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MSRV Ch 36 Part 1 – Sending Gifts to Wenwen (I)

Fu Yunruo took Wenwen back to the flower garden early the following day. Uncle Guo was very distressed when seeing Wenwen’s little hands wrapped in tight gauze. After Fu Yunruo explained the matter, the old man was so angry that he wanted to storm the production team to settle this account, but Fu Yunruo managed to stop him with a great effort.

Uncle Guo scolded furiously for a while. If it weren’t for Wenwen was still here, he would even swear aggressively.

After Fu Yunruo comforted Uncle Guo, she started the daily livestream. After one day and two nights, Liu Zhi’s MV exploded in popularity. Moreover, because Liu Zhi specifically mentioned her cooperation with Fu Yunruo during the press conference, the popularity of her livestream channel was rising again. Although it was not obvious, Fu Yunruo was also one of the top streamers in her studio resume, so the benefits were long-lasting.

The eldest child had shown signs of mutation. Fu Yunruo was uncertain initially and didn’t tell the fans yet. She planned to announce the news as a surprise to the fans only after the full confirmation.

However, there were many professional orchid artists among her fans, and it didn’t take long for them to see it and ask excitedly in the comment section. Since someone mentioned it, Fu Yunruo no longer hid it and confirmed their speculation.

The fans were stunned. They have been watching the twelve siblings since they were still tiny seeds. Now, all of them had grown up, and the eldest one had mutated!

The eldest child deserved to be the eldest one!

For a while, almost everyone’s attention was on the eldest child. They couldn’t wait to see how the mutated cymbidium orchid would grow into a stunner that brought all the sentient beings into subjugation.

Fu Yunruo’s private messages were even more lively. Among her fans, many of them were wealthy orchid fanatics. Not long after she began to livestream, some people asked to buy the orchids she raised, but she never sold any.

At present, all these orchids had become a star on their own, each with their own fans. Especially after the video she made exploded in popularity, most of these new fans were fifth child’s. If these orchids were an idol group, the fifth must be the newest center. Now, the usually low-key eldest child suddenly emerged and became the most eye-catching and promising new star.

Most people who contacted Fu Yunruo via her channel’s private messages wanted to buy the eldest child. The prices they offered were very high, with the highest offer set at 10 million. This showed the attractiveness a mutated orchid had on orchid fanatics.

It was no wonder Brother Chi once sighed to her, saying that full-time orchid growers were either poor enough to eat dirt or rich enough to swim in money. Today, she truly experienced it.

Fu Yunruo declined all the offers. She was not short of money now, and she was even more reluctant to sell the orchid she had spent so much effort to cultivate.

After Fu Yunruo responded to some of the fans’ messages, the person in charge of the Orchid Art Association also contacted her again. This time, they asked her to participate in the promotional video production as a consultant. This promotional video not only used her video as material, but also promoted the art of orchids using popular media. The person in charge admired Fu Yunruo’s video and would like to ask her for guidance.

Fu Yunruo was very interested in this project, so she naturally agreed. However, the headquarter of the Orchid Art Association was located in Beijing, so Fu Yunruo temporarily couldn’t participate on-site. She planned to wait until July or August to take her son to Beijing and then come back at the end of August when the kindergarten started.

Wenwen was sitting on his small stool when Fu Yunruo came out of her flower room. Uncle Guo was holding a cup of ice cream in one hand and a small wooden spoon in the other, feeding the boy bite by bite.

Wenwen squinted his eyes and shook his legs in bliss.

Fu Yunruo walked over and scowled, “Ahem!”

Wenwen suddenly jumped down, “Mom!”

Uncle Guo quickly hid the ice cream behind and tried to put on a majestic face: “Is the livestream finished?”

Fu Yunruo nodded. Then she glanced at the old man and held out her hand: “Bring it out.”

Wenwen pointed his finger, “Mom, I didn’t eat too much.”

Uncle Guo also followed: “Yes, yes, Wenwen is very well-behaved. He only eats half, and I eat the rest.”

“I see.” Fu Yunruo replied. She said to her son: “You can’t eat cold things. Otherwise, you will get a stomachache.” She then looked at Uncle Guo: “Uncle Guo, you too.”

The two men, one old and one young, had weak stomachs. Although the weather was so hot that they craved cold food to cool off, they couldn’t eat too much, as they easily got a stomachache.

After Fu Yunruo lectured the two, she went back to work. Anyway, they were under her nose, so she wasn’t afraid that they might make mischief behind her back.


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