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DDDV Ch 49 Part 1 – Father and Daddy Tell a Story (I)

After Yin Hui sent Doctor Xin away, Qianniang couldn’t restrain her excitement. She grabbed her husband’s hand and muttered, “Husband…”

Qianniang’s hand could not stop shaking, and her eyes flashed with expectation and caution, “Is, is it real?”

In the past few years, she never dared to hold any hope. Her only wish was for her son to be able to live happily, even for a day more. However, when she was caught off guard, Doctor Xin said that her son was already healed!

This surprise came too suddenly, and Qianniang was in a trance, unable to digest the news.

She felt like she was dreaming.

Yin Hui firmly shook her hand back, “It is real, Qianniang, it is real. Si’er is all right now.”

Qianniang sobbed with joy.

He is healed. Her Si’er is healed!

Yin Hui embraced her, silently giving her comfort. The couple hugged each other in excitement until Qianniang suddenly asked: “But, how come?”

They didn’t hire a genius doctor who could cure Si’er. Back then, she and her husband desperately seek for famous doctors, but Doctor Xin was the only one who could barely preserve Si’er’s life. However, even Doctor Xin was unable to cure him, and the child could die prematurely at any time.

All the doctors said that no one in the Demon Realm could cure congenital deficiencies.

Yin Hui saw his wife’s confusion and said with a smile: “We should be thankful that we didn’t do anything to offend that family, nor did we prevent Si’er from developing relationships with the little girl.”

“You mean?”

“Yes! It must be them!”

Yin Hui was not a fool. He could figure out what happened after recalling the past events. It must be that one of the male demons saw Si’er’s condition at a glance when the child visited their house for the first time. Those two didn’t look to be charitable people, so it must be their little girl who asked them to save Si’er before they agreed to take action. After that, the little girl invited Si’er to stay temporarily at her house. During that time, Si’er received treatment and finally was healed!

Yin Hui felt very fortunate. Despite being aware of their strangeness, he didn’t follow his curiosity and thus never offended the two. Even more fortunate was the fact that he and his wife never rejected their son’s request as long as it wasn’t overly demanding, and thus let the child stay at that family’s house. Otherwise, their Si’er might have never been cured.

Qianniang also had the same thought, and she was even more grateful after knowing what the little girl and her family had done to her son.

“Who are those people?” Qianniang was extremely puzzled. She had never heard about the two mysterious demons before. Over the years, she had inquired the entire Demon Realm for the sake of her son, but failed to find someone who could cure the child.

Yin Hui shook his head. He also had no idea. However, he omitted to say that one of the doctors he sought had told him valuable information. The doctor once hid his identity to sneak into the Human Realm and study the medical technique of the human. During that journey, the doctor found out that the alchemy masters and medical valley doctors in Human Realm were very proficient in curing various unusual diseases. They seemed to even know the methods to treat congenital deficiencies.

However, there was no friendship between the two realms. Not to mention that there was no guarantee whether human doctors really knew how to cure Si’er or not. With the hostile relationships between the two races, how could humans be willing to cure a demon cub?

An absurd idea suddenly came up in Yin Hui’s mind. This family of three, were they perhaps human race who hid their identity and came to live in seclusion? The more Yin Hui thought, the more he believed this possibility. After all, before a demon cub reached adulthood, it was best for them to stay in their original form to achieve the fastest result in cultivation. But in the case of that little girl, he heard that she was transformed into a human form as a newborn…

If she and her fathers were human, everything made sense.

Yin Hui said solemnly: “No matter what their identity is, they are the benefactors of our whole clan!”

Qianniang nodded. Her gaze was firm, “Yes, they are our benefactors. We will definitely repay this kindness, even if it took us a lifetime!”

Lu Yaoyao lay on the window sill, looking at the plain silver world outside the window. The snow had been falling intermittently for several days and covering the ground with a thick layer of silvery white.

Lu Yaoyao held her cheeks and sighed softly.

So boring, ah!

She had no friends to play with, couldn’t go out to play, and had nothing fun at home.

So boring!!!!

Lu Qingyu was lying on the recliner. Seeing the frowning little girl, he took out a jade bone from his grotto-space and shook it towards his daughter: “Yaoyao’er, come here. Let’s play.”

Lu Yaoyao turned her head and gave Lu Qingyu a condescending glance.

Who still played with such a childish toy? She wasn’t a baby anymore!

Lu Yaoyao jumped off the stool and ran to Yao Jiuxiao, who was painting on a paper on the other side of the room. She climbed up, sat on a corner of the table, and looked at Yao Jiuxiao’s painting. Seeing a breathtakingly beautiful landscape on the paper, Lu Yaoyao wowed in amazement: “Father, it’s so beautiful!”

Yao Jiuxiao finished the last stroke. His eyes were gentle, “This is Guiyuan Sect.”

Guiyuan Sect? Lu Yaoyao had never heard this name before. She looked at the painting curiously. Where was this Guiyuan Sect? Was it as beautiful as Father’s painting?


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