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DDDV Ch 50 Part 1 – Giving Their All to Help Her (I)

The moment Yao Jiuxiao appeared, Yin Hui, who was standing outside the barrier, immediately fell on his knees and kowtowed three times, knocking his head so hard that he left a big pit on the heavy layer of snow: “Yin Hui is offering gratitude for this life-saving grace!”

Like a lofty immortal on the high peak, Yao Jiuxiao glanced down at the kowtowing Yin Hui. There was no single ripple on his cold and indifferent expression, and he neither denied nor affirmed. For Yao Jiuxiao, rescuing the little silver wolf was just a matter of small effort. Although he wasn’t an expert in medicine, he just happened to know the methods to cure the congenital deficiency, but he wouldn’t rescue the cub if not for his daughter’s request.

Yin Hui stood up. There was a lot of snow on his body, but he ignored it. His scorching gaze stared directly at Yao Jiuxiao as he spoke in full earnest: “A grace has to be repaid, especially a life-saving one. In the future, no matter what difficulties your daughter encounters or what requests she makes, me and my silver wolf clan will definitely give our all to help her tide over the difficulties and fulfill her wish.”

A hint of surprise flashed through Yao Jiuxiao’s eyes, and he finally took a careful look at Yin Hui. If this demon said he wanted to repay him, Yao Jiuxiao wouldn’t take it seriously. As the strongest person in the Cultivation Realm and one of Yuanqi Continent’s only two Great Ascension cultivators, the number of people he had helped directly or indirectly was countless. Obviously, he didn’t have any interest in getting help from this weak demon, ever.

However, this demon promised to help his little daughter unconditionally…

A ruthless gleam suddenly flashed in Yao Jiuxiao’s cold eyes, and the extreme pressure of his spiritual sense was instantly unleashed. For a moment, Yao Jiuxiao had killing intent. He was so powerful that he was fearless. But now, he had a weakness in the form of a daughter. This weakness made him stronger, but also made him vulnerable. And this demon, with just a few words, had directly seized his weakness.

Yin Hui stood still. The firm determination in his eyes unwavered, as if he hadn’t felt the killing intent.

The cold wind whizzed past, raising Yin Hui’s cloak.

After a long time, Yao Jiuxiao withdrew the pressure and said coldly: “Remember your oath.”

Yin Hui replied solemnly: “I swear by my heart demon1. If Lu Yaoyao ever sought our help, regardless of what it is, our silver wolf clan will give our all to help her.”

When the last word fell, a mysterious feeling enveloped Yin Hui’s body. He knew that his oath had succeeded. If he violated this oath, not only his cultivation would be ruined by his heart demon, but his entire silver wolf clan would also be punished by Heavenly Dao.

This oath was extremely heavy, directly bound the entire clan’s future.

Yao Jiuxiao stared at Yin Hui for a moment. Knowing that this was a wise demon, he no longer said anything and returned to the barrier.

Yin Hui watched until Yao Jiuxiao’s figure disappeared. After a long while, his clenched fists finally released, his tense body relaxed, and his legs began to tremble uncontrollably. It was in the middle of cold winter, but he was sweating all over. That spiritual sense was so unfathomable. Under its pressure, Yin Hui felt like a small drop in the ocean. It took him all his lifetime effort and perseverance to resist the urge to fall on his knees.

That pressure was even more terrifying than the one unleashed by the Demon King. The difference between their power was so great that he didn’t even dare to think about resisting.

Naturally, there were very few powers in the world more powerful than Demon Kings.

An absurd idea flashed in Yin Hui’s mind. Dao Venerable Hengwu of the human race!

Yin Hui felt that this conjecture was as absurd as it was ridiculous. How could Dao Venerable Hengwu settle down in a desolate and remote area inside the Demon Realm? And even raised a daughter?

How could it be possible?

Yin Hui wanted to deny it, but there was a voice in his heart saying that his conjecture was correct. During a great war between human, demon, and devil races five hundred years ago, Yin Hui had once seen the human race’s Dao Venerable Hengwu from a distance. Those on the hellish battlefield, regardless of their races, were full of bloodthirsty murder. It was at that time when a blinding white sword light suddenly came from the horizon and cut across the battlefield in half. Its terrifying aftermath directly pressed all the living beings to shiver in terror on the ground.

Yin Hui was also on the battlefield back then. He exhausted all his strength to raise his head, only to see this scene…

It was a man, standing high in the sky. With white robe and long black hair, looking down on the battlefield like a cold and emotionless deity.

That man was precisely the Dao Venerable Hengwu of the human race.

Yin Hui never forgot the shock he received with that one look, but other details were blurry to him. In the end, he could only remember the blinding white light and a fuzzy face.

At this moment, that fuzzy face overlapped with Yao Jiuxiao’s face, but Yin Hui didn’t feel the slightest misfit. It seemed that he wasn’t wrong, and they were really the same person…

…Wait, if Yao Jiuxiao was Dao Venerable Hengwu, who was the other man who gave the same unfathomable feeling?

A man whose face was as refined as the jade, who liked to wear red clothes…

Yin Hui knew about one person whose rumor fit this description.

Was he Devil Venerable, who went missing at the same time as Dao Venerable Hengwu?


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  1. Heart demon (心魔 xīnmó) is a cultivator’s negative emotions and other mental barriers which hinder their training/cultivation. Cultivators will eventually have to face and overcome their heart demons at one point in their cultivation. Making an oath by one’s heart demon and failing to fulfill it will result in failure when facing a heart demon, which makes this oath extremely heavy. Failure to overcome a heart demon will result in qi deviation.

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