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DDDV Ch 48 Part 2 – A Soft and Cute Little Girl (II)

Yin Si hadn’t seen his parents for a long time, and he had endless stories to share. He ran around his father and mother, his mouth kept babbling loudly.

When the family of three arrived home, the little silver wolf saw the newly finished settlement. His eyes widened in surprise, and he quickly ran around in curiosity. In the settlement, tents of various sizes were erected irregularly, mixed with beautiful wooden houses.

Located in the center was the house of Yin Hui family of three, which was also the highest hill peak. It consisted of a wooden house combined with a natural cave. Yin Si ran into their new house. His room was just next to the main hall. The room’s interior was simple, but it was full of Yin Si’s favorite things. Obviously, his parents carefully prepared the room for him as a surprise.

Yin Si was thrilled. He ran up and down for a long time until he was finally exhausted and lay in Qianniang’s arms.

The little silver wolf quickly fell asleep in his mother’s soft embrace.

Yin Hui and Qianniang loved their son so much, and their biggest worry was his health. The little silver wolf looked healthy, but there were actually many problems inside. They only hope that the child wouldn’t get sick again this winter.

“Si’er has gained a lot of weight,” Qianniang said with a smile. She went to see her son’s situation every few days, but she had never looked so closely. Even with a mother’s worried eyes, she couldn’t say that her son had lost weight during his half a month outside.

After a moment of happiness, Qianniang’s eyes were clouded with sadness again: “I hope the burden on his body won’t be too big.”

As a parent, her only wish was for her child to grow up healthy and happy. However, she and her husband remembered what the doctor had told them. Their son was born prematurely. He was born before his internal organs were fully developed, causing his congenital deficiency. If not for them to exhaust all efforts to save his life, the child would have died a long time ago.

Even though Yin Si looked healthy and lively, it was because of the countless spiritual medicines that he consumed. But all those precious things couldn’t cure his congenital deficiency. Yin Si could only stay in his current appearance and never grow up. Once his body grew, the burden on his internal organs would only get bigger and consume his lifespan.

Yin Hui injected demonic aura into his son’s body and began to probe around, carefully shaping the aura into a thin thread for fear of accidentally injuring the child’s fragile veins. To his surprise, the little silver wolf’s muscles and bones seemed to be much stronger than before, as if they could absorb the demonic aura he injected.

“Doctor! Call the doctor immediately!” Yin Hui shouted.

“What’s wrong?” Qianniang asked anxiously, her face paled. “Does Si’er…”

Yin Hui suppressed the turmoil in his heart. Afraid of giving his wife a false hope, he said vaguely: “It’s not necessarily a bad thing. Let’s wait for the doctor first.”

Soon, an old doctor with a white beard and white hair walked in, followed by a young apprentice. The doctor bowed at Yin Hui and Qianniang: “Greetings, General and Madam.”

“Doctor Xin, no need for courtesy. Please take a look at our child.”

Doctor Xin immediately assumed something wrong happened to Yin Si. He quickly stepped forward and began to examine the child’s body. As Doctor Xin examined carefully, his expression slowly changed and finally turned into disbelief. “Th-this…”

Qianniang hurriedly asked, “What’s wrong with Si’er?”

“It’s a miracle, a miracle! How did it happen?” Doctor Xin pinched his beard and shook his head, “How did it happen?”

Qianniang was still pressing for an answer. Yin Hui motioned her not to be so nervous, then he asked Doctor Xin: “Is Si’er’s body getting better?”

Doctor Xin exclaimed: “More than getting better! It’s a full recovery!”

In this Yuanqi Continent, a mutilated body could regrow, a damaged soul could be repaired, and it was even possible for a broken demon core to be reshaped. However, when it came to congenital deficiency, it was very difficult to be cured.

In the Demon Realm, Doctor Xin’s medical skill was considered high, but even he couldn’t cure Yin Si’s congenital deficiency and could only prolong the child’s life for ten years. But just now, when he examined Yin Si’s body, Doctor Xin found that the child’s internal organs had fully developed, and his originally weak veins had also been widened and strengthened. It meant that Yin Si now could cultivate. As long as he successfully cultivated, his lifespan would immediately increase!

But it was a congenital defect, so how did he get cured?

Doctor Xin was very excited, “General, which great doctor did you invite to heal the young master? Can you introduce me to the person?”

As soon as he heard Doctor Xin’s confirmation, Yin Hui sighed in relief.

He wasn’t mistaken. His son was really cured!

“This matter still needs to be kept secret. Doctor Xin, I will leave my son’s health in your care.” Yin Hui cupped his hands. “I have to ask that person first. If he agrees, I will definitely introduce Doctor Xin to him.”

Doctor Xin held back his excitement. “This old man will live up to General’s trust.”


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