao, “Father, is Xiaosi’s body alright now?”

“Yes. There is no problem.”

Lu Yaoyao sighed in relief, “It’s great.” Then she pounced on Yao Jiuxiao’s shoulder, “Father, thank you for your hard work!”


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  1. With how much Xiaosi is showing up, he’s definitely the future love interest. And when they have cubs, those cubs will have the bloodline of all three races, making them the most special cubs in the world.

    1. The author already said Xiaosi wasn’t the love interest. It was mentioned in a previous chapter. It’d be interesting if the male lead really was a demon and they had cubs of all three races but I don’t mind as long as he’s strong and treats Yaoyao right.

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