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DDDV Ch 5 Part 1 – Who Do You Like? Me or Him? (I)


The sky was just getting dark when a loud cry suddenly broke the silence. A baby’s sharp and piercing voice seemed to shake the whole wooden house and spread outside. An ordinary bird without spiritual wisdom flew into the barrier by mistake. Its feet had yet to land on the branch of the sole tree on the courtyard when the sudden loud cry startled it. The bird flapped its wings and quickly flew away.

“Yao Jiuxiao, your daughter is crying! Quickly coax her!”

“The kid bites me!”

“Yao Jiuxiao, quickly take your daughter away!”

“Whaa! Whaa! Whaa!”

After a moment of war and chaos, Lu Qingyu leaned tiredly on the couch. The front of his red shirt was half-opened messily. His handsome face was slightly flushed, and the corners of his eyes were also stained with a touch of redness. He seemed to have just been ravaged.

Lu Qingyu stared at the weak little cub. Her small body was not even half of his arm length, and she was too stupid to even call ‘Daddy’ yet. If not for him worrying that he might accidentally poke the girl dead with his finger, would he let her run wild on him?

Lu Qingyu’s mind quickly turned, trying to figure out what kind of heavenly treasure could make this little child grow up quickly. Remembering that devil cubs only became adults at the age of 100, his vision suddenly became dark.

He couldn’t hold on so long.

Half a meter away, Yao Jiuxiao walked back and forth with his little daughter in his arms, taking every step carefully. His body was tense and nervous. His posture of holding the baby was unskilled and out of standard. However, compared to three days ago when he didn’t even dare to touch the child, this was already a meteoric advancement.

Time was meaningless for the two great ancestors who had a very long life span. If there was no accident, they could live for tens of thousands of years. The time they spent cultivating in retreat was measured in years. However, in just three days, they experienced for the first time ever what did it mean by ‘a day like thousand of years.’

They would rather face the tide of the monster beasts, would rather go to the bloody battlefield, rather than facing this little child who was obviously so weak that she might die if they loosened their attention a bit. However, such a small creature actually managed to toss them up and down, leaving them in a sorry state.

Lu Yaoyao didn’t know the depression hidden in her two old fathers’ hearts. She was nestled in Beautiful Father’s arms, feeling uncomfortable. She twisted her body, trying to adjust her posture to make herself more comfortable.

Lu Yaoyao’s little nose was still red. Tears hung down from the corners of her eyes. On her pink and tender chubby cheeks was a conspicuous red mark, which was left after being poked by Beautiful Daddy. Lu Yaoyao hiccuped with a small voice, looked very pitiful. She was holding a jade bottle in her hands. While sipping the spiritual milk, her eyes peeped at Beautiful Daddy, looking at his extremely sorry appearance.

Actually, today was not her fault. She didn’t like to cry, ah. She was sleeping soundly when suddenly feeling pain on her face, so she woke up and cried instinctively.

When Lu Yaoyao opened her eyes with a cry, she saw the culprit who caused her face to be hurt right before her eyes. Of course she would bite him, no?

She even learned to turn over for the first time and throw herself on the Bad Daddy to avenge her poor face.

But Beautiful Daddy was indeed very good-looking.

Lu Yaoyao suddenly felt a bit shy. She quickly buried her chubby face on Beautiful Father’s chest.

Lu Qingyu sat with both hands spread on the two sides, looking cool and arrogant. Seeing the little kid was so close to his enemy, he felt a bit annoyed.

Humph, little kid. He treated her well for nothing.

Seeing that the child was coaxed, Yao Jiuxiao stepped forward stiffly, wanting to put her back on the couch. Noticing her father’s intention, Lu Yaoyao became unhappy. She threw the jade bottle away and held Yao Jiuxiao’s clothes tightly with her tiny hands: “Aaaah!!”

She doesn’t want to lie down all day long. She wants to be hugged!

Yao Jiuxiao’s body stiffened even more. He couldn’t put the child down. In the end, he could only continue holding the little girl.

Lu Yaoyao squinted her eyes happily. She patted Beautiful Father’s hand, signaling him to relax. She was uncomfortable being hugged in such a stiff posture. Lu Yaoyao’s gaze then wandered around. Seeing the door, she became curious about the outside world. Lu Yaoyao pointed at the door and yelled: “Ah!”

She wants to go out!

She wants to see the outside world!

Lu Yaoyao babbled and yelled for a long time before Beautiful Father understood what she meant and brought her outside.

“Ah, ah!” After coming to this world, this was Lu Yaoyao’s first time going out of the house.

Seeing the two were going out, Beautiful Daddy also followed from behind.

They lived at the foot of the mountain, but they had a wide view from the house’s front. There was not much greenery, and all were of ordinary flowers and plants. Because the aura was thin, the scenery here was ordinary. For the two great ancestors who were used to seeing all kinds of exotic spiritual flowers and plants, this place was so poor and barren.

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes wandered around busily, feeling that she couldn’t see enough. She looked at the scenery outside with excitement. Although she didn’t understand what made her so excited, she was very happy, especially when she saw a lake!

“Ah, ah, ah!!” Lu Yaoyao pointed to the lake. Her pitch was a bit higher than usual.

The moment Lu Yaoyao saw the lake, she was so excited and only had one thought in her mind:

Water! It’s water! She wants to take a bath!

She pointed to the lake and babbled excitedly for a long time, but unfortunately, Beautiful Father didn’t respond. Instead, he was worried that she would become too excited and twisted her body too much and might fall off, so Father held her even more tightly.


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